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>Rimmel Blue My Mind is the perfect indigo polish. The consistency is between jelly and cream, it’s opaque in two coats and dries very fast and glossy. The color is exactly like the description of Indigo, a cross between blue and purple.
My new camera is very good with problem colors. As you know, most cameras can’t truly capture colors which are a cross between blue/green, blue/purple and red/pink. Most of the time, the pictures come out closer to the cooler one of those both colors. For example China Glaze Four Leaf Clover is a very bright Kelly green, but most pictures suggest it’s a bright turquoise. The camera I’m using can capture the color of Four Leaf Clover perfectly, but it still fails to capture the true indigo. I think it’s the most problematic shade to capture with a camera =) The color is tweaked a bit to resemble how it looks IRL.

The pattern is from disk bm16, and the stamping polish is Golden Rose Nail Art #107. That nail art polish is such an opaque, shiny, foily silver; never had a silver stamping polish that looks so mirror-like! It’s amazing, if you can find this line, don’t skip on the metallic shades. Other than silver there is a gold, bronze and a brown. They all work great with konad.

Rimmel Blue My Mind, jel ve krem arasında yapıya sahip bir oje. Rengi indigo, yani çivit mavisi. İki katta opak oldu ve çok çabuk kurudu.
Kameralar genellikle mavi/yeşil, mavi/mor, kırmızı/pembe arasındaki geçiş renklerini iyi yakalayamıyor. Bu renklerden soğuk olanına dönük çıkıyor resimlerde renkler. Benim kameram genellikle yeşilleri, mercan renklerini çok iyi yakalıyor ama bu renkte sınıfta kaldı =) Her kamera gibi maviye dönük çıktı resimlerde, ben de gerçek haline benzesin diye biraz oynadım rengiyle.
Desen bm16 diskinden, damga için Golden Rose Nail Art #107 ojesini kullandım. Kullandığım en ayna gibi metalik oje herhalde. İnanılmaz opak bir oje ve konad’la çok rahat kullanılır. Alix Avien de buna benzer bir oje çıkarmış, daha rastlamadım ama. Bu seriyi görürseniz, simli hariç bütün hepsiyle konad yapılıyor, özellikle metalik olanlarla. Bu hariç altın, bronz ve kahverengi var, ben hepsini denedim, konad ile çok uyumlular.



  1. >bugün ben watsonsta gördüm bunu. ama bu kadar şık görünmedi gözüme. şimdi çok şahane durduğunu düşünüyorum =) ay alıcam galiba =) sky high'ı aldım zaten. sayende güzel şeylerden haberim oluyor denizciim =))

  2. >Çok güzeeel ❤ Elf deseni falan gibi görünüyo, konadım olsa anında kopyalardım hehe 🙂

  3. >What kind of camera did you pick up? That is really a pretty color though, the jelly of it is lovely.

  4. >@Nemo Latte @Başak tesekkur ederim ikinize de =)

  5. >@Dainty Darling Digits my camera is Sanyo Xacti VPC-CG20. It's a Full HD Camcorder, but it also takes great macro pics =)

  6. >wow, beautiful manicure!

  7. >thank you @Maria =)

  8. >the more i see pictures of this color the more i love it… and the silver foil design as an accent makes it sooo much prettier. nice!

  9. >awesome!

  10. >deniz golden rose hepsini almalıyım 😀 evet alıx avienin metaligi bende var oda konadla cok uyumlu bilgiler için tesekkürler ayrıca bu renk çok güzelmiş rımmellere bayılıyorum

  11. >Love it! As Always : )

  12. >gosh!love it!!

  13. >aww thank you so much, people! =)@youknow alix avien bunun aynisi gibi mi, ne dersin? daha bulup gozumle goremedim, kiyaslayamiyorum =)

  14. >I'mma check out those Golden Rose polishes you mentioned and also this beautiful Rimmel polish! I don't think I have anything like it.I love that when i visit your blog I can go out to the store and look for stuff instead of ordering them online.Kisses

  15. >@my leetle nails I hope you can find all the stuff I've mentioned =) The nail art polishes are really awesome, especially the metallics and non-glittery ones =)

  16. >They sell Golden Rose here at every subway station! They're pretty cheap, too! About a dollar, a dollar fifty or something like that.I'll be checking them out as soon as possible! Maybe even this Friday

  17. >@my leetle nails great! glad they're inexpensive =) they're about a dollar here, too =)don't skip on other metallics if you can find them!

  18. >waahh That is such a pretty color!!! Want want want! thanks for sharing 😀

  19. >@Samantha you're welcome =) thanks for liking! =)

  20. >Çok şık olmuş!! Rengi normalde de böylemi yani mor olduğu belli oluyormu yoksa flaşlamı belli olanlardan??

  21. >Love it, you are so talented 🙂 Really like the finish of that Rimmel nail varnish, think I'll have to pick some of that up to try xxx

  22. >@nilcan rengi tam indigo, yani maviyle morun tam ortasinda. resimde duzeltilmis hali var normalde kamera masmavi cekiyordu, o yuzden belirtme geregi duydum. resimde gordugun gibi duruyor tirnakta =)@Jo Woods thank you so much! you won't regret picking this up =)

  23. >This is just amazing, I can't stop staring at your pictures. The color is perfect, the stamping is absolutely stunning, the whole combination is mouthwatering.

  24. >This looks gorgeous! I love the indigo nail polish in combination with the silver flowers!

  25. >Thank you so much, @PolishSis and @Martje =))) ❤

  26. >Wooo! This colour is something for me! Also the decoration looks great!

  27. >Simli GR nail artları sevmedin mi Deniz? Daha iyisi varsa bileyim 🙂

  28. >I love the stamping polish used – it is gorgeous!!

  29. >Why, why Rimmel sends in Italy only boring colours, WHY?This one and the teal in your previous post look great :^/

  30. >thanks, everyone! =)@Başak aksine cok guzeller ama ben nail art degil konad icin kullaniyorum, o yuzden simlileri tavsiye etmedim =) su an icin buradaki en iyi simli nail art onlar, hatta mor olani normal fircayla tum tirnaga surmek lazim =)@Smaltoitaliano, these two weren't available until a while ago, I suppose they will be available there, too =) Other than these both, only colors I've seen of Rimmel here are lady-like colors =)

  31. >I never managed to make a stamping out of foil nail polishes right. I'm not a big fan of konad already and this makes it worse. But you guys always make it so perfect that I always give it a second chance… is this my problem?? I really wanted to make a stamp right! Yours are just perfect!

  32. >wunderschön!

  33. >@Akuma Kanji I've seen some of your konad designs, and they look pretty nice to me! not every foil polish work nicely, I suppose. this is a nail art polish, it's supposed to be opaque in one thin coat, so it works great with konad. =) you can try to find some nice metallic nail art pen and go from there, maybe?

  34. >That silver polish is the BOMB for stamping. Your photos are crisp with great coloring. I love that mani!!

  35. >@Kimberly thank you =) my cam can take really fine macro pics =) but on the downside, it makes my skin look too bright and unnatural =/ my dslr cam does a better job on this issue =)

  36. >I love this one! OMG! This is so pretty!

  37. >Trincess, I hope so!

  38. >@kittypolishnbags thank you =)@Smaltoitaliano my hopes are high =)

  39. >How lovely! I like how you placed the design, It looks like a stylized ruffian.

  40. >wow, you picked up every detail! gorgeous mani.

  41. >Thanks @Anita! Never thought of it as a ruffian, but true! =DThank you so much, dear @Enamel Girl =)

  42. >This is a beautiful bold bluple. Love your pictures!! I need a new camera. Lol! 🙂

  43. >thank you so much, @rmcandlelight! =)

  44. >cok guzel olmuuus, yaptigin uyumlari cok begeniyorum 🙂

  45. >Beautiful manicure!

  46. >your photos are always gorgeous!I am getting impressed with rimmels colors. before I didn't like them very much but they have been producing nicer and nicer colors

  47. >nice combination of colors :d good job

  48. >so pretty.. love it..

  49. >Such a lovely combination!

  50. >This is lovely! I don't have anything that comes close to this color.

  51. >This stamping on this indigo is beautiful !! pretty effect 🙂

  52. >thank you so much for the lovely comments, guys! =) ❤

  53. >I smell inspiration.. 😉 I'd better grab my polishes and start now!!

  54. >This is so pretty, reminds me of a rich, royal blue Hawaiian shirt I saw at Hilo Hattie's a few years back.

  55. >Very pretty color and very pretty mani =)

  56. >this design is amazing!

  57. >Beautiful nails ❤

  58. >@Thifa I'm sure you'll do awesome =)Thank you my dear @Liz, thank you =) I love Hawaiian shirts! =)Thank you so much, @MQ, @Camy and @rock-or-not =)))

  59. >Congratulations!!!The most beautiful manicure I've seen in a long long time.Just gorgeous!

  60. >Oh that is SOSO beautiful! I just have to do some stamping at the base of my nail! I adore dark blues and purples!

  61. >@Trincess I'll try as you say, thank you! You know what? After posting my comment here on your blog, I decided to give it a try again and it came out neat… the only but is I used a silver foil for stamping on a grey nail polish…. it came out almost unnoticeable .__.

  62. >gorgeous color!!!

  63. >Loooove all of your manicures lately… no… always! I wish I wasn't so lazy; I'd try to recreate them 🙂

  64. >Wow, this is such a pretty color…also love the stamping, it's perfect!

  65. >thank you so much, my beautiful friends =) your comments mean a lot! =)

  66. >Amei seu blog!!da uma passadinha no meu,voce vai gostar!!

  67. >Such a lovely mani! And that colour is absolutely gorgeous.

  68. >Love this shade. Also the pattern! Very pretty. I haven't worn my polish yet so it's nice to see what it looks like!

  69. >thank you so much, ladies =)

  70. >hayran kaldım 🙂

  71. >@Happy Mixy cok tesekkurler =)

  72. >this post inspired me to go get a bright dark blue polish

  73. >Thanks for posting so many alternative stamping polishes. I'm new to Konad so it helps a lot!

  74. >Wow! I've missed your creations!!!

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