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>Hey guys! I’ve decided to create an “Official Polish Addict” badge, after admitting myself yesterday that I have a polish problem. Now I’m feeling less weird, LOL =)
This badge was created with the help of the Seal Maker over at I created this as a blank seal, and added the nail polish clip-art myself. (I’m not sure if there was a nail polish clip-art, couldn’t go through hundreds and thousands of images, just browsed the “Misc” section.) The site watermark had to be removed because I’m not that good at making transparent PNG images =) (I’m not sure if the seal maker allows you to save the image as a transparent png, because the server was too busy and I had to get the image via screen capturing.) I already did a few recolors, but you can also recolor the image yourself if you want, or you can ask for a specific color, too. Just leave a comment with your e-mail address, or contact me directly via e-mail.
Feel free to grab yourself a badge from below and use it on your blog. Linking back is nice, but not required. Share the polish addiction! =D
Click to see them at original size:

NOTE: If you want to change the width, just add width=”whatevernumberyouwant or width=”whateverpercentageyouwant% attributes after the src=”image url” part, before closing with a greater-than sign. The height of the image will be calculated automatically.

Herkese merhaba =) Dün itibariyle bir oje problemim olduğunu kabul etmiş bulunmaktayım. Bu yüzden bir “Resmi Oje Bağımlısı” rozeti yapmaya karar verdim. Bunu yapıp bloguma koyduktan sonra o kadar da garip hissetmiyorum =)
Yukarıda benim kendi yaptığım renklerde rozetler göreceksiniz, ama kendiniz bir renk isterseniz bana söyleyebilirsiniz. Eğer kullanırsanız, nereden aldığınızı belirtmeniz şart değil ama hoşuma gider =) Bunu yaptığım sitenin sunucusu çok yoğundu, bu yüzden bir de Türkçe yapmaya fırsatım olmadı, ilerleyen günlerde yapmaya çalışacağım.
Resimlerin üstüne tıklayarak büyük hallerini görebilirsiniz.
NOTE: Eğer resim genişliğini değiştirmek istiyorsanız, src=”resim urlsi” kısmından sonra width=”sayıylaistediğinizgenişlik ya da width=”sayıylaistediğinizyüzde% şeklinde küçük kod parçaları ekleyip sonra büyüktür işaretiyle kapatabilirsiniz. Resmin yüksekliği de buna göre ayarlanacaktır.



  1. >Thanks for the Badge…… the one i picked matched perfectly with my blog template! and ofcourse my addiction

  2. >What a nice idea! thanks for this badges!I picked one, and linked it on my blog to yours. 🙂

  3. >These are so cute.

  4. >YEAHHHHHHHHHHH! I shared the polish addiction!!! great idea! I picked one and I changed the color (with linking back) ❤

  5. >Çok güzel olmuş! Ben template rengime uysun diye koyu kırmızı veya siyah seçeceğim 🙂

  6. >thanks for liking, guys =)@Marjocum begendigine cok sevindim =)

  7. >Thank you ! I put one on my blog, you can go and see it :

  8. >thank u for the badge.. i would love to put this on my blog… xoxo

  9. >Ben seçtim koydum bile bloguma :)Eline sağlık canımmm 🙂

  10. >Cute! I'll put it next to my own iSwap button 😉 Nice idea Deniz!

  11. >btw, how can i add this badge on my site.. i really love it.. XD

  12. >That's such a neat idea Deniz! I've grabbed my rainbow badge, thanks very much 🙂

  13. >ben de ekledim (: mavisini.

  14. >thanks, this is just perfect, I put one on my blog

  15. >What a cute Deniz. love itI grab one… I would love to have red color

  16. >It would be nice to have a pink one for Breast Cancer Awareness. Right now I'll grab the green one though. My email addy is starlightlace(at)gmail(dot)com

  17. >Thank you very much for sharing.

  18. >Woah! Cool I am gonna lend it! 😀

  19. >@Starlight alright, one coming up =)

  20. >LOVE it! Could you do a hot pink and bright light blue? It would match my blog perfectly! This is too cute. Email is polishfreshie at aol dot com.http://polishfreshie.blogspot.comThanks~

  21. >I love these!!

  22. >awesome! I got one, but I don't really know how to link 😦

  23. >w00t gonna use it for sure!

  24. >Take a look to my blog, i just post it 🙂 YOU!

  25. >Thanks for the badge, they are awesome!

  26. >I grabbed one! That was a great idea! ^__^

  27. >cool.. is there a piink one

  28. >PA Anonymous:At least we accept we have a problem!

  29. >It doesn't match very much with my background but I grabbed the purple one (linked :-)) thank you Deniz you had a great idea!

  30. >@Öykü so true =D

  31. >Love the concept of the badge. Added to my blog…and linked it to your post.

  32. >Thanks! I'm totally grabbing one, and I'll link it to this post.

  33. >This is so cool! I'll add one to my blog soon too and link it back to you 🙂

  34. >I grabbed one too! Thanks 🙂

  35. >Fantastic idea! Thanks for the badge! I added it to my blog and linked back to this post! x

  36. >awesome badge! 😀 grabbed the green one. 🙂

  37. >I also grabbed one. Thanks a lot!

  38. >you're welcome, guys =)

  39. >Great badges! I put one here:

  40. >thank you very much !

  41. >Thank you! Love the badge – I added one to my blog and linked back to you. :0)

  42. >I took it too, this is a great picture!

  43. >great idea!! :)I picked one, too! and linked back to your blog

  44. >how can I get mine??somebody help me:">

  45. >I just added mine to my blog! Thanks! It looks awesome with my setup!

  46. >Absolutely love your site! I passed your site along to some girls who love nail polish on a forum. 🙂 They will love this site and they'll love the nail polish addict badge icon. 🙂 Keep up the awesome work! 🙂

  47. >thank for this badge, i like and looks is nice 🙂 Good day

  48. >Love it! I'm just begining to collect polish, but I'm already hooked…

  49. >i grab 1 badge thx for this

  50. >Hi Deniz, I created a PicBadge on Facebook with your nail polish badge. I really hope you don't mind. The badge needs at least 10 people using it before it will show up in the directory of this website: If you want I can send you the html-code to put on your blog for others to join. Best regards// Linda (another nail polish addict)

  51. >Thanks for helping me jazz up my page with the badge!

  52. >Thanx for the badge I've linked back to your blog… Umm.. The only poblem I'm having is when I save the changes I get a white background behind the badge even though it is a .png file.. Can someone please help and Im a new blogger so…

  53. >Hi Deniz.I grabed a badge and linked back:)

  54. >Thanks…I'll grab one for me 🙂

  55. >Thank you i grabbed one for my site.

  56. >perfect!thank you ❤

  57. >mi aggrego ^_^

  58. >Thank you, I grabbed one in my blog and linked back

  59. >Hi!! Thanks so much for the badge… I JUST figured out how to add it to my blog… My next step is trying to link it to this page… Challenge accepted! =)HUGE fan btw.Marieaka

  60. >i love this!can i take one to show on my blog? i'm a follower…

  61. >I put one on my site 🙂 Thanks

  62. >I also linked it to your site 🙂

  63. >Thanks, I added one to my site!

  64. >I just added one to my blog and linked back, thank you! ^^

  65. >Thank you, I have taken a badge (or I will when I finish typing this!) and link back here xxx

  66. >I got one too, thanks =D

  67. >i thought this bandage just special only for those senior blogger!! i want this in my blog!!many thanks!

  68. >i dont know how to add it too my page? anyone care to help me? im a new blogger (:

  69. >Hi ! I've taken one of your badges ! Thanks ! XOXO

  70. >I love this, It is now on my blog with your info. Thank you!!!!

  71. >You are so talented! I'm grabbing a badge and linking it back. I know I'm on the late freight but at least I'm on the train – lol. Have a great day. 🙂

  72. Took it and linked back, thank you 🙂

  73. I’ve just found your blog and loved it. I have the problem as you do :p I’ll use the badge (and link it back). Thanks for sharing.

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