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>Hey everyone =) It’s 6:40 AM here! My sleep pattern is so terribly messed up, that I can’t sleep before 7 AM and can’t wake up before 3 PM. I hope I can somehow fix it =)
I did a French manicure for today. Today is the birthday of one of my best friends, and we’re going out, so I wanted a simple, yet catchy manicure. I applied 3 coats of China Glaze Vintage Crepe. It’s fine in 2 coats, but I was careless so I did 3. Then I used white polish for the tips. As you will see, the tips are very very slim. I still can’t decide about the thickness of French tips that suit me the best. These are extra slim, but when I do them freehand, I feel like they’re too wide. I guess I need to practice more to get them the way I want. These are freehanded, but because it’s very very hard to get a nice line this thin, I used the dipping & swiping technique first*.
I liked the color combination very much, and I was going to leave the nails that simple, but I realized I had some bubbling & one nail had a piece of hair-like dust stuck under the topcoat, which I HATE. I didn’t want to cover it with konad, either, so I added some rhinestones on top.

Trust me, they look much nicer from a distance.
So tell me, do you like slim French tips? Does this type of French suit me?

*Dipping & Swiping: Put a drop of nail polish in your opposite palm, dip your nail tip inside, and swipe from side to side. You’ll have an amazingly thin & perfect looking french tip. I freehanded using that line as my guideline, to make them a bit wider. I’ll try to shoot a tutorial for that.

Herkese merhaba. Saat sabahın 7’si =) Uyku düzenim o kadar şaşmış durumda ki, sabah 7’den önce uyuyamıyorum, öğlen 3’ten önce ise uyanamıyorum. Umarım bir şekilde düzeltebilirim =)
Bugün en iyi arkadaşlarımdan birinin doğumgünü, ve akşam dışarı çıkılacak. Bu yüzden hem basit, hem de göze çarpan bir manikür yapmak istedim. Tabanda 3 kat China Glaze Vintage Crepe var, uçlarda ise beyaz oje. Görebileceğiniz gibi uçlardaki bantları çok ince tuttum bu sefer. Hala hangi kalınlıkta yapmam gerektiğine tam olarak karar verebilmiş değilim. Bu sefer Fransız manikürünü bir elime damlayıp diğer elimle kazıyarak yaptım, ama tam güvenemiyorum bu tekniğe. Sanki şansa bala oldu gibi geldi bana. Ben yine elimle çekmeye devam edeceğim sanırım.
Tırnaklarımı bu şekilde sade bırakacaktım ama biraz baloncuk ve ufak tefek bozulmalar olunca, üstlerine taş yapıştırmaya karar verdim.
Bir ara elimle düzgün bir french yapmanın videosunu çekeceğim, ama kim bilir ne zaman.


  1. >My sleep pattern is pretty close to that now that Summer is here! :PI love this mani! I like slim french tips, I feel that wider ones don't seem as put-together.

  2. >I think this mani is perfect even for christmas!

  3. >really lovely, it suits you.

  4. >I love the thin tip and the color.What white is that? I don't get the swipe and dip. Wish you could do a video. :)Susie

  5. >This is so so so pretty!!I love them!

  6. >Tbh I think that the small tips look great on your nails Deniz, suits the length just perfect really. Go have fun today! 🙂

  7. >I'd love a tutorial on the dip and swipe-technique! And the manicure looks so elegant, I much prefer your slim white tips to those halv-an-inch-versions. The best thing is that I'd never thought of doing slim tips, but now a whole new world has opened up 🙂 Thank you!

  8. >its pretty..

  9. >Thank you so much, guys! I'm glad you like this mani! I was in doubt =)

  10. >That's so pretty and delicate. The jewels are a nice touch.

  11. >Wow. I LOVE the orange color!!

  12. >I like it, I think the width of the tips works very well. For some strange reason I've had the urge to do skinny french tips a lot lately.And I have a sucky sleep pattern too, quite similar to yours. I usually manage to shift it back to relatively normal, but It always resets to ridiculous.

  13. >I like this a lot, and I think you have gotten yourself on California time somehow…those are about my sleeping hours. 🙂

  14. >very pretty!

  15. >It's perfect.

  16. >wow it looks so clean and sweet, love it! and definitely gonna try it 😉

  17. >would love to see your method, i always freehand my tips way too thick and have short nail beds so i would prefer having this slim technique!

  18. >Very pretty! I'd never heard of the dipping & swiping technique either; I'm going to have to give it a try now. =)

  19. >thank you guys =) I'm going to shoot a video as soon as possible =)

  20. >i love this mani !!i have a giveaway in my blog come on see if you want !!

  21. >thank you, lily nail! let me have a look =)

  22. >really, really lovely, it suits you.I wish you could do a tutorial for the technique (pics or video – what's easier for you). I also tried using a similar color and using the M19 plate. You can check it out here:

  23. >Hello Alexa =) I don't use the dipping technique anymore, I'm doing my french in a more versatile way. I'm going to post a tutorial soon! =)))

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