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> Stupid title, I know, but I wanted it to fit in the theme, along with Banana Cream.

This is Inglot #969, and it drove me nuts. Application was horrible. It looks like the consistency is great, the brush is fine, too, but I guess the problems are caused by the funny pearl finish and horrible drying time. I had serious dragging, even the second time when I started all over, without any base coat. I had to apply 4 coats to make everything smooth, and the cuticles looked all jagged. Some serious clean-up was needed afterwards. I mean, I’m moderately skilled at polishing my nails thanks to this much practise, and if I have trouble, an occasional nail polisher will definitely have some.

I must say I don’t like the tonal pearl finish. It makes the polish dull and milky, and takes away the shine quite a bit. It was not so obvious in the pale yellow I showed you last, but I really wish this one was a cream. The color can be best described as Magic Mint, but a little more muted.

I added some konad on top, using konad white and plate m79. I personally think that Inglot #968 owns this one big time. I don’t recommend it, as there are many beautiful mint green polishes out there, with better formula.

Bugün sıra Inglot #969’da. Sürümü çok çok kötü bir ojeydi, beni deli ettiğini söyleyebilirim. Yapısı ne çok akışkan, ne çok yoğun ama bir şekilde hiç güzel sürülmüyor. Sanırım sorun ojenin geç kurumasıyla ve inci bitişli olmasıyla alakalı. Ojeyi iki kez baştan sürdüm, ikincisinde altına baz kullanmadığım halde tırnak diplerimde açılmalar oldu. Doğru düzgün olması için 4 kat sürmek zorunda kaldım. Sonrasında da temizleyip düzeltmekle uğraştım bir o kadar da. Eğer ben bu kadar oje sürme tecrübesiyle sürerken zorlandıysam, ara sıra süren birinin çok daha fazla zorlanacağını düşünüyorum.
Bu arada Inglot ojelerinin hep inci yapıda olmasını sevmiyorum. Bence ojeye derinlik vermek yerine ışıltısını azaltıyor ve süt gibi, donuk bir görünüm veriyor. İlk gösterdiğim sarı çok açık renk olduğu için bir sıkıntı yaratmıyordu, fakat bu oje için iyi bir seçim değil. Bence krem yapıda olması gerekirdi.
Sonra üzerine beyaz konad ojesi ile m79 diskindeki deseni uyguladım. Bence Inglot #968 bu ojeye on basar. Daha güzel nane yeşili bulmak istiyorsanız, Essie’ye bakın, neredeyse aynı fiyat. Üstelik formülü Inglot’dan çok daha iyi.


  1. >Thats funny… I went minty today too! ;) used a Catrice nail lacquer, it's a german drug store brand, which makes awesome polishes! You need to try it when you are in Germany some time. 😉

  2. >Hey @Ula, I actually bought this polish, but it's still in the mail =) I will swatch it when it arrives! What a coincidence, indeed =D

  3. >See? ;D I had some intuitions… All right, I'll be waiting patient for your swatches! 🙂

  4. >Sounds to me just like my drama with Orly Gumdrop 😀 It was extremely hard to apply as well! I still hope there are good mints out there… But the colour is sooo pretty!

  5. >your pictures always look so perfect! i love this color!

  6. >@Ula alright! =DThank you, @Daria! There are Revlon Minted, China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint and Essie Mint Candy Apple =) Gumdrop leans a bit more blue than those above =)))Thanks, @Smita =D

  7. >Wow, I actually thought this was a creme from the picture but yeah, if it's a pearl finish, I'd prefer a creme better for this color. It looks like such a lovely dusty mint color; your swatches are fabulous!! It's too bad the application process isn't that great and required so much cleanup.

  8. >I'm a new follower! Love your blog and the layout 🙂

  9. >@Ping, it looked like a creme to me in the store, the pearl is very subtle but I hate the milkiness & brushstrokes that comes with it. Thank you so much, BTW =) I think Eyeko Vintage is a much better alternative, plus it's cheaper and a jelly-creme!Thank you so much, @glazecraze! =D Just found out about your blog, too!

  10. >I thought it would of been a creme all this time.Oh boy, 4 coats AND long drying time? O__O I would curse as I'm painting. haha

  11. >@milan and vanaily haha I was swearing so hard you wouldn't believe! =D and those polishes ain't inexpensive, either! Actually the opacity is fine in 2 coats, but there has to be a solution to avoid all the dragging.

  12. >You know what I find… when those things happen. My hands are more likely to dent somewhere. Then I have to re-do them!Perhaps waiting longer between coats? or a top coat??? I'm also hear thing about "sandwiching" your polish. lol

  13. >@milan and vanaily first time I swatched this polish (yesterday), I waited long between coats and did everything I knew, but it was a disaster, dents everywhere. I got frustrated and removed it. Today I went through all that again. I don't know if I'll bother putting this on for a third time…

  14. >Ah, it is concluded then, it's just a bad polish. haha. Clearly, it's almost never our faults for crappy application >:) Sometimes, if it screws up enough I just throw in the towel and choose another color. It can drive a woman mad having her to repaint her nails again!!

  15. >Ay çok güzel gözüküyor diyecektim ki sana sürerken bu kadar eziyet çektirmesine ağzım açık kaldı. INGLOT neden çuvallıyor böyle ara sıra anlamak zor 🙂

  16. >Aww.. that's a shame. You can't tell though as you always have perfect manis. I always get so excited to look at their 200+ nail varnishes when I go to the store! I've tested a few in the stores (regular collection) the applications seemed fine. I usually find the lighter polishes always have uneven application doesn't matter what brand it is. Hopefully this is just one off, they do have some amazing polish.

  17. >Oh jeez, that's a lot to deal with. Shame – you make this look completely perfect though! I hate long drying times and struggling with application.

  18. >I really love this shade! Such a great application too, especially with the Konad design.

  19. >Oh I love both colors! BUT I am absolutely crazy about Banana Cream, what a cute color that is. Is Inglot available online, you know by any chance?

  20. >aslında güzel renkmiş ama 4 kat gerçekten sabır ötesi 🙂

  21. >Lovely color 🙂

  22. >herkes seviyor bu rengi, galiba mint green ve tonları olan renkleri abartılacak kadar güzel bulmayan bir ben varım =)

  23. >Thank you guys =) I have problems with my connection, but I'll find time to answer all comments one by one…@Iris, I don't think inglot sells stuff online, but if you really want this color I can help you get your hands on it =)

  24. >I don't like this pearl finish also.And how did you get INGLOT in Turkay? 🙂

  25. >@Colour your nails, we have inglot stores here =)

  26. >Und wieder grün… Sehr schönes Naildesign!<3

  27. >Looks great!

  28. >@Russlaendisch Haha, ich liebe grün! =DDDThank you, @Erin!

  29. >I LOVE this!!!

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