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>Today’s mani was inspired by this one. She has done a lovely combination with nude, pink and salmon. I made my own version, using Golden Rose Paris #32 (index), Golden Rose Care & Strong #182 (thumb & pinky), Essie Van D’Go (ring) and China Glaze Spellbound (middle). I used the same colors on my right hand, too, only in different order. Left thumbnail was stamped in white using the ribbon design from m59. Left ring and right middle nails were stamped in white using the polka dot design from bm19.

Thumb detail:

Not exactly “all pink”. There is silver and orange and lilac and peach, but the cremes all lean towards pink (Van D’Go is actually pink in the bottle, only turns peach after applying topcoat) and I think that they look nice together.

Bugünün manikürü için buradan esinlendim. Benim versiyonumda, soldan sağa Golden Rose Care & Strong #182, Essie Van D’Go, China Glaze Spellbound ve Golden Rose Paris #32 var. Başparmağımdaki desen m59 diskinden, yüzük parmağımdaki ise bm19 diskinden. Sağ elimde de aynı renkleri sırayı değiştirerek kullandım.
Renklerin hiçbiri tam olarak pembe olmasa bile, hepsi pembeye dönük renkler. Mesela lila aslında pembeye dönük, Van D’Go ise zaten şişede pembe iken, cila sürünce şeftali rengine dönüşüyor. Bence birarada güzel duruyorlar =)


  1. >This mani is so pretty! I love your blog, because you always have the prettiest nails!

  2. >Aww, thank you so much @Leslie =))

  3. >no, they look AWESOME together!

  4. >@yombix, thank you thank you =D

  5. >love it!. im so jealouss 😦 my inspiration!cotton

  6. >@Cotton aww no jealousy 😉 I bet you can do it as nicely! Plus, mine is not nearly as gorgeous as my source's!

  7. >cok tatli, ben de denicem =))simlere de hayran kaldim. ay bunu ne zaman denesem. pazartesi okula giderken yaparim belki =))

  8. >It's so cute! LOVE your color combination!

  9. >sagol, @Nemo =)thank you, @Polish Hoarder =)))

  10. >this is so cute and so girl-ish… i'm going to do this one time =)

  11. >thanks for liking, @rosey =)

  12. >Nice pink, even am not a pink lover this lavenderish color is very pretty

  13. >So cute! I love those colours together. I wouldn't think of pairing them all together but it looks nice.

  14. >so. freakin. cute! 😀

  15. >thank you guys =) ❤

  16. >omg that lilac is amazing!!!

  17. >@Enamel Girl I think it's very similar to OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender =)

  18. >I love your mani + your nails, so healthy and beautiful!!♥

  19. >@necessary★nails, thank you so much =) I just wish they break less! =)

  20. >I love this!

  21. >çok tatlı olmuş. m59'da ki en beğendiğim deseni yapmışsın.Üzerine taş koyunca da harika durmuş:)Golden Rose pembesinin sende güzel duracağını biliyordum 🙂

  22. >This is easily one of the best nail designs I've seen in a long time! So much pretty. If someone had described this to me I would've been unsure, but it looks amazing.

  23. >This is so adorable

  24. >awwwwwwwwwwwwwww this is soooo cute..i've never even think of painting my nails in different colors

  25. >This is so pretty and girly! I love the color combo!! 🙂

  26. >this is reminds me of some kind of birthday mani (:

  27. >Cute and girly ❤

  28. >unusual manicure, really a great idea! also the colors you used are wonderful!

  29. >Thanks, everyone =) ❤

  30. >this is cute and different i like

  31. >@aaminahs mom thank you =DDD

  32. >I'm in love!! So cute!

  33. >Thanks, @Freshie =)))

  34. >I'm in love with the Golden Rose Paris, so cute!!Great manicure ^_^

  35. >Hi Deniz – where do you find the Care & Strong polishes? My local Golden Rose doesn't have them. Also, have you seen their Nail Art line?

  36. >that chinaglaze is hypnotising

  37. >This is absolutely STUNNING!

  38. >Thank you, ladies =)))@ShotQueen76, I find them at Erkul Cosmetics, which is on Istiklal Avenue, Taksim. You come out of the Beyoglu exit of the Tunnel, walk in the direction of Taksim Square, and it's on the right in about 200m.

  39. >The bow and rhinestone are TOOOO cute!

  40. >Thanks, @kellie =D

  41. >amazing design! i am following you now!

  42. >bayildim bayildim harika olmus

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