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>I dig so-called “fall colors” in spring and summer, and “summer colors” all winter. I’m weird like that… I guess the “season-coordinated colors” idea is not really my thing…
Just discovered this creme polish and brought it home, thinking it would be almost identical to China Glaze Grape Pop, but it’s significantly darker. It’s called Flor Mar Supermatte #120. It looked lighter under the store lights, and I thought it was only a tad darker, but it’s definitely a different color. It’s also leaning a bit warmer, that’s why it’s not blue in front of the camera.
I did a very simple konad using plate m64 and silver metallic polish.

Same polish, different day, with Inglot #202 and China Glaze Matte Magic on top.

More fun manicures to come!

Ben de bir tuhafım yani, kışın yaz renkleri diye geçen renkleri sürmeyi seviyorum, yazın ise koyu renklere gidiyor aklım. Sanırım mevsimlere göre oje sürmek pek bana göre değil.
Bu ojeyi çok beğenerek aldım, Flor Mar Supermatte #120. Ben China Glaze Grape Pop’a çok benzediğini düşünmüştüm, ama eve gelince aynı rengin biraz daha koyusu olduğu ortaya çıktı. Ayrıca biraz daha sıcak tonlu olduğu söylenebilir. Ben de üzerine m64 diski ve gümüş rengi kullanarak desen yaptım.
Diğer resimde, üzerine Inglot #202 ve China Glaze Matte Magic sürülmüş olarak görebilirsiniz.
Yakında daha eğlenceli manikürlerle buradayım =)


  1. >Pretty pretty pretty! I'm the same, I love wearing darker colours in summer and spring/summer colours in winter. I guess we're both weird then. 🙂

  2. ><3 I love being out of the box! =))))))

  3. >I love the nail art!

  4. >thank you, bbcreations =) very basic but looks nice =)

  5. >Çok güzeller, Inglot flakyler şahane bu arada. Koyu renklerin üstüne çok güzel oluyorlar 🙂 204 (mavi) benim favorim 😀

  6. >I wear what I wear when I want to wear it. 🙂 So I with you girlie!This is a really rich, dark, vampy purple. Pretty!

  7. >thank you my lovely friends, marjo and lizzie =))))yay for wearing whatever, whenever! =)))

  8. >marjocum bende de 202 ve 203 var, burada cok pahali, bir delilik edip almistim =)

  9. >Wow, great violet. And with the flakies, it's even better. *drooling*I love what I want when I want. Right in the middle of summer, it's my dark blood color moment. Vampies for dog days. Soft whites for winter. I don't care about schedules. Why would we do what manufacturers tell us to do?;)

  10. >ohh yeh I love the inglot flakies

  11. >so true, dear nathalie =) and who said mint or fresh green is "Springy", or vampies are "fall"? =D I don't even color coordiante with my clothes, let alone seasons! =DI love them too, thriszha =)

  12. >I like Inglot!

  13. >Simple but pretty 🙂

  14. >Your polishing skills are amazing! That chrome looks awesome over the dark purple! I need to get some of those China Glaze chromes for stamping. They seem like to work really well… Also, I like the flakes but I would like to see someone try it over a green!!

  15. >thank you so much, Jackie, Saori and PH =) PH, this one is not a china glaze chrome, but they work much better! they come out so crisp and clear, you'd love them =)

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