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>Hey everyone =) I got inspired by Thriszha, who got inspired by Lisa =) Both ladies did a wonderful job, I so envy the patience and effort they put in! Lisa is outdoing herself by every layered stamping she ever does, and Thriszha does beautiful repeated stamping on such small surfaces =) Your nails are a work of art, ladies, so kudos to you both!
Mine is neither as detailled nor as neat as any of them, and not even remotely as beautiful, but this still took me an hour to complete =) Next time I’m going to use a dotting tool instead of a brush, because my brush was angled instead of pointy and it was difficult to work with. I used plates m1, m3, m5, m7 and m11, a regular black polish for the stamping and various polishes to fill in. I also used some rhinestones for a more festive and springy look. The base is my own franken, which was made to resemble OPI Fiercely Fiona. I used green and white dropped in yellow creme to achieve this color.

Thank you girls, for inspiring me! Now I want to get better at filling konad images, because I adore the sticker-like colorful look =))))

Bugün Thriszha ve Lisa‘dan esinlendiğim bir manikür yaptım. İkisi de üst üste damga yapma konusunda acayip yetenekli, bloglarına bakmanızı tavsiye ederim. Benimki onların yaptığı kadar detaylı ve harika değil ama yine de oldukça zamanımı aldı. Konad desenlerinin içini fırçayla boyadım, ama bir dahaki sefere daha ince bir fırça ya da iğne ucu gibi birşey kullanmalıyım sanırım, çünkü küçücük yerleri boyamak zor oldu. m1, m3, m5, m7 ve m11 disklerini kullandım, desenleri siyahla yapıp içlerini çeşitli ojelerle boyadım. Ayrıca süslemek için taşlar da kullandım. Taban olarak kullandığım rengi kendim karıştırdım. İçinde biraz yeşil ve beyaz bulunan bir sarı, OPI Fiercely Fiona’ya benzetmek istedim.
Sanki tırnaklarıma küçük stickerlar yapıştırmışım gibi gözüküyor =)


  1. >Oooooh I love the green polish you have on! 😀 😀 Cute butterflies & flowers! Definitely spring-ish! 😀

  2. >Your filled in stamps are so well done, I had mistaken them for stickers!Love it!

  3. >This mani is so happy and beautiful!!!

  4. >So pretty.. You just have to smile when looking at it! Good work (:

  5. >Stunning!

  6. >This is sooooo cute!!! I love it.

  7. >So so so cute!

  8. >c'est super mignon, tout doux et très frais !

  9. >That's amazingly done, lovely!

  10. >thank you so much, my friends =))))))))

  11. >You did a great job on that franken! This is one extreme mani – Cute edition. Love it.

  12. >I love this!

  13. >Thank you so much Liz and Skulda =DDD

  14. >oh my gosh. that is just WAYY too cute!! =)

  15. >This manicure is just too damn cute!! You did an awesome job. Beautiful!

  16. >Sooo cute! 😀

  17. >So gorgeous! You did an amazing job!Best, Lisamarie

  18. >thank you, all my friends =) you are lovely!

  19. >Really cute, you are really skilled (and patient)!

  20. >thank you, smalty =) I wish I did a neat job, though! =D

  21. >sooo cute!

  22. >thanks, emma =)

  23. >I love the sticker effect!

  24. >This is so pretty. It does look like little stickers.

  25. >thank you so much guys =) I also think that they look like tiny stickers! =)

  26. >very fun mani. this is really cute.

  27. >thank you, enamel girl =)

  28. >Aww your nails are cute. They remind me of a children's book cover. Must be the colors…

  29. ><3 thank you, ph =)

  30. >ohhh.. thanks…I never expect that I will inspired u coz mostly u inspired me!! this is totally CUTE!!! xoxo!!

  31. >thank you, thriszha =D I'm never as awesome as you! =)

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