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>I would have really loved this manicure if it turned out as I expected. But the pastel purple special polish doesn’t really behave as it should after applying topcoat, it sort of fades away. It gives a nice look that way, too, but it doesn’t photograph well.
I started with 2 coats of Sinful Let’s Talk, then sponged China Glaze Frostbite from the halfway up, and some shimmery navy polish on the tips. After adding topcoat, I stamped the Hibiscus from m26 using pastel purple, but like I said, it faded away, giving a translucent feeling. That’s why I’m calling this manicure “Ultraviolet”.

I was going to do a tutorial on my other hand, if the pastel polish didn’t behave like that. I’m going to stamp with white on top next time, because I absolutely love this color combo and will repeat on longer nails =)

Eğer umduğum gibi olsaydı bu manikürü çok sevecektim. Ama konad pastel lila oje, üzerine cila sürünce transparanlaştı. Aslında böyle de değişik ve hoş gözüküyor, ama fotoğraflarda çok iyi çıkmadı.
Maniküre 2 kat Sinful Colors Let’s Talk ile başladım, sonra uçlarına süngerle China Glaze Frostbite, en uca da sedefli lacivert oje uyguladım. Cila sürdükten sonra, m26 diskindeki çiçek desenini pastel lila ile damgaladım. Ama dediğim gibi ikinci kez cila sürünce solup gitti. Bu manikürün adı bu yüzden “Ultaviyole”.
Diğer elimde bir video tutorial yapacaktım, ama umduğum gibi sonuç alamayınca vazgeçtim. Bunu yine yaparsam üzerine beyazla desen yapacağım, tabi tırnaklarım biraz uzadığında =)


  1. >Yes! I need a sponge tutorial! I really want to try it but I don't know where to begin… I love the black background you've been using. It really makes the colors pop! I'm going to switch from white because I think it makes my hands look dirty, or something…? Lastly, I like the hibiscus stamp! Too bad the lavender didn't work out as well as planned!

  2. >I love it like this, it looks like underwater flowers!

  3. >I am in love with this mani! It's funny too, because I was just eyeing Frostbite the other day. Maybe it's a sign. lol I love this even though the purple flower didn't pop. It still looks amazing. 😀

  4. >The color was totally awesome and the hibiscus made it perfect!! =)I don't know why but I love the dark color nail polishes.. and this one will be added to my fav list indeed..

  5. >First of all, thank you everyone for your encouraging and lovely words =) I really appreciate them =)))PH, it's so easy, you wouldn't believe your eyes! Actually you don't even need a tutorial for this, but as so many people have already asked, I'm going to make one =) I grew bored of white, so I switched it to black, and I want to try some other colors as well!Hey Nathalie, thank you so much <3Sarah, Frostbite is awesomeness in a bottle. Get it! =DThank you so much, Tann =) This actually goes from medium to dark, but the way the topcoat blends all the colors, it looks darker than it actually is =)

  6. >I really like this mani, it's really pretty.

  7. >Such a cute mani!

  8. >This is very different, Nice, its like an electric purple!I have an all purple giveaway,check it out!

  9. >I love the colors. It would look awesome on a longer nail! :o)

  10. >These are so pretty! Love the colors

  11. >thank you so much, everyone! =)

  12. >I like the graduated colours and the flowers on top. Very pretty. It looks like Hawaii.

  13. >Thanks for liking, Ice Queen =) ❤

  14. >It turned out just great, the purple is amazing en i really the combination of colors 🙂

  15. >China Glaze ojenin rengi şahaneymiş, ben de istiyorum! 🙂 bir de sponge mani'lere bayılıyorum, beyazla yapılanı çok şeker oluyor 🙂

  16. >It's flashy in one side but tender in other side( I am not sure my english is correct but you know what I mean ^^). I find it very pretty 🙂

  17. >thank you guys =))) saori, your English is just great, I understand what you mean =)

  18. >Gorgeous!

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