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>China Glaze Pink Underground is a blue leaning medium pink with a fuchsia flash. I would describe this color as Persian Pink. It’s a perfectly girly, Barbie pink. I don’t care much about this color on myself, but I’m wearing it for the sake of BCA month =)

I couldn’t truly capture the flash with my camera, but it’s somehow visible in the bottle.
I feel a bit uninspired because of the pink overload. I will try to come back with some fun designs =)

China Glaze Pink Underground, maviye dönük bir pembe. Tam bir Barbie pembesi denilebilir bu renk için =) Son derece kızsal bir renk olduğu söylenebilir. Ben bunu kendime pek yakıştıramıyorum ama pembe olduğu için sürdüm =)
Kamera rengin içindeki flaşı fazla yakalayamadı ama şişede biraz belli oluyor.
Sanırım sürekli pembe sürmekten biraz sılıldım, ama daha eğlenceli ve güzel manikürlerle dönmeye çalışacağım =)


  1. >Nothing wrong with pink! It's a really pretty color, your posts don't always have to be arty! This is a great way of knowing what to buy next 😉

  2. >Thanks for the feedback, @Iris =) I'm just glad October is over soon, I feel like I have to take a break from pink =)

  3. >I love 🙂

  4. >@TrincessHaha I can imagine, any idea what will be next? Looking forward to your next design 🙂

  5. >Nice colour!

  6. >@Iris @ I don't know yet =) Maybe another set of skittles =)

  7. >Deniz sana buda yakışmış ama açık pembeler daha çok yakışıyor 😀 ama buda yakışmış yani 😀

  8. >@youknow ben bu rengi aldigimdan beri pek yakistiramiyorum… ayrica o kadar biktim ki cnm pembelerden… =)

  9. >Thank you @Anetka and @Stopdidine =)

  10. >ben bu tema dahilinde bad fairy'yi sürmeni bekliyordum, bi türlü sürmedin. meme kanseri bilinçlendirme aynının kapanışını onunla mı yapıcaksın acaba :p

  11. >yeah, I have this too, and I couldn't tell from the swatches before I got this.. it has like a duo-chrome-y blue/purple tinge, and yes, you can see it in the bottle. But I think it looks nice on your skintone!

  12. >@Nemo Latte yok cok zorladim ama Bad Fairy pembe klasmanina girmiyor, giremiyor =)@my leetle nails, it has more of a blue-ish iridescence/flash =) Thank you!

  13. >Very pretty!

  14. >@nihrida thank you so much =)

  15. >Booty holo aldın mı pembe? O ilginç olabilir 🙂 heh heh

  16. >@Başak aldim =) bu ay ilk postum pembe holoydu, o yuzden tekrar koymadim =)

  17. >Cute color, great cause ^^

  18. >ooh! i've never even heard of this color~ but i like the fuchsia flash in the pink 🙂

  19. >This one's a very pretty pink!

  20. >thank you guys =) ❤

  21. >It's a lovely pink colour 🙂

  22. >flash! That's the word! you're right, I just looked at it!

  23. >çok hoş 😉 az kaldı bitiyor bu ay, dayan :))

  24. >Don't worry about doing fancy designs all the time; I think a mix of plain swatches and more involved designs is a good thing!This is a nice shade of pink. I don't know if I would wear it myself but it looks great with your skintone.

  25. >wel done the nails u have something with pink dont ya?

  26. >thanks, everyone! =)@MariaAndrea van der wall arneman, I'm wearing mostly pinks this month, to support Breast Cancer Awareness =)

  27. >That's a really sweet pink. One of my fave shades.

  28. >@TrincessGood support indeed

  29. >aaah, this is soo cute and girly! ❤

  30. >I have to say .. I think I love EVERY color China Glaze puts out.

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