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>Hey everyone =) First of all, I want to thank everyone who took their time and voted for their favorite girly manicure. I appreciate all the contribution. Your opinion matters!
Anyway, today I have a manicure which is suitable for both spring and summer. I was thinking of doing a leopard print manicure with colorful spots. For that, I used a mint green franken made of several leftover green frankens and white. I frankened using frankens, that must be a new level, LOL. The spots are all frankens, too, except for China Glaze Lemon Fizz, which is the yellow, and the occasional white. For the stamping I used plate m57 and black special polish. I filled in the spots using an old nail art brush.

I’d like to share my tips and tricks about how to prevent smudging the konad special polishes with a regular topcoat. Would you guys be interested?

Herkese merhaba =) Öncelikle zaman ayırıp da oy kullanan herkese teşekkür ederim. Ve tüm katılımcılara da. Katılımınız ve fikirleriniz benim için önemli =)
Bu arada bugün hem ilkbahar, hem yaz için uygun bir manikürle karşınızdayım. Bir süredir renkli benekleri olan leopar desenli bir manikür yapmayı düşünüyordum. Bunun için kendi karıştırdığım nane yeşili bir oje kullandım. Tabi bu kendi karıştırdığım ojeyi zamanında yine kendi karıştırdığım ojelerden yapmam biraz garip oldu =) Benekler için de genelde pastel renkte oje krizi geçirirken yaptığım ojeleri kullandım, sadece sarı olan China Glaze Lemon Fizz, bir de bildiğimiz beyaz oje kullandım. Desen için m57 diskini ve siyah konad ojesini kullandım. Benekleri ince bir fırça kullanarak yaptım.
Bu arada sıradaki yazımda, o kadar uğraşıp konadla desen yaptıktan sonra o desenleri mahvetmeme yöntemlerini anlatan birkaç püf noktasından bahsedeceğim =)


  1. >I LOVE this! The colors are so pretty, your frankens are awesome 😀

  2. >Oh nice! Such a fun manicure. I did not give my vote for the contest you hosted… I seriously could NOT decide on one entry. When I thought I had made up my mind, I went back through the designs and found more that were just as good! I couldn't do it. I don't like competition anyways. I take everything too personal. That's why I have weekly "challenges" and not "contests". Everyone gets to be a part of it! 🙂

  3. >Cok begendim cok sirin olmus bende bir dahakine tasli denicem =)

  4. >love the look. I tried a similar look with a light pink base and used CG periwinkle and CG for audrey as my "spots"–luv the multi colored leopard look.

  5. >Your nails are perfection and I'm so jealous :)I was thinking about cutting my nails down so that I can take full advantage of the konad plates but my fingers are too stumpy, lol.

  6. >love love love it so much!!!

  7. >creative and cute

  8. >That is absolutely beautiful!! :D:D

  9. >This looks gorgeous!! & yes i'd be interested since i always end up smudging mine!

  10. >That is so cute. Yes, I would be interested. I read so much about regular top coats smudging and smearing Konad polish.

  11. >HOLY SHIT…how da hell did you do that? its AWESOME

  12. >I love these nails! and yes I will be interested in your tips.Thanks for those perfect nails!

  13. >I'm really interested! It's a pain when you see that your perfect design it's no more perfect when you apply the top coat!But your konadicures are always perfects!!!

  14. >stunning design, just love the colours

  15. >Çok güzel olmuş, her zamanki gibi şahane 😀 ben topcoattan fırçaya bol bol alıp tırnağa değdirmeden sürüyorum, o zaman bozulmuyor Konad, ama senin nasıl yaptığını da çok merak ediyorum 😀

  16. >This is HOT!

  17. >Funny 😀

  18. >VERY nice. How did you do that so perfect????? :)Susie

  19. >thank you everyone =) also for your feedback! my tips and tricks will follow. =))) ❤

  20. >This is adorable! And yes! don't even ask, just get to typin'. 🙂

  21. >Wow! I love this! I wish I knew how to do this!

  22. >Super fun and cute!

  23. >thank you guys =))) ❤

  24. >Hi! Lovely nailart!! ^-^I've featured it here: hope you don't mind!!

  25. >thank you missmarlboro =) Of course I won't mind! =)

  26. >canım seninki bambaska olmuşherkes deniz'de gördüm diyince merak ettim buldum konuyu.benimki acemice.ama sonuç fena olmadı :)çantamdan etkilendim ben : ))

  27. >I juat absolteley love your blogg its just the best ever i have been sat here in my dressing gown for the past 2 hours just amazed at your beautiful art work and nail collection i literraly dont want to leave and go and clean but i have too your amazing thankyou so much for this wonderful blogg

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