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>Here is my second pink for October. Again it’s a local brand polish, Flor Mar Supershine #29. This is a very pale baby pink. I’d say Pale Pink, because like the colordrop, it looks warmer in real life than on the pictures. This was 3 coats. I had some problems with application, it’s not really as creamy as the title suggests. Some streaking and cuticle pulling was going on, but eventually it looked alright.

I accented my ring finger with a Nailene Bedazzled sticker and that’s all.
I have more pink nails coming up.

Bu, Ekim ayının ikinci pembe ojesi. Yine yerel bir markadan, Flor Mar Supershine #29. Bu oldukça açık, bebek pembesi bir oje. Gerçekte resimlerden daha sıcak bir pembe. 3 kat sürdüm ve sürümünü pek beğendiğimi söyleyemem. Bir kere yapısı kireç gibi, aynı zamanda tırnak diplerinde çekilmeler yapıyor. Ama sonunda kendine geldi.
Yüzük parmağımda Nailene Bedazzled süslerinden bir çiçek var vurgu olarak.
Başka pembe tırnaklarda buluşmak üzere.


  1. >This one is stunning! Amazing application and beautiful nails! ❤

  2. >Thank you very much, @Ivana =)

  3. >The flower is perfect with the pink!

  4. >Your nails are perfect! Love this mani!x

  5. >Thank you so much, @Freshie and @Manicure Time =)

  6. >your nails are so perfect!

  7. >@Melanie wow, thank you so much =D

  8. >That coverage of this most beautiful nail polish! This very cute pink! I loved it! Kisses

  9. >This is so cute! A perfect manicure.

  10. >Cok tatliymis bu pembe.

  11. >Sieht echt toll aus, so richtig schön mädchenhaft. 🙂

  12. >so pretty!

  13. >rengi çok beğendim. çiçek de güzel. ben bir rhinstone yapıştırma denemesi yaptım geçen, çok rezil oldu bence. bir ara o fotoğrafları da göstericem blogda. bana hatamı söylersin =)

  14. >Wow beautiful and so girly xx

  15. >this is very feminine and the perfect pink for you. Such a pretty way to honor Breast Cancer Awareness. 🙂

  16. >bende bu pembeden arıyordum deniz buna benzer bişi var tırnaklarımda ama sedefli gibi durdu ben mat duran istiyorum sanırım bu tam bana göre

  17. >Soo beautiful!! Congrats! The application is absolutely flawless 🙂 Love the design!

  18. >Wow, this is perfect. So smooth and creamy, looks delicious.And yay for more pink nails. No matter what pink will always be one of my favorites. It's just so flattering. 😀

  19. >Pretty pale pink, it looks so cute! At least it came out looking smooth.

  20. >very beautiful!

  21. >Loved how they look with the sticker!!!!!!!!!! I'll try them with my OPI Bubble Bath :).

  22. >What a darling mani! Love the little flower accent. It just dolls it up a bit! ❤

  23. >LOVE IT!

  24. >Oh I LOVE this!Perfection as always, with you 🙂

  25. >I liked this one so much I went and got some of these today. can't wait to try them out:D

  26. >Thank you so much, guys =DHepinize cok tesekkur ederim =)))Thank you, dear @Liz =)@milan and vanaily, I really like pinks, too =)@my leetle nails, did you find some flor mar polish? wow =) can't wait to see them on your nails!

  27. >Barry M, strawberry ice-cream would be a nice dupe of this polish. If anybody is looking for one c:

  28. >@AnnKiins'♥, thanks for the suggestion! =)))

  29. >there was a huge stand. I'm from Romania, they have a lot of them here. I just got two to test them out but i like them and will get more:D

  30. >@my leetle nails oh, I see =D I hope to see the ones you got! =)))

  31. >Love soft pink color

  32. >What a pretty pink!

  33. >Thank you @Dhini and @Zara!

  34. >You always have the most perfect manicure! Immaculate!! Any tips? I always have a hard time with pale polish applications (something with the formula?)… What a pretty colour! Very girly like

  35. >Pink doesn't really look good on me … I think. But I really like how dainty this shade looks and how you simply spiced your nails with a flower made up of rhinestones. 🙂

  36. >@Stylishly yours, I try to make the first coat cover the whole surface. It's thin and streaky, but provides a good base, shape-wise. Then I load the brush and apply two moderate coats. Finally, topcoat to smooth everything out. So far it worked with any streaky, pale polish =)Thank you so much, @rins =)

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