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>This is the last manicure I’ve worn before I filed down & shaped my nails a bit. (As seen here.) The base is OPI Bubble Bath, stamped with various China Glaze Chrome and Romantique colors, such as Adore, Admire, Emotion, Harmony, 2030 and Metallic Muse and of course, image plate m76. I also added some stripes using a tiny brush and China Glaze Tinsel, because I was bored.
Left hand:

Right hand:

Finally a question:

Would you keep Orly Green With Envy if you already had China Glaze Four Leaf Clover and they looked even more similar IRL? I just got it home, and I swatched them side by side on a piece of plastic, and they look very close under various lights, even more than the picture/bottles show. I guess I’m going get another Orly instead, but I’m not sure if this counts as a “different color”. Need opinions! =D

Bu, tırnaklarımı törpüleyip şekillendirmeden önceki son manikürümdü. Baz olarak OPI Bubble Bath kullandım, disk m76 ve çeşitli China Glaze metalik ve krom ojeleri ile damgaladım. Ayrıca ince bir fırça ve China Glaze Tinsel kullanarak simli şeritler yaptım, çünkü canım sıkılmıştı. =)
Bu arada Orly Green With Envy aldım ama elimdeki China Glaze Four Leaf Clover ile çok yakın olduğunu farkettim. Hatta çıplak gözle daha bile yakınlar. Sanırım geri verip başka bir Orly alacağım, çünkü aralarında neredeyse biraz bile fark yok.


  1. >Very beautyful! *-*

  2. >thanks, chinda-chan! =)

  3. >I love your mani, you managed to give the illusion of a rainbow. Nicely done! I could NEVER wear this type of things (err… too girly and delicate for me) but it doesn't prevent me from loving it.As for the green, unless you adore this type of colors and feel the need to own zillion dupes (= me and vampies), I'd say: just keep one and get a fun Orly color you don't own instead. 😉

  4. >thank you nathalie =) I know exactly what you mean! there are some things which I absolutely hate on myself but love on others! =)))I'm thinking of returning the Orly. I'm glad I didn't trust the bottle colors and swatched them, because the difference is minimal on the nails…

  5. >I'd like to see the colors on the nails…because they look different in the bottle.I like this mani, I also like this nail length. (But your shorter nails are cuteness too.)I'd wear it, I wear all kinds of nail colors and design…I like being flexible and trying it all. I do have my preferences but I will wear any many, even the fugly ones!

  6. ><3 thank you dear liz =)I had to even out the nails in order to grow them out in a better shape =) they were uneven, because some of my nails grow faster than the others.I can't swatch them on nails, because I promised the lady at the counter that I won't be using them =) I think it would be a bit unfair, so I just put one thick drop of polish on a surface to compare… I'm almost sure I'll be returning it. =)

  7. >Pretty mani!I'd keep the Orly and swap away the China Glaze. Oh, who am I kidding–I'd probably keep them both.

  8. >This is so pretty and delicate. FLC looks prettier in the bottle. I'd return the Orly one.

  9. >This is really really pretty

  10. >About Green with envy and Four leaf clover… well, I most say they look the same to me. They both are cream, a little dusty,thick on the side… but I do prefer the Orly version. I think the formula is better.

  11. >Such a lovely manicure, very pretty.Hmmm, to be honest as I look at the bottles I like how Orly looks better. But if they are the same, I would get another one, yes.

  12. >I would keep Orly, i love the color. china Glaze looks too green to me.

  13. >this is so pretty!I love the colors you used!

  14. >Thank you guys, for liking the manicure =) I have to get back Orly if I must, because only Orly is sold in my country. I'd never think about swapping away Four Leaf Clover! I'm just doubting that Orly was necessary =) Thanks for the feedback, it was decisive!

  15. >Uwa you are so like. Only OPI is available here and it is so expensive so I go online for all my polish needs most of the time.But the main reason why I am leaving this comment is that I wanted to tell you that I gave you a blog award. Check it out here if you want 🙂

  16. >thank you Cel, for the award =)you're an unlucky one like me… the worst thing that can happen to a polish addict is to live in another country. either you never have them where you live, or only crazily expensive…

  17. >super beau, tout doux et très élegant !

  18. >I absolutely LOVE this! It is gorgeous!And to answer your question, I never intentionally buy or keep colors that look nearly identical. It seems wasteful and unnecessary to me so I either give it to a friend or simply avoid the purchase.

  19. >Beautiful!

  20. >thank you guys =)I exchanged the polish for Orly Two-Hour Lunch, gorgeous muted pink =)

  21. >I think you did a good think swapping the color out. Unless you're absolutely addicted to that sort of green, then it's more fun to have a different color you can wear. That's just my thoughts on the matter, though. :DBTW, those nails look adorable!

  22. >I tried to give myself reasons to keep that color, but it really had no meaning… I really wish it was a bit more different =)Thank you, Laynie! =)

  23. >Amazingly beautiful!

  24. >This is the prettiest mani I've seen ever!

  25. >OMG this is absolutely gorgeous!!!Congratulations your nails look so beautiful 😉

  26. > tuu bu da benim blog.. Açalı çok olmadı ama şimdiden bu haftaki Weekly Sparkled'ımı seçip linkimi verdim bile.. Haftaya bir başkasını feature etmek üzere.. İmza seni seven tuun ❤

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