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>I didn’t want to use the title “Purple Grey” like the Model’s Own polish to avoid confusion, but it was exactly what I tried to recreate =) Purple greys and purple taupes are going to be crazy this fall. While waiting for Chanel Paradoxal to reach my country, (and yes, it’s going to be my first and probably last Chanel polish) I’ve decided to kill my lemming with a franken.
For this franken I used black, white, purple and nude polishes.

First I poured some white in black polish, and when I achieved a dark grey, I mixed in some warm purple, and then some nude to make it taupe-like. I don’t measure while frankening, I do it based on the feeling, instead. If you’re unsure what you’re doing, you can add the colors drop-by-drop and make sure you swatch on a piece of plastic inbetween.

Here is the result. (Don’t mind the bottle color I’m holding, the color hasn’t truly settled in here.) I couldn’t truly capture the color, it came out lighter and less taupe, but it’s a true Purple Taupe to my eye. This type of taupe is very chic and edgy on the nails, now I want Paradoxal even more!
I’m going to be using a digital camera this week, because dad took his beloved camera with him. So I’m back to my Nikon Coolpix s700 =)

Bu sonbaharda gri-mor deli popüler olacak. Ben de Chanel Paradoxal’ın Türkiye’ye ulaşmasını beklerken, kendime ona benzer bir oje yaratayım dedim. Bu oje için siyah, beyaz, mor ve ten rengi kullandım.
Öncelikle siyah ojenin içine beyaz dökerek koyu bir gri oluşturmakla başladım. Sonra sırayla sıcak tonlarda bir mor ve ten rengi ekledim. Böylece gri ağırlıklı kahverengi-mor arası bir renk elde etmiş oldum. Oje karıştırırken ölçü hesabı yapmam, göz kararına göre karıştırırım. Eğer oje karıştırmakta zorlanıyorsanız, damla damla eklemeyi deneyin ve aralarda bir parça karton ya da plastik üzerinde renginizi denemeyi unutmayın. Kağıt üzerinde denemeyin, çünkü kağıt emicidir ve renkleri koyu göstererek sizi yanıltır.
İşte elde ettiğim renk. Resimlerde biraz kahve tonu az çıkmış ama çıplak gözle bakıldığında belli oluyor ve tırnakta çok şık duruyor. Şimdi Paradoxal krizim hafifleyeceğine daha da arttı =)
Bu hafta resim kalitesi biraz değişik olabilir, çünkü babam kamerasını yanına aldı, ben de Nikon Coolpix s700’e geri döndüm.


  1. >i really like this color for fall

  2. >wow, that really came out lovely! I own Paradoxal and while i love it, this franken is a serious contender. I think you mixed it perfectly!

  3. >Thank you, @Tara =)@laurav, thank you so much! Means a lot coming from a Paradoxal-owner =) It's missing the signature shimmer, but I think it works for now =D

  4. >sheler nereden alinabiliyo..taksimde bi tboxta vardi onceden ama standini kaldirmislar.. var mi bi fikrin she nerden bulabilirim?

  5. >@Nemo Latte ben mudanya'da bir kozmetikciden stoklamistim gecen yaz, ama siyah ve beyaz major ve gratis magazalarinda var =)

  6. >This colour IS beautiful! Oh that paradoxal, how much noise it created! Why does everyone want it so much?! WHY ME TOO? :Djust kidding. paradoxal is a bottled miracle. uhh. lemming.

  7. >@Daria I don't know! =D It's like a huge wave and we're all getting caught! I always feel like: "How beautiful is that one! Never thought of wearing that color!" and so on and so forth =)

  8. >You did a really good job, it really looks like Paradoxal without shimmer. 😛

  9. >Yes definitely! I'd never come up with this colour combo (base+shimmer), but this is SO..yeah, catching! Very unique.

  10. >Oh boy, I would buy that! You did a wonderful job, and the star bottle is so cute!I'm such a sucker for packaging. haha

  11. >@Ivana, thank you =))) I wish I had Paradoxal or Purple Grey to compare, but looking at swatches I think they're close =)Thank you, @Daria =)))oh, thank you so much @milan and vanaily! those bottles are cute, indeed =) they don't hold much product, but the brushes are usually fine =)

  12. >great job, it's a beautiful colour! I love those shades too.

  13. >love it..

  14. >Thank you @karen and @ThRiSzHa =)))

  15. >Fabulous franken 🙂 Cute bottle, I would totally buy this if I saw it at the store!

  16. >Aww, thank you @Ping! =) I'm glad to hear you liked it!

  17. >Great color! How do all of the grayish purples compare to "Parlezvous OPI"? They seem so similar… BTW I've been shopping at least 5 times now since Paradoxal has been released and I walk past the Chanel counter every time. I stop and stare but I just CAN'T get myself to pay $26 for a bottle. Today, they also had a light blue (Nouvelle Vague?). Ugh, I wanted them so bad but $50 for two colors is just outrageous! 🙂 Anyways, I can't wait to hear what you think about their formula!

  18. >@Polish Hoarder, consider yourself lucky, Chanel retails for $36 in my country! I don't know what I'm gonna do about it. Looks like I'm going to splurge for one and only time.By the way, I've seen Parlez vous OPI? live and I guess Paradoxal is darker and has more taupe/brown to it. =)I hope Paradoxal reaches here, because I'm def. getting it! =D

  19. >Btw, I don't think Nouvelle Vague is worth getting, it's For Audrey with shimmer in it. With all the Tiffany Blues you've got, get something without a dupe =)

  20. >Ohhhh!! I need this color! It's so gorgeous! If you are ever up for selling it, keep me in mind :)

  21. >@Polish HoarderI would die for a bottle of Nouvelle Vauge!!!

  22. >Great franken 😀

  23. >Çok beğendim 🙂 Paradoxal'a bayılıyorum 🙂

  24. >wuhuuu süper olmuş yaa, bende dün bi renk yaptım onu paylaşıcaktııım hihi, seninki süper ama (:

  25. >For the love of nail polish, that is a GORGEOUS colour Deniz!Love love love it!

  26. >Great color. Please inform us, your Turkish readers when Paradoxal is available here, I don't even know if they bring the LE colors here. I emailded Estee Lauder Turkey to learn if they would bring Surreal Violet, they haven't even replied…

  27. >@Emy..:)bendede şu ten renginden var ama nedense nefret ediyorum :)))

  28. >Your franken is great ! I love this kind of color but I think I'll pass the Chanel one and start to mix my own franken 🙂

  29. >Beautiful color!!

  30. >şahanenin önde gideni olmuş bu resmen. Ben de paradoxal gelmesini bekliyorum ya…Çok efsane bir renk olacak gibi o. Ama bu da çok güzel yaa..En iyisi ben de yapayım 🙂

  31. >Pretty color! Perfect for fall. 🙂

  32. >Thank you, @Alexisaraus =) I'd send it to you, but the bottle neck is so messed up, it hardly closes tightly! =DThank you so much, @Marjo, @technopathetic, @Emy and @Wendy!@özlem, I'll make sure to inform everyone when I see Chanel Paradoxal around. =)@Mademoiselle C., it might be hard to achieve a dead-on dupe, but it's always worth a try =) I'm still not sure how mine looks like compared to Paradoxal or Purple Grey =)Thank you @Naine and @Tassa =)@ℓidya cok sagol canim. Bence de efsane bir renk olacak, daha once Chanel'e bes kurus vermemistim, gerginim… =) Umarim gelir ayrica =DDD Particuliere, Nouvelle Vague falan geldi aslinda, gelmesi lazim bence =)

  33. >Great Franken, well done 🙂

  34. >Thank you so much, @Jackie =DD

  35. >bende hiç chanele para vermedim valla. Ama paradoxal için değer diye düşünüyorum. Ama tabi bana yakışacak mı orası da ayrı konu 🙂

  36. >You have an award waiting on my blog! 🙂 AlexaP.S: Lovely color!!

  37. >I'm your new follower. Really like your blog! Maybe you sometime can check out mine:

  38. >İngiltere'de Models Own satan biyer bulabilirsem alacağım Purple Grey 🙂 Ama Paradoxal'da bi ışıltı durumu da var sanki? Bi iki damla da altın foil katsan nasıl olur acaba diye düşünmekten alamadım kendimi 🙂

  39. >@TrincessHaha. Yah, you're right. That made me feel better about skipping on Nouvelle… 🙂

  40. >@ℓidya bence kesinlikle cok yakisir =)@Alexa thank you =)@Melanie, following you!@Başak Paradoxal'in icinde fusya gibi isilti var, ben aslinda icine mor pigment koydum biraz dayanamayip, biraz puruzlu oldu ama oldu gibi =) of en iyisi paradoxal'i almak =) sen models own ismarlasan bi iki gunde kaldigin yere ulasir bence =)@Polish Hoarder, I wish Paradoxal had a decent dupe, too =D

  41. >This is a great color! I would definitely buy this if I saw it in a store 🙂 Oddly enough, I've been keeping an eye out for Parlez Vous OPI? for ages and finally found a bottle last night, so of course that's what's on my nails today lol. I think yours looks like a slightly darker version. I'd like this OPI to have just a touch more taupe in it but I'm in love with these sorts of colors. I'm wishing I could bring myself to splurge on Paradoxal as it's the only Chanel that I haven't felt I could get something similar. And it's SUCH a pretty color!

  42. >What a great color!

  43. >@Meeka, I poured more and more taupe inside, but the color is so stubborn not to leave the purple region! =D I hope I can find Chanel soon =)Thank you, @Emelie =)))

  44. >Love your franken! Great work!

  45. >@KONADomania thank you so much!!! =)))

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