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>Hey guys =) At Fashion Night Out two nights ago, I was in front of the Essie booth with Nemo Latte. We got our nails did and I got two polishes, Sew Psyched and Playa Del Platinum. I’ve really been into neutrals lately. Also, we got served with delicious cupcakes and white chocolate brownies. It was fun to be there.

Here are our hands together. My nails were painted with Essie In Stitches, and her nails were painted with Midnight Cami with Matte About You on top.

Cupcakes and brownies! Mmmm =)
Then I was lucky to find Essie Greenport and Essie Sag Harbor online. Here are all my new Essie polishes together:

I’m soo happy for all of them. I’ve been wanting Playa Del Platinum and Sag Harbor for a long time, and Sew Psyched is truly gorgeous. Greenport is another nice add to my aqua collection =)
Today I have Playa Del Platinum on my nails. Playa Del Platinum is a beige-grey with a hint of green.
The closest shade I could find was Pastel Grey. The formula was nice, and dried to a glossy finish. This is three coats.

I think this is a lovely color, very soft and wearable, yet edgy.
Wait for my other Essie swatches =)

İki gece önce Nemo Latte ile Bread & Butter’ın önünde, Essie ile birlikteydik. Tırnaklarımıza oje sürdürdük ve ben istediğim iki tane ojeyi aldım, Sew Psyched ve Playa Del Platinum. Son zamanlarda nötr renklere sarmış durumdayım zaten. Bu arada bol bol cupcake ve beyaz çikolatalı brownie yedik. Orada bulunmak gerçekten güzeldi.
Benim tırnaklarımda Essie In Stitches, Nemo’nun tırnaklarında ise Midnight Cami üzerine Matte About You var.
Daha sonra, çok şanslı bir şekilde gittigidiyor’da Essie Greenport ve Essie Sag Harbor ojelerini buldum. Yeni Essie ojelerimle çok mutluyum. Playa Del Platinum ve Sag Harbor’u uzun zamandır istiyordum, Greenport ve Sew Psyched de çok güzel renkler.
Bugün tırnaklarımda Essie Playa Del Platinum var. Bu, içinde çok hafif yeşil barındıran, gri-bej arası bir renk. Formülü güzel ve ıslak görünümlü bir bitişe sahip. Bu gördüğünüz üç kat. Bence çok güzel bir renk, hem günlük kullanıma uygun, hem de çok şık duruyor.
Diğer Essie yazılarımı da bekleyin =)


  1. >it looks as you had great fun! yummy cupcakes and brownies 😛 love the manicure!

  2. >Thank you, @KONADomania =) The cupcakes were yummy, indeed! =)

  3. >gercekten cok guzel bu deniz sana cok yakısıyor pastel renkler

  4. >begenmene sevindim tatlım.çok güzeller 🙂

  5. >Güle güle kullan Deniz 🙂 PdP'yi ben de çok sevdim 🙂

  6. >cok tesekkurler arkadaslar =))) ❤

  7. >Great haul, I like all the colours you got. Wow the FNO event sounds like it was a lot of fun 😀

  8. >@Cel,it was nice to be there! thank you so much =)

  9. >Sew Psyched :inlove:Beautiful nails and new nail polishes.Ivy

  10. >Thank you, @Ivy =D

  11. >In Stitches sende cok guzel durmus =) En cok sevdigim renkleri almissin mutlu gunlerde kullan =)

  12. >Your nails are beautiful! It seems the bad birthday mani is far behind. I'm so glad!You make me want to get Sew Psyched. Grrr…. :DI borrowed Playa del Platinum to my sister. The color is gorgeous but the formula was kind of thick and tricky when I applied it. It seems everyone get a perfect bottle except my unlucky sister!

  13. >Sagol @Zuzum =) Tahmin ettigim renk gibi degilmis, daha kullanabilecegim tarzdaymis =)My dear @Nathalie, thank you =) Sew Psyched is such a nice fall color! My PdP was also a bit tricky, especially at the cuticle area. But I'm used to working with worse polishes =) ❤

  14. >that matte mani looks so good! and those two Essies you have on…gorgeous! Playa Del Platinum is now going onto my list of "MUST HAVE"'s =P

  15. >Mmmmmmmm cupcakes, I would eat them right now, yummmmi. 🙂 Playa Del Platinum really looks great on you!

  16. >these colors look soo subtle & pretty!! love em!!

  17. >All these awesome colors. Now I want them too. Love the Greenport and Sag Habour. I always like aqua colors.

  18. >i love the grey!btw, you have an award on my blog :)

  19. >Being fairly new to the extreme world of nail polish I am finding that I have an undeniable love for Essie polishes. I love cream colors and they seem to do them like no other. You picked up great colors and the one you applied is gorgeous!

  20. >Canim bence bu tarz renklerde el rengi cok onemli senin ellerin benimkilere gore daha beyaz o nedenle renk kendini gostermis ama bende oturdu =) Sende mesela bu rengi inanilmaz begendim birde bu mavili essieleri cok merak ediyorum optum seni =)

  21. >Ahaa, you strike me with three lemmings in one post! Playa Del Platinum is gorgeous, too bad we have none here, Sag harbour is too… And Sew Psyched needs no words to be saidI love PDP on you! 🙂

  22. >I'm so envious, in Italy there are no Essie booth! :@ Furthermore, this polish Pastel Gray is WONDERFUL!!!!! It will come in my wishlist ❤ I'm in love!!!!!!!

  23. >heeey bunun üzerine gazete kağıdı deseni yapsana deniz! ben greenport'u çok beğendim.. bu post'u da kendi bloguma linklemek istiyorum =)

  24. >Thank you so much, everyone =))))Tesekkur ederim arkadaslar =)))<3<3<3

  25. >The cupcakes a& brownies look so yummy!Nice haul! I recently had a nail polish haul too! :)-Mia

  26. >Thank you, @Mia =)))

  27. >in stiches çok şahaneymiş. bol bol güzel günlerde kullan 😉

  28. >@sister sinister tesekkur ederim =) ona yakin renkleri daha rahat bulabilirim diye almadim =)

  29. >I LOVE your nail shape and length :DPlaya Del Platinum is super pretty I should have bought it when I saw it a few months ago.

  30. >Thank you so much, @technopathetic =) They were all long and even for the first time in a while, and today I broke a nail. Baw.

  31. >Beautiful Essies, beautiful swatches of Playa 🙂 The only Essie from them four I haven´t is Greenport, my dreamt-of color! From where do you have it, please?

  32. >@sonidlo there was a local seller who had one complete northfork collection, and I've got two of them =)

  33. >You are lucky girl!

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