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>I don’t know if there’s such a famous shade in the US, but almost every girl in my country, if interested in nail polish or not, knows about this shade. It’s very, very popular and it’s the top selling polish in Turkey, I believe.
Flor Mar #319 is an off-white, sheer polish, designed to be used as a French manicure base. But it easily becomes opaque in 3 coats. It looks great with many skintones, and provides a neat, clean, freshly manicured look. We also call this color “Raki White” here. (Raki is the traditional Turkish drink. For more info, click here.)

This color is a life saver. It’s professional, it can be used if you don’t know what to put on for some occasion, it can be used as a French base. It’s one shade that should always be kept in one’s purse. =)

ABD’de böylesine meşhur, herkesin bildiği bir renk var mı bilmiyorum ama, burada oje süren sürmeyen her kızın bildiği renk herhalde budur. Hatta Türkiye’de en çok satılan oje olduğunu tahmin ediyorum, mağazalarda raflar dolusu stoklandığını gördükçe.
Flor Mar #319, kırık beyaz, saydam yapılı bir oje. Aslında Fransız manikürlerinin favorisi olsa da, üç katta kolaylıkla opak oluyor. Birçok tende harika duruyor bu oje ve tırnağı temiz, bakımlı, yeni manikür yapılmış gibi gösteriyor. Aynı zamanda “Rakı Beyazı” diye de geçiyor.
Bu oje tam bir kurtarıcı. Özel bir yere mi gideceksin? Ne süreceğine mi karar veremedin? Tırnakların berbat durumda mı? İş görüşmen mi var? Sür ve çık. Bu oje makyaj çantasına atılıp her yere taşınması gereken ojelerden.


  1. >Mmmmm Raki!I can see why it's so useful, it's a lovely colour indeed 🙂

  2. >@Emybloom It's an emergency color =DDD

  3. >Thanks for sharing, I can find Flo Mar nail polishes almost everwhere here in Ukraine 🙂 It's a nice and pretty shade, i love this one !

  4. >That's a pretty shade! It would definitely be a good "emergency" color.

  5. >Katılıyorum 🙂 Herkesin mutlaka bir 319'u vardır 😀

  6. >Hello @Mademoiselle C., glad you can get your hands on Flor Mar =) If you haven't tried this one out, I suggest you to do so =)

  7. >Thank you, @Zara =)@Marjo, fiyatına göre performansı fazla fazla iyi =)))

  8. >Really nice, it's difficult to find a neutral shade that doesn't need too many coat to be opaque!

  9. >wow that looks amazing on you. I need to find me an equivalent shade for my skin tone!!so fresh and clean!

  10. >Never heard of it, but it definately looks good, very neutral but still cute 🙂

  11. >Thank you @smALtY, @Pretty and @Iris!

  12. >that is a lovely color! I can see why it's popular.

  13. >I love this color. I wish I could get it in the states, that is so so pretty and the type of color I have been looking for for AGES!

  14. >It's lovely! No wonder it is so popular :)Nea/ Fashioned in Finland

  15. >Super cool shade, typically what I love. ❤ It reminds me of Essie "Marshmallow" actually!

  16. >Thank you @Cara and @Nea =)@Gina , it falls somewhere between Essie Body Language and Essie Miss Matched =) Hope this helps!

  17. >@jellynat haha, that too!

  18. >this looks amazing, and your photo is so good! it looks so professional

  19. >Thank you, @Nail Junkie! it's actually a bit blurry for some reason =)

  20. >This polish is really a must have. Btw I really like your blog.

  21. >@colorfulbottle thank you very much =)

  22. >eheh evet ozellikle french seven butun kizlarin favori ojesi..ama ben bununla yapilan frenchi cok fake buluyorum, cok donuk oluyo. bence french cok ince ve ten rengi bir ojeyle yapilmali.

  23. >@Nemo Latte evet ben de fransiz manikurunde kullanmayi sevmiyorum ama uc kat surunce cok guzel oluyor =) fransizda kullaninca hakkatten olu gibi oluyor…

  24. >emergency colour ahaha! amazing shade, yes. I think that rimmel – snow queen is something like this… I'll be reviewing it someday!

  25. >@Daria thank you! I'll look forward to see your swatches =)

  26. >Wow, it looks so clean and pretty! My nails are pretty yellow though..thankfully I switched basecoats and noticed my nails are growing in whiter.

  27. >@Serena, this type of polish hides the yellowness because it's white when sheer =) When my nails are yellow I use sheer white on top of basecoat and it masks the yellow perfectly!

  28. >kesinlikle yıllardır favorim!

  29. >I love this shade, and looks pretty on you!

  30. >kesinlikle en sevdiğim oje, ister tek kat sür, ister 2 kat, ister 3 kat. daima harika görünür:)

  31. >Nice Color. :-)It reminds me very much of OPI "Time-less is more".

  32. >Meşhur rakı beyazımız =)Sende yine bi ayrı güzel!

  33. >@Makyaj Cantam, o bir efsane =DThank you very much, @Bunny =)@Judy Abbott haklısın gerçekten… Dediğim gibi tam bir kurtarıcı =)@Chinda-chan thank you! Never heard of that one, though =) Stupid name as always by OPI =D@Emy'cim teşekkür ederim canım =)

  34. >Oh I like this color a lot. But I dont think we have this brand in Canada! 😦

  35. >@milan and vanaily, here are some alternatives:Essie Body LanguageEssie Miss Matched (a bit pinker, tho)Essie MarshmallowOPI Time-Less Is MoreHope this helps!

  36. >Nice shade! Essie have a lot of nice shades similar to it.

  37. >Thank you, @greenmilktea! Essie is the Queen of sheers and reds =)

  38. >Thanks! I will definately look into that, I was thinking about Marshmellow for some time, I just keep forgeting to buy it LOL. I get distracted by other colors 😦

  39. >As I promised! There's a post about Snow Queen in my blog! 🙂

  40. >@TrincessThank you! I will have to try those, this is just so nice. I think I found something close, am going to blog about it tomorrow. 🙂

  41. >@Gina waiting for your entry! =D

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