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>Just another busy, heavily decorated, skittle nail set I did =) I’m actually quite fond of manicures like this, on myself or on someone else. I love mixed colors and mixed material, I think altogether they work well =)

I used four polishes for this manicure; P2 Dangerous, P2 Vibrant, Avon Peppermint Leaf and OPI Show it & Glow it. (Oh by the way, I have the whole Burlesque Collection, Zoya Flame Collection, and many more stray polishes to show you guys in the following days!) I also used pink and turquoise beads, clear, green and flower shaped pink rhinestones. For the stamping I used P2 Dangerous and Avon Peppermint Leaf, with designs from plates bm20 and bm06.

Close-up of each nail:

Thumb: I used P2 Vibrant as base color, then I added a clear rhinestone and the pink beads.
Index: Over P2 Dangerous I stamped the vine image from bm20 with Avon Peppermint Leaf, and added a pink flower rhinestone with a pink bead in the center.
Middle: P2 Vibrant with a gradient of OPI Show it & Glow it towards the tip.
Ring: I used P2 Dangerous as base color, then I added a clear rhinestone and the turquoise beads.
Pinky: Over Avon Peppermint Leaf I stamped with P2 Dangerous and flower design from bm06, then put a green rhinestone in in middle of the design.
I hope you like this manicure =) The beady nails took me about 10 minutes each, but the rest was easy! =)

Yine her parmağı farklı bir manikür ile karşınızdayım. Bu tarz manikürleri çok seviyorum, her parmağı birbiriyle alakasız olsa da bir araya gelince uyumlu olan, değişik renk ve teknikler kullanılarak yapılan. Benim tarzım yavaş yavaş buraya mı kayıyor ne =)
Bu manikürde dört farklı oje kullandım; P2 Dangerous, P2 Vibrant, Avon Peppermint Leaf ve OPI Show it & Glow it. (Bu arada merak edenler varsa, bütün OPI Burlesque Koleksiyonu, Zoya Flame Koleksiyonu ve başka ojeler ilerleyen günlerde karşınızda olacak.) Ayrıca pembe ve turkuaz boncuklar, beyaz, yeşil ve pembe taşlar kullandım. Damga için kullandığım ojeler P2 Dangerous ve Avon Peppermint Leaf, diskler ise bm20 ve bm06.
Tüm tırnaklarımı nasıl yaptığıma gelirsek:
Baş parmağımda baz olarak P2 Vibrant kullandım, üstüne beyaz taşlar ve pembe boncuklarla desen yaptım.
İşaret parmağımda P2 Dangerous üzerine bm20 diskindeki deseni Avon Peppermint Leaf ile uyguladım, sonra da çiçek şeklinde pembe taş ekledim.
Orta parmağımda P2 Vibrant üzerine OPI Show it & Glow it’i uca doğru yoğunlaşacak şekilde geçişli uyguladım.
Yüzük parmağımda baz olarak P2 Dangerous kullandım, üstüne beyaz taşlar ve turkuaz boncuklarla desen yaptım.
Serçe parmağımda Avon Peppermint Leaf üzerine P2 Dangerous ile bm06 diskindeki çiçek desenini yaptım, sonra ortaya yeşil bir taş ekledim.
Umarım beğenmişsinizdir =) Boncuklu tırnakları yapmak 10’ar dakikamı aldı, geri kalanı nispeten daha kısa sürdü. =)


  1. >Wow i love it! That's some pretty nailart!xoxo Ilja

  2. >harikasın deniz gerçekten =)

  3. >nasıl güzel yapmışsın bayıldım…

  4. >This is amazing, I'd loev to be able to create this!

  5. >@Ilja thank you =)@Nemo Latte, @Happy Mixy, tesekkur ederim =)))

  6. >:) I love this. I would never have been able to make a combo like this haha

  7. >This looks gorgeous!! I love your manicures & your creativeness!!

  8. >@Charlie, I'm sure you'll be able to create this with just a little patience =)@Rachel Marie thank you, I'm sure you can =)@LacquerObsession thank you so much! =)

  9. >I'm not much into nailart, but this looks stunning!!

  10. >Thank you so much, @Ula =)

  11. >Very nice design! Tomorrow I must make it too! 😀

  12. >Ich liebe deine Nailart Ideen!Und jetzt brauch ich ganz dringend den Dangerous. 🙂

  13. >amazing!

  14. >wow really beautiful!

  15. >Bayıldım çok güzel yapmışsın!!

  16. >Thank you, my lovely friends =)

  17. >I love your color combinations. I'm always so challenged when it comes to that. I love this…so pretty, so "antique-victorian" looking. Gorgeous!

  18. >So original, so amazing, I really wonder how you can find these ideas!!!

  19. >sooo pretty! i love random manis like these too 🙂 the ring finger design is soo pretty 😀

  20. >PERFECT!!!!

  21. >mükemmell!şu boncuk dizme olayına hastayım.=)

  22. >Wow! This is totally not my style but the execution, colors, and overall effect is flawless! terrific work as usual!!!

  23. >OOO! Ring finger is my favorite!

  24. >Wow, this is awesome! I really love it! *-*

  25. >that's some pretty nail art! i want to try the glitter gradient. i haven't quite figured out how to do that.

  26. >absolutely beautiful.

  27. >So beautiful! I JUST got "Show IT and Glow It!" yesterday! And I also bought a color that looks just like P2 "Vibrant". I DEFINITELY need to try the design on your middle finger! I've always loved gradient looks!

  28. >Wow, such an amazing combo! I love the way your index finger looks! Keep it up! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  29. >Really amazing one, I like especially the index finger design!

  30. >Wowww you really learned how to use those beads after the pumpkin. I absolutely love the manicure! It looks super cool but still wearable (I think). Super well done!

  31. >awesome… love it

  32. >All fingers are great but love your middle finger most! So beautiful! ❤ You're so precise! Great job!

  33. >Wow all that nail art is beautiful!

  34. >beautiful! i love how the different designs work together. i'd love to learn how to do a gradient. any special techniques?

  35. >I like the index the best!

  36. >So gorgeous!

  37. >this is sooo gorgeous.. the index finger looks fabulous.

  38. >wow, very interesting, I love the ideas you come up with 🙂

  39. >Tooo cool! ❤ ❤ wow!!

  40. >Omg Deniz these are gorgeous!!

  41. >I love it!!!! =)

  42. >very original and cool,i love the design

  43. >I can't even pick my favorite. Although they're all too blingy for me (except pinky), I like the way you decorated them.

  44. >I've never been a fan of rhinestones or beads, but you make them look in an entirely new way to me, and I love it! too bad they fall off the nail too fast. Aand you seem to influence me bit after bit so I grow more and more fond of these "busy" skittles' manicures! Might try something of that kind!I totally adore the colour combo here, looks so…rich. Glamorous in the best way, just how I like it 😀

  45. >OMG it's so beautiful!!I love it ❤

  46. >Your so clever! My fav is your middle finger! So simple yet so effective, I never thought of using a glitter and doing it as a gradient finish 🙂

  47. >This mani is my fave, definitely genius !

  48. >again very nice, you are one of the best konaders i tink

  49. >This is absolutely gorgeous; one of the best designs I have seen, hands down. I love the index and middle fingers the most. I really love the way you use beads and rhinestones without it being too busy or tacky. You're so talented!How did you do the gradient on your middle finger?

  50. >Ooooh, love it! My favourites are ring finger and pinky!

  51. >Very pretty! I also love the "skittle" nail art! Where did you get your inspiration for these nails?… You know what else would make a great theme for nail art? A wedding cake!

  52. >whoa, thank you guys, for the amazing reaction =) <3regarding this manicure, I was inspired by two P2 colors I had. Then I knew I wanted to combine them with beads and rhinestones, so the other nails sort of progressed from there =)The glitter gradient was done like this:I first thought about applying a thin coat of glitter to the upper 3/4 of the nail, but it's not possible with how dense the OPI glitter is. So I sponged with glitter first, then layered another thin coat to the upper half and then another to the top 1/4 of the nail. Of course, topcoat smoothed everything out =)To anyone who wants to try out a manicure similar to this, I suggest you to first think about what you want to see, colors, material, etc. Then start decorating one finger and think about what might work for the other fingers. I'd love to see other versions of such "busy skittle" manicures! =)))

  53. >Bayıldımm!! Renklerin uyumu, desenler ve tabiki tırnaklar harika !! O boncuklar neyle yapışıyor?

  54. >@NİLCAN SADAWİ oje uzerine yapisiyorlar =) cilaya da yapisir ama cila renk degistirmelerine sebep oluyor =/

  55. >You're simply a genius this manicure is so amazing! Interesting choice of colours as well 🙂

  56. >Amazing. How did you secure those beads into nail?

  57. >thank you so much, @Nadia =)@Getsu, a coat of topcoat underneath and a coat of it over it makes it secure, but my beads were bleeding color, so this is only with a coat of topcoat underneath.

  58. >oh god….. I'm in love <3<3<3<3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. ><3<3<3 Thank you so much, dear @Iris! =)

  60. >Süper bişey buu!!! Bayıldım! O kadar güzel yapıyosunki senden hep bu tarzı bekler oldum bende=)

  61. >I like the middle finger the best!

  62. >gosh, i adore them!

  63. >Great post! Check out my blog for my recent review on Milani 3D Holographic Nail Lacquer! I'll also have a Sally Hansen haul up soon!

  64. >That just looks awesome! You're so creative!!

  65. >WOW you did an amazing job, I love the combo you picked out.

  66. >Oh girl! This is so HOT!

  67. >This is AMAZING! I really love it!

  68. >it looks great!

  69. >GORGEOUS! I love ring and index! I can't live without your creations! ❤

  70. >You are so good at picking colors and making a mani like this look harmonic and thoght through. I'm impressed and inspired!

  71. >Why are you sooo good at this!! amazing!

  72. >You do such beautiful nail art. Love them all.

  73. >woowww really beautiful

  74. >Wow, they are amazing! I love the konad on the index finger!

  75. >Gorgeous! very gorgeous nail art design! Love it! <3-Mia

  76. >I did something inspired by the colors you did on two nails. Not as pretty, but anyway..

  77. >I gave you an award on my blog! You can check it out here:

  78. >Bu tarz her tırnakta farklı bi tasarım olan manikürlerini çok orjinal ve fashion forward buluyorum 🙂 Biraz elimde nail art malzemesi biriksin ben de yapmak istiyorum. Bütün tırnaklarıma uzuun uzun aynı şeyi yapsam çok çabuk sıkılırım böylesi süper. Bayram bitse de şehre inip hobi mağazalarını gezsem şu minik boncuklardan bulmak için.

  79. >thank you so much everyone! ❤ I'm sorry I'm late answering your comments! =)herkese tesekkur ederim arkadaslar =)))

  80. >I know you already have so many comments telling you how gorgeous, well I agree ^_^.

  81. >Aww thank you @Arie =)

  82. >Hi! I visit your blog for the first time, I like your nail arts!!!My favorites are the ring and thumb!The beads hold well?

  83. >@Emilie, thank you very much =) For the beads to hold well, you have to put topcoat underneath and over, but I couldn't put topcoat over these, because these particular beads bleed color once they touch topcoat. I will try a new set of beads soon =)

  84. >I was going to search your answer to my comment but I realize that i didn't let my comment !!!! So just to tell you that this mani is really exceptionnally wonderful !!! all nails are pretty, what a super work you've done !!! love love Dear 🙂

  85. >Aww @Saori, thank you so much =))) ❤

  86. >süper.. hangisi daha güzel secemedim, her bir tirnak ayri ayri güzel olmus:)

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