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>I couldn’t find a decent title this time, so excuse me =)
I decided to mention the numbers of local brand polishes I use, since there are many Turkish readers here, plus Golden Rose is becoming known and popular among US readers, too.
This polish I just bought is from Golden Rose Paris series, and it’s #85. It falls between China Glaze Lemon Fizz and China Glaze Happy-Go-Lucky brightness-wise, but the hue is a bit different. Both China Glazes are a prime yellow, and by that I mean no red or blue is mixed in, but #85 is murky and greenish, but very very slightly. The consistency is between jelly and creme, and I really like it because the application is like a jelly and the color build-up is like a creme =) This is a not-so-streaky yellow, good in 3 coats.
And of course, I had to stamp something on top, and I used white konad polish and stars from plate m03.

The batteries of my camera died at the end of this photoshoot, but I’m going to update with bottle comparison pictures as soon as possible.

And of course, I haven’t forgotten about my giveaway. I’m rounding everything up, and the contest entries should be up for voting in a few days. Thanks for your patience, my lovely contestants!

Tırnağımdaki oje, Golden Rose Paris #85. Açık civciv sarısı, ve hafif soluk, ama çok çok güzel bir renk. Üstelik jel gibi olduğu için, çoğu sarıdan daha kolay sürüldü. 3 katta opak oldu ve parlak bir şekilde kurudu. Ben de daha sevimli olsun diye üzerine m03 diskindeki yıldızlardan yaptım =)


  1. >Wow, that's a beautiful yellow! And I'm not even a huge fan of yellow…I may need to get my hands on that. 🙂

  2. >I hope you can find it! If not, I'll try to help you =)

  3. >yellow shade is great on u…

  4. >Simple, clean and sooo pretty! I love that yellow.

  5. >Thanks, Thriszha =)

  6. >thanks, rockerina! =)

  7. >This is beautiful! I hope its available on the us site!

  8. >That's really cute….. a very pretty yellow too

  9. >I like this look!

  10. >I have this yellow Golden Rose!Here in Romania are a couple of Golden Rose polishes: care+strong, paris and ceramic, but I saw at their website golden rose holographic and chameleon effect, how are they? Because I didn't see here even one bottle…:((I saw a US webpage, who is interested in golden rose products :

  11. >And I am so in love whit your little pretty nails!

  12. >Simple and yet damn cute, love that daring yellow color! (i own the yellow catrice polish and never wore it cause its…yellow 🙂 seeying this makes me wanna try it though!

  13. >I just did a yellow yesterday. YOURS is gorgeous and love the stars. I've never heard of that brand before.Susie

  14. >Very pretty!

  15. >Cute! ❤

  16. >I've never heard of Golden Rose before but I like the bottle shape and that color is gorgeous!!!

  17. >That is a gorgeous yellow! I'd never heard of Golden Rose before. I'm going to have to try some of their polishes asap! =)

  18. >Love that yellow and thanks for posting pics of Golden Rose. I hope you do more! I've ordered from Golden Rose once and would like to do so again. Being able to see pics of some of their polishes really helps when putting together an order =)

  19. >I don't like yellow much but that is so pretty! Nea

  20. >Thank you everyone =) I'll be posting more Golden Rose stuff in the future =)

  21. >I love this mani! You`re so great combining bright yellow with star-shaped stamp. I love it, love it!

  22. >Thanks, Cannaria =)))

  23. >that's super cute

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