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>I’m not very pleased with how this manicure turned out, but I decided to post it anyway. I used Sinful Gorgeous as a base, which is a lovely aqua metallic. As you know, metallics show brushstrokes, and that was the case with this one, too. Gorgeous is said to be a dupe for $OPI Mermaid To Order and Sally Hansen Lagoon, but I don’t have either of them to compare.
I have some complaints about the Sinful formula. It just doesn’t dry. If I accidentaly touch the surface during application (at a time when it should have been moderately dry), it lifts completely off instead of getting wrinkly and rough, removing the base coat along with it. It’s frustrating, especially when you’re hurrying to go out like I did. Oh, and the application was not impressive at all. I love the color, though, and it makes up for the bad aspects.
For the stamping, I made some pink dots on the nails, and then stamped on top of them using special polish in black and plate m76. Looks kinda pretty =)

I want to do some Tartofraises style nail art. Her last manicure blew my mind!

Bu manikürü fazla sevmedim, ama yine de koyayım dedim. Baz olarak Sinful Gorgeous kullandım, güzel, metalik bir camgöbeği. Tabi çoğu metalik gibi fırça izlerini belli ediyor.
Sinful’un formülünden biraz şikayetçiyim. Resmen kurumak bilmiyor. Eğer sürerken yanlışlıkla değerseniz, en alt kata kadar komple siliniyor o bölge. Rötuşlamak çok zor o yüzden. Ben bir de sözde acele ediyordum bu ojeyi sürerken, iki kere baştan başlamak zorunda kaldım. İnat değil mi… Bu ojeyi kurtaran tek şey harika rengi oldu benim için.
Tırnaklarımın üzerine pembe noktalar koydum, sonra da m76 diski ve siyah oje kullanarak çiçek desenleri yaptım. Tatlı oldu =)


  1. >I think it worked out very well 🙂 and omg what a lovely website! So much ideas, so little time ^^

  2. >I definately like how the pink doesn't match up with the black flowers all the way =]

  3. >It's better than anything I could ever make! I really like it.

  4. >That is so pretty! I like the color combo 😀

  5. >thank you guys =) haha, absolutely =) the colors have nothing to do with each other! =D

  6. >This is so pretty! I like how you did the pink dot first and THEN stamped. 🙂 I loved Tartofraises last mani too, she makes freehand art look so friggin easy.

  7. >omg this is so pretty

  8. >gorgeous! i want to try this!

  9. >I absolutely love this! You know that style of graphic design that has the coloring just slightly off from the outline, like a little bit over on one side and not quite touching the outline on the other? I love that stuff. This totally reminds me of that. I'm going to try it.

  10. >OMG!!! this is simply gorgeous…

  11. >I like it! 🙂

  12. >great idea! gorgeous

  13. >thank you, guys =) <3Liz, it looks so easy but I tried and it's not! LOLHey Asami, I know what you mean! I actually kinda went for that look 😉

  14. >WOW, amazing!

  15. >thanks, bunny ❤

  16. >It's like art on your nails. Very pretty!!!

  17. >gorgeous blog!

  18. >Maybe you don't like it but I find this manicure extraordinarie! I love the idea, and it's really gorgeous for the spring 🙂

  19. >thank you Enamel Girl, Ivy and accidiosav =) ❤

  20. >the pink really gives it accent, stunning 🙂

  21. >thank you, cannaria =D

  22. >so pretty !!!!! love love ♥

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