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>I’m no Essie virgin anymore! =D Truth to be told, I’ve never really been interested in Essie before. I saw it as a brand of reds, pinks and sheers, and occasional interesting colors, which I already had dupes for. But in the last months, Essie has outdone itself by releasing many different and edgy colors along my taste. And finally, I decided to give it a try =)
I got four colors, two from The Resort Collection, and two from The Summer Collection.
Here they are:

From Left to Right: Lapis of Luxury, Turquoise & Caicos, Pretty Edgy, Demure Vixen.
First three are jelly-like cremes, and the last one has a pretty fuchsia flash. I’m very happy with all the colors I got, just need Haute as Hello =D

Artık benim de Essie ojelerim var =) Açık söylemek gerekirse, daha önce Essie hiç dikkatimi çeken bir marka değildi. Her zaman kırmızı, pembe, ve sıkıcı renklerle dolu, nadiren değişik bir renk üreten bir marka olarak görürdüm Essie’yi. Ama son aylarda, Essie bir sürü ilginç renk piyasaya sürerek kendini aştı. Ben de en sonunda bir deneme yapmaya karar verdim =)
Dört renk aldım, ikisi Resort koleksiyonundan, ikisi de Yaz koleksiyonundan.
Soldan sağa: Lapis of Luxury, Turquoise & Caicos, Pretty Edgy, Demure Vixen.
İlk üçü jelimsi krem yapıda, sonuncusu da solgun bir renk ama içinde fuşya ışıltı var. Aldığım renklerden çok memnunum, istediğim bir Haute As Hello kaldı =)



  1. >Beautiful colors!

  2. >Gorgeous colors! 🙂 I have Lapis of Luxury, Turquoise & Caicos and love them both. Essie has a great nail polish formula in fact this was the only brand I used for years. Then I branched out and started buying OPI which I also love. Both brands are great in their own ways. I also really love China Glaze nail polishes. From you haul it looks like you love color when it comes to nail polish. CG does a lot of unusual colors as well. Enjoy your new nail polishes 🙂

  3. >thanks, bunny =)thank you, ebru =) exactly, I'm more of a brights person. sometimes I like muted shades, too, but I go for the edgy and interesting most of the time, and I'm very brave when it comes to nail polish colors =) I'm going to buy a red from essie, too, because apparently they're the queen =D

  4. >You will love Haute as Hello. It's a bright coral…almost neon.Check my blog for a swatch and konadicure with Haute as Hello still haven't tried Pretty edgy. I'm planning on buying the resort mini cube myself for lapis of luxury and turq&caicosI'm wearing Demure Vixen right now! Ha haxoxoBeata

  5. >Polish twinhood =DI tried Haute As Hello on a piece of plastic, it looked amazing! Sadly, only the tester was available there… I'm gonna have to wait =)

  6. >Good to loose your Essie virginity! I lost mine to "Jazz" (light taupe). ;)I very love Essie. But it's nothing new I'm a sheer pink lover! They have fabulous colors too in the main line and not only red and sheer pink. I'm not a fan of "Pretty Edgy" alas. I hoped it'd be more yellow. I find it too blue. And I'm waiting for "Demure Vixen". Hope I'll love it!How are you?

  7. >I really want Turquoise & Caicos!

  8. >Hey Nathalie =) There's nothing wrong about loving pinks, reds and sheers! I'm still searching for the perfect red myself, and hoping to find it among Essie colors =)Being yellow toned, I really like Pretty Edgy. I guess more yellow could make it hard to pull of, for me of course. It's the perfect lighter sister of JitNB =D I adore dusty, blueish greens! It's my favorite color family, I guess =)If you're looking for the perfect green jelly, try Illamasqua Rampage =) Zoya's fall color Shawn could fulfill your lemming, too! It fits your description perfectly =)I'm feeling good these days, past months have been very hard on me, but I'm recovering thanks to my loved ones and my friends, and by that I also mean my online nail-loving ladies =D You always cheer me up! <3Freshie, it's really, really beautiful and refreshing, like a tropical sight =D

  9. >Yay for adding Essie to your collection! I like them a lot, though yes they do have so very many pale pinks I cannot tell apart.

  10. >Exactly =) I really loved the name and look of Pink Glove Service, though =D

  11. >Güle güle kullan Deniz! Ben de geçen hafta Essie'den Turquoise & Caicos aldım, herkes bu kadar övünce.. 🙂

  12. >simmmmdi gordum postunu =) bakiyorum hemen =))

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