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>One of my teeth is being a bi*ch since yesterday. I’m not beside myself with pain, but I’m really, really annoyed. And my dentist is really busy this week. The ache is really annoying that I can’t find the power to try and understand my camera a bit more. The picture quality is splendid, yet sometimes the unfocused areas come out a bit grainy. Maybe I’ll use two cameras from now on, Pentax for the regular shots and Sanyo for the macro shots. Haven’t decided yet.
Nothing exciting today, just a picture from a few days ago, when I tried out my new Bundle Monster plates. Base is Flor Mar Supershine #14, the stripe pattern is from plate bm20, and stamping polish is Flor Mar #112.

As you’ve probably heard before, the Bundle Monster full images are even smaller than the konad ones. If you wanna cover your thumb, you will have to double stamp. I rather center the image and leave the sides gappy. It doesn’t bother me that much.

Dünden beri dişim sızlayıp duruyor. Acıdan kendimden geçecek kadar değil ama yine de çok can sıkıcı bir durum. Üstelik diş doktorum bu hafta çok meşgul. Bir yandan kameramın derdini anlamaya çalışıyorum. Harika resimler çekiyor ama, bazen odak noktasının dışındaki alanlarda gürültü oluşuyor. Belki bundan sonra iki kamera kullanırım çekimler için, henüz karar vermedim.
Birkaç gün önce yeni Bundle Monster disklerimden birini denedim, bugün onun resmini koymakla yetiniyorum. Tabanda Flor Mar Supershine #14, desen yaparken Flor Mar #112, disk olarak da bm20 kullandım.
Belki duymuşsunuzdur, Bundle Monster disklerinde tırnağı kaplayan desenler biraz küçük. Özellikle baş parmağa desenin yetmesi imkansız gibi birşey. Tabi yan yana da basabilirsiniz, ama ben ortalayıp bir kere basıyorum. Yanlarında boşluk kalması çok rahatsız etmiyor ortaladıktan sonra.



  1. >Very Pretty Mani!

  2. >I have seen foil-like decorations like this. And, I love it!

  3. >Beautiful Manicure!love the colors.

  4. >i have tried this stamp too, i really like it!

  5. >LOL, omg… I was tripping out for a second. I thought the lines were free handed, and I was thinking "woah, that's a-mazing… so clean O__O"hehe, looks awesome. Although, I hate it how a lot of stamps don't really fit the thumb properly. And it's impossible to double stamp! Can't line them up 😦

  6. >Very pretty! It makes me think of gift wrap. 🙂

  7. >I really love the design! ❤ Is there the same pattern on konad image plates?

  8. >Love this! I hope I get to do this nicely by Christmas. I want to do candy cane stripes!

  9. >Stunning! 😉

  10. >canım geçmiş olsun. diş ağrısı kötüdür bilirim :(ama bu desen çok hoş olmuş 🙂

  11. >Flormar Supershine 14 is one of my favorites, I always get lots of compliments when I use it. The silver stripes are great! Tooth pain is the worst…gecmis olsun 😦

  12. >I need to doublestamp the konad ones on my thumb anyway:))

  13. >geçmiş olsun denizim uzun zamandır konad yapmıyordun döndün tekrar 😀 güzel olmus benimkileride bekliyorum heyecanla 😀

  14. >I'm sorry for your teeth! I understand you… I have the braces and then I have often pain! however, your photos are always fantastic!

  15. >it's pretty 🙂

  16. >Your manicures are always perfection! 🙂

  17. >OMG! This looks amazing! 🙂

  18. >Oha. Bir erkek olarak bugüne kadar gördüğüm en iyi oje şekliydi kesinlikle, wuw :O !

  19. >Thank you so much, guys =)Herkese cok tesekkurle, arkadaslar =)@milan and vanaily, I wish I was that talented, lol =D@Ivana, no, this pattern is designed by BM only. =/@ShotQueen76 cok tesekkur ederim =)@Modafobik yorumlarina cok guluyorum =) Yorum biraktigin icin tesekkur ederim =D

  20. >şu güzelim mor keşke tırnakta da şişede durduğu gibi muthis parıltılı dursa 🙂

  21. >@iremnur haklisin, guneste cok iyi ama golgede pek anlasilmiyor piriltilari…

  22. >Great colours! The pattern is fun, almost festive!Sorry to hear about your toothache, is it just one tooth? Maybe need to change filling or there's a cavity. If it's gum irritation, can rinse with salt dissolved in warm water or with hydrogen peroxide until you can get appointment with dentist.

  23. >@Stylishly yours, thank you so much for the suggestions =) I had an appointment today and my problem was solved! Back to blogging 😉

  24. >This is so pretty! I love how precise you are, your nails always look absolutely beautiful.

  25. >@Sea of Polish, thank you so much! =)

  26. >I got this one as well:Dthe 14 onei didn't remember the number but I thought I saw it someplace

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