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>Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I feel uninspired, so I decided to give myself a little break & stop being harsh on myself. I hate those days, when none of the 450 polishes you own seems to be working out!
Today’s manicure is Borghese Stellare Notte, which is a gift from my friend Elizabeth. Thank you so much for all the trouble you went through while collecting all the things I wanted from the States, you made me so happy =)
Borghese Stellare Notte is a duochrome metallic polish. It looks like oil slick in the bottle, but what transfers on the nail is a strong purple & teal duochrome. In most lights I saw blue and teal, but in my lightbox I could only capture the purple, sorry for that. My pictures are totally not doing any justice to this duochrome goodness, that’s why I will dedicate another post to Stellare Notte in the future.

The design is from plate bm03, and the stamping polish is Golden Rose Nail Art #107. I also used lilac rhinestones.
I’m sorry this post is really short, it’s because I have a headache. But I have very nice polishes to show you, stay tuned =)

Son günlerde biraz ihmal ettim burayı, farkındayım. Biraz ilham gerekiyor belki de. 450 tane ojem var ama öyle bir gün oluyor ki, bir şekilde sürdüğüm ojeyi yakıştıramıyorum ya da direk beceremiyorum =) Bu yüzden bir süre kendime acımasız davrranmamaya, mükemmeliyetçi olmamaya karar verdim.
Borghese Stellare Notte, bana arkadaşım Elizabeth‘in hediyesi. Şişede sanki suyun üzerindeki petrol tabakası gibi, gökkuşağının tüm renkleri gözüküyor neredeyse. Tırnakta ise, mor/petrol mavisi arası duran, yanardöner, metalik bir oje. Bu ojenin internette gördüğüm çoğu resminde petrol mavisi baskın, ben de tırnakta çoğunlukta o rengi gördüm ama ne hikmetse kameramla sadece mor halini yakalayabildim.
Desen Bundle Monster bm03 diskinden, desen ojesi ise Golden Rose Nail Art #107. Ayrıca lila taşlar kullandım.
Bugün böyle kısa kısa yazdım çünkü başım ağrıyor. Ama sizlere gösterecek çok güzel ojelerim var, beklemede kalın =)


  1. >I love this! its fun, its girly and it looks classy! nice job!

  2. >This is so cute 🙂 Love the righnstones 😀

  3. >I'm sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. I hope you feel better soon!This polish is lovely. It's a shame the duochrome isn't visible because from the way you've described it, it sounds even more gorgeous.

  4. >Sorry you're not feeling well. We need to talk on G-talk soon, ok? I am so glad you like the polish, I am also super surprised that you chose to wear this one first! 🙂 Hugs you, be well, ok?

  5. >450? wow:))I love this mani!

  6. >when you take a break you come up with great designs like this one! very nice 🙂

  7. >aww this is good! i understand the break thing. i'm going through that as well. uninspired to do my nails.. i think it's the weather.. but lookng at blogs more regularly is making me less uninspired i guess.. maybe this month i will have more

  8. >hihi cici olmuş 🙂 özellikle baş parmağını çok beğendim.katılıyorum. bu hafta bende dün konuştuğumuz gibi aynı hisler içindeyim. ne kadar çok ojen olursa olsun, bazen içine sinmiyor :)geçmiş olsun:S

  9. >Beautiful! When I'm feeling uninspired, I use my spreadsheet and have pick my mani for the day. Maybe you could try something similar if you've catalogued your stash.

  10. >I just bought this polish tonight! It looks so great in the bottle, I can't wait to get it on my nails. Love the addition of the flowers and gems, so pretty!

  11. >even nail artwork are always gorgeous!!!

  12. >You have such cute ideas. Love your manicure!

  13. >This is lovely!

  14. >Gorgeous mani. Well, as always. =)

  15. >The rhinestones are really cute 🙂

  16. >this is so pretty!

  17. >This is so beautiful!

  18. >it's very beautiful! i wish i can decorate my nails like you!

  19. >I want to thank each and every one of you for the great comments =) I'll be coming back with interesting stuff, promise! =)))

  20. >Super pretty! I need to try this stamp with little rhinestones! Thanks it looks sharp!

  21. >canım geçmiş olsun ya =/ayrıca ben çok beğendim bunu. tırnakta göremesek de şişeye bakınca yanardönerli bir renk olduğunu anlayabiliyoruz..

  22. >so pretty, love the bolour and konad 🙂

  23. >This design is so dainty! 🙂

  24. >Super cute nail art design! <3-Mia

  25. >thank you so much, guys! ❤

  26. >SOOOO cute! I love how the stamps were applied "randomly". Love it .. and the little rhinestones are a nice little touch. 🙂

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