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>Here is my entry for this week’s challenge by Polish Hoarder Disorder. The nails have to be greyscale, only to be accented by the color of our choice.
For this manicure I first applied China Glaze Recycle as base color, then I stamped the flowers from m24 in my dark gray franken, and the flowers from m11 in my light grey franken. For those frankens, I started with two bottles, one white and one black creme. I poured from one bottle into the other, then the other way round, and shook both well, until I achieved a bottle of light grey and a bottle of dark grey. It was very easy and fun =)
Finally I stamped the buttlerfly image from m1 in mint green, and filled in using Zoya Ivanka. I wish I did a better job filling in, but anyway. Oh, and underneath Ivanka I first tried using a mint green shimmer, which looked kinda weird. That polish is very cloudy and looked dirty. But the shimmer is pretty strong, that’s where the neon blue-green glow around the butterflies comes from.

The title was inspired by William Shakespeare’s famous quote: “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies.”

Polish Hoarder Disorder‘ın bu haftaki yarışması için yaptığım manikürle karşınızdayım. Yarışmanın kuralına göre tırnaklar gri tonlarda, sadece tek bir farklı renkle süslenmiş olacaktı. Ben de baz olarak China Glaze Recycle kullandım. Üzerine m24’teki çiçekleri kendi yaptığım koyu gri oje ile, m11’deki çiçekleri ise kendi yaptığım açık gri oje ile damgaladım. Koyu gri ve açık gri oje elde etmek istiyorsanız, biri siyah, biri beyaz olmak üzere iki şişe oje alın. Sonra bunları yavaşça birbirine dökmeye başlayın. Bunu yaparken iki şişeyi de ara sıra çalkalayın. Bir süre sonra siyah açılacak ve beyaz koyulaşacak. İstediğiniz tonları elde ettiğiniz zaman durun. Çok kolay ve eğlenceli bir yöntem. =)
Son olarak m1’deki kelebek desenini açık yeşil ile damgaladım, ve içini Zoya Ivanka ile boyadım. Ivanka’nın altına önce sedefli bir turkuaz sürmüştüm, fakat güzel olmadı. Kelebeklerin bazılarının kenarlarındaki tuhaf mavimsi ışıltı o ilk sürdüğüm oje yüzünden.


  1. >This is so so so so gorgeous! I am totally in love!!

  2. >I have yet to attempt a multi-layer konadicure. This is lovely, great inspiration.

  3. >Thank you Delaynee and SY =) I wish I did a neat job, but I like the color combination, so I may try out this technique again!

  4. >very sweet :)!

  5. >Ah, I agree with Delaynee!! This looks amazing!

  6. >Cok guzel olmus ellerine saglik Deniz'cim =)

  7. >thank you chesire cat and tierney =)))zuzum tesekkur ederim ❤

  8. >Very cute! I love it!

  9. >This is absolutely gorgeous!! What a great idea, and so beautifully done. It looks so chic, and yet, somehow still sooo cute!! 🙂 I love it!

  10. >This is so cute! How must have been tough filling in with Ivanka, I think you did a good job.

  11. >Aklima Megan Fox'un dovmesi geldi. Ivanka cok guzel olmus kelebekte, ben de sureyim hemen.

  12. >Thank you, Seeing Sunshine, Brooke and Serena =) You guys rock! Thankfully Ivanka became very opaque when loaded on a brush, but the space was too tiny =)

  13. >Oykucum, ben de Shakespeare'in sozunu o sayede ogrenmistim =)

  14. >It's beautiful, great job!

  15. >this is so cute. i think you did a great job filling them in. ……..i still don't know how to layer Konad 😦

  16. >Çok güzel olmuş, bakmaya doyamadım Deniz'cim, bu arada ojeler geldi, yarın toplantı erken biterse kargoya vereceğim 🙂

  17. >Thank you, Shiny =)EG, it's really easy! Just decide how you wanna layer them, then stamp them on top of each other =)Marjo ciddi misin? Cok sevindim, cok tesekkur ederim simdiden =))))))))

  18. >Soooooooooo beautiful. You're an artist! 🙂

  19. >Wow you have some talent there. Those nails are

  20. >Awwww! *blush blush* =)

  21. >Wunderschön! *-*

  22. >Vielen Dank =)))

  23. >offf bayıldım ve çok kıskandım!!!felaket yaratıcısın ya süper 🙂

  24. >Yok Eminecim ya o kadar degil =))) Utandirdin beni

  25. >this looks gorgeous!!! 🙂

  26. >So, so awesome! I love this!

  27. >Aww I got so many good reactions, definitely much more than I expected! Seriously, thank you guys! <3<3<3

  28. >*dies* This is so pretty!

  29. >Haha =D Don't die! =D

  30. >Good heavens! that is wonderful!brilliant job Deniz *big smiles*

  31. >Stunning!

  32. >Very pretty :DI love the glitter that you added, it makes the butterflies really stand out.If you would like, take a look at my first blog giveaway

  33. >this is amazingyou know so much about nails, I want to try out nail art soon, so I'll defs be back 😀MON CHERI !

  34. >so pretty…

  35. >gorgeous. i look forward to seeing your manis – they're alwasy so creative, professional and pretty 🙂

  36. >thank you everyone =)))) ❤ always happy to read your comments, they're amazing! =)

  37. >Very pretty, I love it 🙂

  38. >Thanks, Danielle =D

  39. >Gosh, you are just so good with Konad! I wish I had your skills! My entry is so thrown together 😦 … BTW, I guess "Kickin' Ash" (lol) does have a blue-ish hue. You are the second person to say that. Oh well! I've always thought that I wanted a slate gray!

  40. >I like this!

  41. >Thank you PH =) I guess the blue-ish hue comes from the pigment in black. They're not true blacks, I guess! Btw, I like your entry so much =)Thank you m&vee =)

  42. >Really love the way you did this. They layering of greys is lovely!

  43. >thank you glitter m =)

  44. >This is so sweet, I really need to start konading!

  45. >thanks, jackie =) konading is the best! =)

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