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Like I mentioned before, I think this polish is as close as it gets near Paradoxal at the moment. I’m introducing you: Sevilla #144.
The base is a purple-leaning taupe, and it contains hidden violet shimmer, which is only truly visible under strong light. Sadly I don’t have the real Paradoxal swatched to compare, but trust me when I say they’re as close as China Glaze Zombie Zest and Orly It’s Not Rocket Science. Only very minor differences.

With flash:

The thing that scares me is that I don’t know if I still feel the urge to splurge for Paradoxal or not. Even when nobody in their right mind can possibly spot a difference. 99% of the people I’ll possibly see any day from now on probably don’t even have an idea what Paradoxal is.

Herhalde şu an piyasada bulunan en iyi Paradoxal alternatifi bu oje. Sevilla #144, tıpkı Paradoxal gibi mora yakın bir gri-kahve, ve içinde mor ışıltılar var. Bu ışıltılar güçlü bir ışık altında kendini gösteriyor ama çoğunlukla belirgin değil. İkisini Sevil’de yan yana sürüp bakmıştım, çok çok yakınlar. Aralarında oje ayırt etmeye alışmamış bir gözün hayatta farkedemeyeceği çok ufak farklar var sadece. Mesela Paradoxal çok azıcık daha koyu.
Beni asıl korkutan, hala Paradoxal’a para bayılma konusunda kararsız olmam. Sanki yeniden stokta görsem kaçırmayacakmışım gibi bir his var içimde, üstelik bu derece yakın bir alternatifi elimdeyken. Büyük ihtimalle kimse aradaki farkı bile anlayamayacakken. Sokakta rastlayabileceğim insanların yüzde 99’u Paradoxal nedir bilmeyecekken. =)


  1. >To be very honest I don't even like Paradoxal all that much, don't really get all the fuzz about it! This is a great dupe though! 🙂

  2. >Çok güzelmiş 🙂 Bende de bugün paradoxal benzeri franken var 🙂 Kesinlikle Chanel almayı düşünmüyorum, istersen seni de caydırabilirim 😛

  3. >@Iris, first it wasn't interesting to me at all, but then it slowly turned to a lemming! It's my first high end want, I didn't rave for any Chanel polish in the past =)

  4. >Nail polish obsessions are the worst lol. Lovely colour!

  5. >I agree with Iris above comment. I really don't get the Paradoxal fuzz.. I think Chanel have other better colour choice such as "Rouge Fatal" for AW1011 as I've mentioned in my blog before. I would rather buy "Le Vernis Khaki Vert" – Greeneige!

  6. >@Marjo bakma soyledigime, bu kadar yakinini bulunca ben de caydim zaten =) nasil yaptin franken? bu renk neredeyse tamamen aynisi bu arada, bir bak derim =D ben kendimi 60 lira bayilmaya hazirlamisken bunu bulunca salaklastim biraz =)

  7. >@yombix haha, true =)@Stylishly yours, I'm trying to stay clear from the Khakis, because I know I'd be all over them, and they would cost a fortune! I don't think they will launch here, anyway. I will kill my Greeneige need with Essie Sew Psyched =D

  8. >ooh i like that how can i get that one in the states. swap im really willing ttyl

  9. >That's a gorgeous dupe! Where can it be purchased from? xx

  10. >I never seen this brand. It looks just like Paradoxal in this pictures.

  11. >@aaminahs mom, @Kim & @nad_tab it's only available in my country, I guess =/

  12. >Are there any online retailers that ship the brand internationally?

  13. >It's beautiful! Really dupe-y. I know how you feel about "do I still need the original?" thing! Same with me, even if I own something really compensating a lemming, the brand/name/recommendation will do their job. Oh that psychology! 🙂

  14. >@Kim, I don't think so but if think I can help you get your hands on it, just drop me an e-mail (sidebar) and we can talk in detail.@Daria, it's exactly that! But I'm going to keep myself from doing that =)

  15. >For having tried it at the store, I don't think Paradoxal to be Chanel's best shade… the fuzz probably comes from the fact it's a LE and how said LE should been bought before the price comes crazy on ebay. Based on your pictures, I'd say Paradoxal's base is less grey and more dirty plum/browish than this one and personally I prefer your little Sevilla polish. But eh, the whole world knows I'm an unretrievable cheapie. How does this one compares to You Don't Know Jacques?

  16. >This looks lovely on you. I own one Chanel polish and this is it! I haven't worn it yet. I so very expensive and I think of how many other polishes I could'be bought.

  17. >@jellynat, as you probably know, these type of shades are incredibly camera-shy, actually Sevilla is the one which leans more brown-taupe =) I've worn them side-by-side and paradoxal is a bit darker and more grey-leaning. I'll try to post a comparison picture if I can find a tester bottle =)The base of this one is darker and more plum leaning than YDKJ. I hope this helps for now =)I agree with you on Chanel LE hype, although the shades are not terribly unique, they feel like they'll disappear forever if you can't snatch them. I'm a victim of this hype for the first time in my life =D@Lucy, it's even more expensive here =D It costs about $40! You could even buy twice the amount of other polishes for the price in my country =/

  18. >Ben hic sevil ojelerinden almadim ama bunu alicam kesin!! You are so close to 1000 followers!!! HURRRAAYYY =))

  19. >particular & beautiful 🙂

  20. >this is GORGEOUS!!

  21. >Çoook güzelmiş bu, hemen edinmeliyim 🙂 Yorumların için de çok teşekkür ederim, ben de seni tanıdığıma çok mutluyum 🙂 Bir önceki blogunda bana sorduğun soruya o blog yorum kısmında cevap verdim jan jan. Çok öptüm. Bomba gibi geri döndün sen 🙂

  22. >Also, Paradoxal find ich nicht hübsch – aber der gefällt mir (manchmal ist es eben nur ein Detail, der den Unterschied macht).Wo kriegt man das gute Stück den her? 🙂

  23. >mm that's pretty!

  24. >@Emy al cidden cok guzel =DDD Evet 1000 follower olunca international giveaway yapicam bakalim =)Thank you so much, @Saori, @Brooke and @brittanyhocake!@ℓidya sagol canim benim =) ❤ Bakicam simdi diger post'a da =)@Chinda-chan, ich glaube man kann das zur Zeit nur in der Türkei kriegen, schreib mir eine E-Mail wenn du dich dafür interessierst, und wir können darüber sprechen =)

  25. >Ya aslında Paradoxal yerine bunu alırım ya, 60 yetalem de bana kalır. Şöyle ucuz markalar muadillerini yapınca çok iyi oluyor meşhur ojelerin..

  26. >Thanks for the link the other day 🙂 It was driving me nuts that I couldn't even find a mention of this brand haha. This really is a super, super gorgeous color. I'm really loving taupes lately, and they look awesome with my skin tone 😀

  27. >@ℓidya ben de 60 liram cebimde kalacagi zaman bir sevindim ama salaklastim da =D oyle bir sartlamistim ki kendimi =)))@Shanna, sadly online representation in my country is far from where it should be. Online shopping sites are never updated regularly, and they are full of errors most of the time. Another 5 years have to pass till online shopping becomes as popular and regular as in the States =)

  28. >üzerine çok ince pembeli morlu simli bişi sürülse nası olur bunun diye düşünüyorum.. öyle denesene =)

  29. >@Nemo Latte o zaman biraz bayik olur gibi geldi bana =) kaldi ki oyle simli bir ojem bile yok galiba =) ben pek sevmiyorum sim, cok az almisim =D

  30. >Love this!You have no idea how much I want to buy EVERYTHING you swatch… Your manicures + photos are amazing!

  31. >@My Chau, thank you! Oh, your blog is amazing, I love the pictures you take!

  32. >this a pretty nice dupe!! where can i get this brand?

  33. >@LacquerObsession, it's only available in my country at the moment, but Barry M has come out with a dupe, it's called Dusky Mauve! =)

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