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>After seeing Michèle’s Water Marble Magic Mani, I wanted to try out NOX Twilight Crush for water marbling, too. For this manicure, I used NOX Twilight Crush and Orly Cupcake over white creme polish. I really should hone my marbling skills a bit more. Sometimes it works like a charm and sometimes so-so. And this belongs to the latter classification:

I added some white flowers to make it look cuter. ^-^
Here is an older water marble I did for last Valentine’s Day. You’ve already seen it, but I’m putting it up again just to show you how awesome it looks when it really works. Plus, it still fits in the BCA theme =)

I hope you had a great weekend! And don’t forget to enter ojedelisi’s giveaway, tonight is the deadline!

Bu ebru maniküründe fosforlu bir pembe (NOX Twilight Crush) ve açık pembe (Orly Cupcake) kullandım. En altta beyaz oje var. Bu ebru işi üzerinde daha çok çalışmam lazım. Bazen muhteşem oluyor, bazen ise eh işte. Bu seferki ikincisi gibi bence.
Altta, daha önce yaptığım, yine pembe bir ebru manikürünü görebilirsiniz. İşte güzel olduğu zaman bu şekilde oluyor. Bunu göstermek için koydum, yoksa daha önce göstermiştim geçtiğimiz Sevgililer Günü için yaptığım bu manikürü.
Umarım haftasonunuz güzel geçmiştir =) Bu arada, ojedelisi’nin hediye çekilişine katılmak için son gün, katılmayı unutmayın!


  1. >canım, ilk iki fotoğraf görünmüyor. mozilla kullanıyorum.

  2. >Amazing as always, cute colors and prefect little flowers, you go girl 🙂

  3. >açldı şimdi =)çoook tatlı bu bence =))

  4. >@Iris haha too cute and girly, even for my liking =D Thank you!@Nemo Latte sagol canim =)

  5. >I like the both of them:D they're so cute and I love the colors:D

  6. >@my leetle nails, thank you so much =)

  7. >I love those tiny hearts on the Valentine's day marble 🙂 They seem to be painted by you, right? Amazing!

  8. >ohmygosh, these are so cute! I love them!

  9. >@Meg, they are stamped in red and white =)Thanks, @Lois!

  10. >Deniz çok güzel olmuş bu bende çok iyi yapamıyorum bunu ama seninkiler güzel 😀

  11. >Lovely! ❤

  12. >those are cuuute!

  13. >both are gorgeous!!!

  14. >So pretty! The colours go really well together and if you ask me I think the marbling turned out great. The older one is fabulous too, looks like candy 🙂

  15. >OMG D! I love them!!! I think the marbling turned out great in both! I love the Valentines one. I haven't tried water marbling yet but definitely inspired to.

  16. >çok çok tatlı olmuş. eh işte falan değil.gayet başarılı 🙂

  17. >I think it looks fabulous! Not so-so at all. The pink and white swirls make me think of candy. 🙂

  18. >These are sooo pretty!!! Into the inspiration file they go….

  19. >Wow another new thing I didn't know about thanks for the post I might have to try that one out!nic x

  20. >Thank you, everyone =) I feel better now that you guys think it's nice =)@Dominique, I have an inspiration file, too =D And it keeps growing! =D

  21. >They are just perfect!Prefer the pink one ;)See you

  22. >This is just lovely, I love the pink and white combo, it looks great to me, but we are our own worst critics. xx

  23. >Thank you for the feedback, @Natsuko Nails =)@pkbmum, so true! Sometimes we just expect a better result, I guess =) Plus, mabling is really messy and I never have the heart to start over =D

  24. >this marble isn't so-so… I really like it! The choice of colors makes your hands very bright! ❤

  25. >so beautiful and elegant!

  26. >So cute!

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