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>Who doesn’t love freshly squeezed orange juice? It’s my favorite drink ever! Today’s nubs are decorated with juicy oranges =)
I tried to place the designs randomly. When I really stamp them randomly, I usually come up with the same layout on every nail. That’s why I literally have to “plan” the way they would look random on my nails. Weird =)
I took pics with a black background this time. (It’s actually a leather binder!) I hope you guys enjoy my juicy nails ­čśë

The base is an orange creme polish I got a while ago, then I used m55 and yellow special polish for stamping.

Kim taze s─▒k─▒lm─▒┼č portakal suyunu sevmez ki? D├╝nyada en sevdi─čin i├žecek ne diye sorsalar, portakal suyu derim =) Bug├╝n t─▒rnaklar─▒m sulu portakallara ev sahipli─či yap─▒yor =)
Desenleri d├╝zensiz ┼čekilde yerle┼čtirmek istedim. D├╝zensiz bir ┼čekilde damgalad─▒─č─▒mda bir bak─▒yorum ki her t─▒rna─č─▒m─▒n ayn─▒ yerine basm─▒┼č─▒m deseni. Ben de oturup plan yap─▒yorum, nas─▒l da─č─▒n─▒k g├Âsterebilirim desenleri diye =)
Bu sefer siyah arkaplan kulland─▒m. (Arkaplan dedi─čim de asl─▒nda siyah bir klas├Âr!) Umar─▒m meyve sulu t─▒rnaklar─▒m ho┼čunuza gitmi┼čtir =)


  1. >So pretty!

  2. >thank you! ÔŁĄ

  3. >lovely! ^_^xx

  4. >thanks, Aru =)

  5. >very cute!

  6. >Your short nails are so sweet!

  7. >I love this!! So summery and cute!

  8. >that bottle of orange polish is so cute! i love stars!

  9. >thank you guys =D I don't feel so confident with my ultra short nails, you made me feel better =)

  10. >so it..

  11. >Aww cute! I'm all of a sudden thirsty! I need a yellow stamping polish too. I think I've said that before…

  12. >Ok now that is one gorgeous mani. LOVE it,Susie

  13. >thank you so much, thriszha =)

  14. >thank you ph and susie =)ph, yellow stamping polish looks great on many colors! especially on bright greens and blues, it becomes a bit of a neon yellow, I love the effect =)

  15. >Adorable!! I need to use some of my fruit stams soon!

  16. >absolutely! summer is almost here! =D

  17. >this is incredibly creative! i never do my nails but maybe i'll start. thanks for posting this!

  18. >thank you, Jen =) painting nails is awesome once you get used to it =)))

  19. >Oh soo cute!

  20. >thank you, Eava =)))

  21. >very pretty. i like how vibrant the stamps and the polish is. i can never get my yellow to stamp that bright!

  22. >Too cute!

  23. >tr├Ęs vitamin├ęe cette d├ęco !

  24. >thank you guys =))))Enamel Girl, yellow only works well on certain colors I guess, and one of them happens to be orange =)

  25. >This is too cute!

  26. >thank you ^-^

  27. >Well it's not smart, now I want to drink an orange juice ha ha

  28. >=)))))))) I always do! =D

  29. >Luscious!What is the number of the plate, I might want to copy you this summer? Great design!

  30. >This is so pretty!

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