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>Please watch =)

I hid the comments on both giveaway posts, because I realized that there was no need to expose people’s e-mail addresses now that they’re over.
If you have a question about them, ask away =)

500 izleyici yarışmamın kazananı için videoyu izleyin =)
Yarışma bittiği için yarışma yazılarındaki yorumları sakladım. E-mail adresleri boşu boşuna ortalarda dolanmasın diye.


  1. >Congrats Bunny!

  2. >congrats! xx

  3. >Congrats Bunny!

  4. >Lovely way to show the winner. = )Congratulations.Andreia. xoxo

  5. >OMG, this is something unbelieveble! I can't breathe! Thank you so-so much, this is the most beautiful gift after so many tear drops in my family… I am so happy and grateful!

  6. >Congratulations Bunny!liked watching the video too!

  7. >Congratulations Bunny and thank for this giveaways

  8. >Congrats Bunny! 😀

  9. >I love that you made a video to annouce this! Congrats Bunny.

  10. >Congrats Bunny

  11. >Ah, Bunny! It sounds like winning was just the thing to cheer you up. Congrats!

  12. >Congrats Bunny!!!

  13. >Congrats Bunny

  14. >Congratulations, Bunny!! 🙂

  15. >Thank you!

  16. >It's me again 🙂 I have a beautiful blogger award for you Trincess there : hope you'll like and maybe you've already had it …

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