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>When I first heard that Chanel will release a powder blue for Spring 2011 Cruise Collection, I wasn’t very excited. But then the color grew on me and I realized how many gorgeous colors I still had to obtain.

I decided to do my own franken, since I didn’t own any light, powdery blue, with a hint of lavender. I already own China Glaze Agent Lavender, which is one of my most treasured polishes and which I save only for the best occasions, but it’s definitely darker and more lavender than I wanted. Relying on the pictures and on my polish eye, I dropped three drops of navy creme into a bottle of white, and shook well. The result is a crisp, clean and distinctly blue polish with painful application because of the white.

For the next few times, I’ll be modeling with my right hand, because the nails on my left have suffered too much =)

Chanel’in 2011 İlkbaharı için piyasaya açık pudra mavisi bir oje süreceğini ilk duyduğumda fazla heyecanlanmadım. Ama daha sonra bu renge gittikçe ısındım ve daha sahip olmam gereken çok fazla renk olduğunu düşünmekten kendimi alamadım.
Koskoca koleksiyonumda açık, pudra mavisi bir oje olmadığını farkettiğimde, bu rengi kendim yapmaya karar verdim. En kıymet verdiğim ojelerimden biri olan China Glaze Agent Lavender, istediğim renge göre biraz fazla koyu ve fazla mor tonluydu. Böylece, resimlere ve oje gözüme dayanarak, bir şişe Alix Avien beyaz ojenin içine üç damla lacivert damlattım ve iyice çalkaladım. Sonuç: Tırnağı tertemiz gösteren bir pudra mavisi.


  1. >heyyy bayıldım ya her renkte yakışır mı yani :)hehe sonunda OC Nail Arttan sipariş verdim, en kısa süre gelmesini bekliyorumm 🙂

  2. >supersin =) mutlaka gelir kathleen harika bir insan =) yaptiklarini gormeyi dort gozle bekliyorum =)tesekkur ederim begendigin icin =) yapmasi cok kolay iki alix avien ojesi kullandim sadece =)

  3. >So pretty! You need OPI "Alpine Snow". It applies very easily!

  4. >I've always wanted to get a decent white like Misa Heaven White or OPI Alpine Snow, but then I didn't want to fill up the slots with basic white or black when I order from the USA =) I wish there was no customs office to interfere!

  5. >I have Jessica – Bikini Blue and its nearly a dupe for the one you made! Its so pretty!

  6. >Çok güzel olmuş 🙂

  7. >rlflint, I'm really looking for an original version of this =) frankens are not very versatile. thanks for the info!sagol marjo =) alix avien beyazin icine alix avien lacivert damlattim uc damla =) nasil olsa yeni beyaz her zaman alirim diye dusunup harciyorum beyazlari hep =D

  8. >I love it! 🙂

  9. >Even if application had been painful, I could not tell it from the pictures: the result is great! I share with you the "custom difficulties" 😦

  10. >Oooo, this is gorgeous! I'll need to get a spare bottle of a decent white polish so I can do the same =D

  11. >Thank you Tassa, Smalty and shanna =)Smalty, I had to apply 3 careful coats, and thankfully the topcoat evened everything out =)Shanna, it's very easy and you can tweak with some green or purple to make it more cyan or lavender =)

  12. >wow!! this is fabulous..

  13. >The Color!!! Looks so soft ❤

  14. >thank you thriszha and lou =)

  15. >That is the most perfect pale blue ever. OMG! YOU HAVE TO NAME IT!!

  16. >Thank you Miss Bun! True, I never really name my frankens =) Now I feel like I should have =)

  17. >This is amazing! Such a soft shade, quite pale and still obviously blue. Beautiful!

  18. >*gasp* gorgeous! "powder blue" is by far, my FAVORITE color. Ironically, I don't have it in polish yet. 😦 Do you have a suggestion for a good one?

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