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>This manicure started as a gradient sponging experiment. I used one coat of a Claire’s polish, which is a dupe of China Glaze Shower Together, then I sponged two different blues, starting from the bottom of the nail and getting closer to the tip. Finally I sponged some white on the tips. It looked like a shoreline without the konad =) But then I stamped using plate m73 and China Glaze 2030, and now it looks like Turkish Tiles =)

I didn’t get many decent pics, and the last picture is kinda out of focus, sorry for that! =) That’s all for today!

Bu manikür bir sünger denemesi olarak başladı aslında. Bir kat Claire’s turkuaz oje sürdükten sonra (numarasını unuttum) dipten uca doğru sırayla açık mavi, sonra daha açık mavi, son olarak da beyaz uyguladım süngerle. Daha sonra m73 diskindeki çiçekli deseni China Glaze 2030 kullanarak damgaladım. Bana çini desenini hatırlattılar =)


  1. >I love this!! Great colors[:

  2. >wow i really like this! you did a great job with the gradient.

  3. >thank you tierney and laura ❤ =)

  4. >Gorgeous! I love the whole thing!

  5. >thank you so much, Andrea =D

  6. >This is soooo pretty!

  7. >thank you, sarah! =)

  8. >That's beautiful I love it!

  9. >thank you so much, stephanie =)

  10. >That is so pretty! I love it. The sponging really made that look amazing.

  11. >thanks, skulda =)))

  12. >ur naisl are always so amazing. I'm super jealous!

  13. >Beautiful!!

  14. >So beautiful! you did a fantastic job!

  15. >Oh Deniz! This is stunning!!! I love everything about it…the colors you used, the gradient sponging, choice of stamp…*sigh* It's just about perfect.I love tiles from India and Turkey.

  16. >aww, thank you everyone for your beautiful and kind words, you always make me happy! love ya!thank you so much, lisa! glad you like the turkish tiles =) I'm nowhere near you, you make every nail look like a piece of fine art! ❤ *stalks* =D

  17. >Gorgeous! I absolutely love your color choices. The gold adds a delicate touch. And I like how it shines! If I had a gold polish for stamping, I'd definitely copy this design! Great work 🙂

  18. >Wow, this is gorgeous, feminine, elegant, and cultural. Does it get ANY better? I think not. This is beautiful.

  19. >Gorgeous!

  20. >thank you all, my precious friends =) ❤ it's a nice start to the day, thanks to you =)

  21. >awesome!! love it

  22. >Love it! It's soo freeeesh 😀 😀

  23. >Beautyful! *-*

  24. >thank you so much, gals =))))

  25. >I am so envy on you, each time you amaze me whit your new creation!

  26. >comme toujours c'est superbe !

  27. >This design is so beautiful!!!I love it!

  28. >Ooooooo, very beautiful!!! 🙂

  29. ><3<3<3<3<3<3<3thank you so much!

  30. >Wow, this is awesome! I really love this!

  31. >Gorgeous! I'd love to see a step by step tutorial of the sponging.

  32. >thank you Asami and Amanda =) good idea! I was considering making a tutorial, and I think this could be just right!

  33. >This is just stunning, I adore it. You do the best Konads Trincess, you are so talented!

  34. >awww thank you, babyd =) I adore your clean work, too =))) ❤

  35. >This is so pretty!! The sponging effect is awesome. Your konading is always so perfect! I'm envious of your skills =)

  36. >love this!!! you did such a good job with the gradient!

  37. >thank you so much, michelle and manicuremania! =))) <3<3<3

  38. >this is pretty much amazing!

  39. >thank you so much, emma =D

  40. >Hi!! I followed you over from Specktra! I'm just awed at your nail designs!! I'm just blown away!! You are truely talented and have inspired me to do more fun designs with my nail polish!! I'd love to see a step by step tutorial on the sponging technique if you can!! Thanks a bunch!! ^_^

  41. >thank you so much, misha, for your lovely words =) I'm going to do a sponging tutorial as soon as possible! ❤

  42. >Aa benim tırnaklarımda da bu renk var 🙂 Bende nail art yok ama, sadece yüzük parmaklarımın üzerine simli top coat geçtim. Çok güzel olmuş seninki!

  43. >seninki de cok guzel olmustur basakcim, eminim =)))

  44. >These are SUUUUPER pretty! I'm gonna dupe it sometime 🙂

  45. >Thank you, Niki! I would love to see your dupe! I'm duping people's manicures all the time =DDD I hope noone is minding =DDD

  46. >This is absolutely wonderful, Deniz. I don't need to tell you my admiration and support, you should know by now. I hope you're well, dear. I wish this to you…

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