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>Here is my late birthday manicure. Now that I have my nails too short, my spirits are kind of down, so I decided to use some pearl and rhinestone stickers to cheer myself up and feel special.
The base is Orly Cupcake, a light, soft, cool toned pink creme. I used Nailene Bedazzled Super Star stickers on top.

I can’t wait for them to grow out again! =)

Geç kalmış doğum günü manikürüm. Tırnaklarım şu an çok kısa olduğu için moralim biraz bozuk, bu yüzden kendimi neşelendirmek istedim ve incili taşlı süslemeler kullanmaya karar verdim.
Tırnağımdaki oje Orly Cupcake, açık, yumuşak, soğuk tonlarda bir pembe. Üzerine Nailene Bedazzled Super Star süslemeler kullandım.
Tırnaklarımın yeniden uzamasını dört gözle bekliyorum =)



  1. >gercekten tam bir prenses manikuru olmus =)

  2. >Merhaba Deniz, Üzülme, tırnakların kısayken de harika görünüyor. :)Bu pembiş ojeye de bayıldım! 🙂

  3. >I love it and it wouldn't look nearly as sweet on longer nails!

  4. >You guys are so agile <3Thank you Zuzu, Mente and EA =D I don't hate my short nails, I think they're OK, I just miss my a-bit-longer ones! =)

  5. >Love this mani, I would like to get my hands on Cupcake.Anyway, don't feel bad about your short nails. Think of it as a learning experience! Maybe no more salons (I think we all learn that lesson the somewhat hard way). But also, enjoy them. Do things that are easier to do with short nails… tie your shoes, not scratch yourself so much, enjoy saving money & polish on that few millimeters you're not painting lol. So many more.

  6. >Haha Danica, so true =) I like them short, but a little longer than this I guess. I don't miss my longest nails anymore. I just like to have a bit more space than this =) I'll feel more comfortable in a week, I guess =)

  7. >So cute! Maybe I need some of those little nail stickers, eh? 🙂 I like long nails… but on the plus side of short nails, nail polish usually lasts longer and you don't have to be so cautious! It is easier to do simple things like: putting your hair in a ponytail, typing, tucking in jean pockets, etc etc! 🙂 Your nails really do look great either way because you do such a lovely job painting them!

  8. >And… I just read Danica's post so now I feel like a copycat for listing out things that are easier to do with short nails. Oops! 🙂

  9. >haha =DDD I guess there's always a bright side to look up to! 😉 At least they don't get chips easily!

  10. >they look so perfect. Happy belated Birthday!!!

  11. >I love your mani, that pink is so cute!! Don't worry they will grow soon 😉 BTW today I broke my left pointer nail so I had to file them all…I have to say that typing is really easier and faster now 😀

  12. >Love that mani! That's really cute & sweet! At least you won't get VNL when you put on sheer polishes! hehehe! Your current nails are even longer than mine :p I do admit that my nails looks ridiculous when I try to do French Manicure on but I can't bare having longer nails… ah well. Your nails will be back to usual in a week's time 🙂

  13. >Thank you Enamel Girl =)))Smalty, it's a pity that you broke a nail, too… But in summer they grow so fast! =)SY, I still get some VNL, but not so much =) Your nails are short but incredibly beautiful! You can pull them off so well!

  14. >I love that light pink! It looks so clean and smooth. The shorter nails make the nail design look cuter.

  15. >Thank you, Serena =) It's more of a little princess than a grown-up one =)

  16. >very cute 🙂

  17. >Kısa tırnakların da gayet güzel duruyor, hiç üzülme bence 🙂 Orly Cupcake çok tatlı bir pembeymiş.

  18. >Thanks, Danielle =)Alisamiyorum Marjo, tasiriyorum saga sola =) iki saat temizliyorum sonra =DDD Evet Orly Cupcake degisik, hos bir pembe cidden =)

  19. >This is a perfect Bday mani!

  20. >that is just TOOOOO cute!! and happy belated birthday! 🙂

  21. >Thank you Freshie and Katrina! ❤ =)

  22. >Awwww it's such a shame that the nailist ruined your nails. But this manicure looks adorable and I am sure your nails will be long again soon.And happy belated birthday to you 🙂

  23. >This is simply lovely!

  24. >Aw, don't feel too down! Just keep in mind they'll grow back out, and besides, short nails are really cute sometimes =D I've been keeping my nails short for a while now and have grown to really like them. I do hope they grow out quickly for your sake, though :]

  25. >What a cute pink! I think your nails still look great short 🙂

  26. >Maybe the space for designs is smaller but look at the good side, they are damn cute!

  27. >Oh Deniz, I LOVE this mani!That colour is just perfect on you 🙂

  28. >Böyle kısayken de çok güzeller! Nasılsa uzar, takma kafana 🙂

  29. >So pretty!

  30. >Thank you so much, everyone =)))) Also for the birthday wishes =D

  31. >The color! ❤ Absolutely perfect!

  32. >Thank you so much, Lou =D

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