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>Today I’m going to review China Glaze White Out.
I have been wanting to try a white polish from the major polish brands for a long time. White is a very difficult color, and I’ve never been able to find a streak-free, non-chalky white.
China Glaze White Out is a white creme from the Patent Leather Collection. To be honest, I expected better formula & application, but I guess white is just problematic. This was 3 coats. It’s not thick and chalky, but dragging & streaking was my biggest issue. Drying time was very fast, though; and the finish is high gloss, which is a plus.

* This product was provided to me for review.

Herkese merhaba =) tarafından bana ulaştırılan diğer bir renk, China Glaze White Out. Bir süredir ciddi bir oje markasının beyaz ojesini denemek istiyordum, acaba bizimkilerden çok mu farklı diye. Açıkçası çok büyük bir fark göremedim, benzer sorunlar mevcut. Tabi beyaz çok zor bir renk. Pigmentli olması gerekiyor, bu yüzden kireç gibi oluyor yapısı. Bu oje fazla yoğun ya da kireç gibi değildi, sürümü gayet rahattı, ama çok sürükleniyor. Bu yüzden 3 kat gerektirdi. Çok hızlı kuruması ve ıslak görünümlü olması avantaj tabi. Patent Leather koleksiyonuna ait bu oje, o koleksiyondaki diğer renkler gibi parlak (high gloss) bitişe sahip.
Konad için yeterince opak değil, ama opak olmayan ojeleriniz için güzel bir baz olabilir =) Bu arada‘daki indirim bayram sonuna kadar geçerli, ondan sonra başka kampanyalar da olacak, yine avantajlı bir fiyata satılacak ojeler, haberiniz olsun =)
* Ürün denemem için gönderilmiştir.


  1. >Hi, Deniz!I'm also having a hard time finding a good white polish that applies well. From the whites that I do have, I love the application of Essie Blanc. It's quite sheer on the 1st coating but opaque on the 2nd coating. 🙂

  2. >White looks amazing on you! Whites ARE problem children… I'm wondering if there's a perfect one on that planet =)

  3. >this looks great on you! sort of an off-white but still beautiful. i never wear white alone but for underwear i usually use wet n wild white. it's dirt cheap and goes on in 1-2 coats. the only problem is that they tend to dry out very quickly. i go through a bottle every 2 months. thank goodness their just 99 cents 🙂

  4. >Sucks that the application wasn't all that. If you are interestd in a good pretty white you could try Manglaze Mayonnaise with topcoat to get a nice white mani! The application is wonderful and looks awesome matte and with tc!

  5. >thank you for the suggestion, guys =) I wish I had easy access to either brand =)

  6. >Have you tried Alix Avien #60? I think it is great 🙂

  7. >@Teresia yes, that and She white are my holy grail white polishes =)

  8. >WOW! This looks soooo nice! Love it .. AS USUAL! 🙂

  9. >I got a white, white from Flormar recently and I've been satisfied with it. But this one is super shiny and cute!

  10. >Hi! I'm a new followed of yours but I also wanted to suggest Alix Avien no 60. I just got my hands on it this week and I'm wearing it as a part of a full mani now. I thought it's an awesome white. :)Only problem is, I've yet to find a top coat that wouldn't make the top layer of my Alix Aviens shrink at the cuticle line and tips. 😦 I've tried ChG Fast Forward and Seche Vite. Any suggestions?

  11. >WOW!!! your application is perfect! ❤

  12. >I love how cute and neat your nails are =D the white polish looks amazing =) ❤

  13. >Wow, Im not really a fan of white but seeing this on your nails I think I may be swayed!! 🙂

  14. >glad you liked this guys =)

  15. >I was almost about to order this recently as I need a white in my collection. Pity to hear the application was problematic, but you certainly can't tell.

  16. >@Danielle I recommend China Glaze Snow, they say it's a 2 coater =)

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