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Contest is now closed. Thank you for participating =)

Hello everyone! Thank you for following me, I have now more than 500 followers! And of course, this means: Giveaway Time!
Do you wanna know what I’m giving away? Then drumroll please….
I’m giving away the newest 8 konad plates!

Rules are as follows:

* You must be a follower. I should be able to track you, and it was so hard last time! If your profiles are private, please mention your Google Friend Connect nickname =) (Obligatory, 1 entry)
* Tweet about this giveaway. (1 extra entry)
* Mention this giveaway on your blog. You can write an extra entry, or keep it on the sidebar. (1 extra entry)
* Contest Part: This time, I thought about a nail art contest about The Girliest Nails Ever! Whether with freehand or Konad, rhinestones or other decorative stuff, do the girliest manicure =) Let it be tacky, let it be something you wouldn’t wear on a daily basis, but have fun! (3 extra entries! There will be a voting afterwards, and the winner will get 10 more extra entries!!!)
I know there is no guarantee that the winner will also win the giveaway, but the point is to have fun and I don’t really like plain random giveaways… I want people who want it really much to be able to do something to stand out more =) Oh, and the winner will receive a small gift, even if they don’t win! (I haven’t decided on that gift yet.)

Just leave a comment to this post including your name, e-mail and the links to the terms from the above list. (Like your twitter url, your blog entry about the giveaway, your blog address, and the blog entries.) Send the contest entries to my e-mail address, trincess at gmail dot com, with the topic: 500 followers contest. Please do not post your giveaway manicures on your blog till the deadline, do not spoil the fun! The deadline is May 31st, 11:59 pm (GMT)! Please go with the rules for your entries to be valid. The ultimate winner will be decided randomly after the voting. Good luck! =)


  1. >I'm a follower!shimmering_stardust22ATyahooDOTcomI've also linked your giveaway on my blog sidebar here:<33 Rena

  2. >I'm follower 😀 And I'll tweet about this just now!Nea/ Fashioned in

  3. >What a fantastic giveaway!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 8 new plates! I am a follower and my email is blogbabblingbrooke@gmail.comI will be making a girly mani too soon 😀 Do I email that to you or post it on my blog? Thanks for the great giveaway, Deniz!!

  4. >Hi,Thanks for the great giveaway!I'm a follower via Google (nick: Tiffany).I tweeted about your giveaway on twitter: email: tiffany.tiff86@gmail.comThanks a lot!

  5. >Great giveaway! I am a follower (michaela)mls11487 at gmail dot com

  6. >Awesome giveaway!! I'm a follower [: I'm going to have a hard time trying to do a girly mani, I've never been super girly. This should be interesting!!

  7. >Enter me please: )Congrats!! :)sarbeauty@hotmail.comx

  8. >I am a follower via googleI added your contest to my blog side bar at yahoo dot com

  9. >I am a follower through

  10. >Hi, I'm a follower through GF :)I'm going to send you my girly entry :)lucisek.beluha(at)googlemail.comLucisek-Lucy's Stash

  11. >I am a follower!I follow with Google Friend Connect "Skulda".skulda.blackheart(at)gmail(dot)com

  12. >Hello!Wooow that's an awesome giveaway!! Thanks for hosting it! :*I'm a follower via GFC (tatjana zivic)My name is Tatjana, my e-mail is zivic.tatjana@gmail.comI have your giveaway in my sidebar tianasplace.blogspot.comI'll be doing a special manicure soon! Have fun!! 🙂

  13. >I'm a follower! Google Friend Connect "SailorWifey"I added this to my giveaway page at gmail dot comPlease check out my giveaways if you haven't already♥ SailorWifey

  14. >Hello :)Cool idea for a giveaway, i'm gonna start planning right away.Im a follower nickname BethanieI added you to my giveaway section on the left of my blog : email is b3th.xo at hotmail dot com

  15. >Hey! I've been a happy follower for a while now through RSS Feed and through Google Friend Connect (as "Lissi").My email is Lissi4NAA(at)gmail(dot)com.I also blogged about this on the sidebar of my page under Giveaway Announcements. on all the followers!

  16. >Hello!Congratulations on your 500 followers!I'm already a follower ^^ My name is Ana Rita and my email is aninhax[@]gmail[.]comI'm spreading the word in my blog's sidebar: I tweeted: you for this opportunity!xoxo

  17. >Ben de katılmak istiyorum 🙂 Ama şu an da bilgisayarım bozuk sadece bu satırları yazabiliyorum,blogumda yayınlayıp da buraya ekleyeceğim adresini 🙂 Çok hoş hediyeler ama 🙂

  18. >I'm a follower with google friend connect with the name susies1955My email is susies@twcny.rr.comI blogged on my side bar: tweeted:

  19. >Congrats on 500+ followers! I follow via Google Friend Connect as Sarah. I just tweeted at I added your giveaway to my blog at Love your idea for the bonus entries – mine will be heading for your inbox shortly! ☺walkerjs7920(at)gmail(dot)com

  20. >I'm a follower! My e-mail is terrenity (at) gmail (dot) com.What a fun giveaway, thanks! 😀

  21. >i'm a follower and will try to come up with something really girly later in the

  22. >Oooh great giveaway! 500 is great! I'm a follower, I'd like to enter! My email is I added your giveaway to my blog here:!

  23. >im a ur follower ,never try konad XDsoo enter me pls. heheipehishere[at]gmail[dot]comthank you 🙂

  24. >peripatetic33 google followerperipatetic33 at hot mail dot comenter me please and thank you

  25. >Hi,Please please enter me!!I'm a google follower (Name: StampingNailes)Email: memories1002@yahoo.comI've blogged about your giveaway on my website: me luck and please pick me!

  26. >Hello,I'm a follower and my twitter is BigBang_Se7enThanks! Great site!

  27. >Nice! I'm a follower! =DEmail: xiong.a@hotmail.comI have linked your giveaway on my side bar

  28. >Hello!I am a follower of your blog!My e-mail address is: camellia.muresan(at)yahoo(dot)comI blogged about your giveaway and added it on the sidebar:

  29. >I a follower http://nailartbeauty.over-blog.comYou are in my blogroll in my blogi tweet here : e-mail : stopdidine@hotmail.frthank you for this giveaways

  30. >What a lovely giveaway! <3Thanks a lot for the chance and I'm a follower.eli_green22 at yahoo dot com dot br

  31. >Great giveaway…love the new plates.I am a new follower. (Relatively new blogger)I posted your giveaway on my blog in the sidebar'll post another comment with my link to nail art entry…Need to think of something super cute and girl)-Beata

  32. >I'm a follower!

  33. >Great these patches.My follower is nailartbeauty.over-blog.comStopdidine@hotmail.frAnd I twit the information at this address:Http: // / nailartbeautyKisses

  34. >Hi!Im a follower via Google!maarette(at)gmail(dot)com

  35. >Great giveaway :)My follower is : utena_fr My mail : utena_fr@yahoo.frAnd i tweet your giveaway : fleur2lysThanks 🙂

  36. >I am a follower! :)I follow with Google Friend Connect under the nickname "nuša ann".My e-mail is pavlic.nusa(at)gmail(dot)com.xoxo

  37. >I'm a follower as "LacquerObsession"And i have a link of the giveaway on my sidebar >> blackpearl890(at)yahoo(dot)com

  38. >I'm SO in! Thank you for this awesome opportunity!I'm a follower. I tweeted'll be blogging about it tonight or tomorrow andI've sent my first entry. Maybe I'll do another!email: elizabethallbright(at)gmail(dot)com

  39. >Enter me, please!I'm a follower – Biba.I blogged about your giveaway here: barbara.skledar (at) gmail (dot) com

  40. >I'm a follower, please enter me :)katch05 at gmail dot comps. my google friend connect nick is Kat

  41. >It's so hard to find nail art plates here in Sweden =(silver_steffi[at]hotmail[dot]com(follower through google friend connect)// Stefany

  42. >I'm a follower (Google friend connect: Julia), please enter me ^^arduinna_verdandi[at]yahoo[dot]de

  43. >i'm a follower 😀 my email is!

  44. >i follow on my google reader! but my friend connect username is crazyzofo too. I'll be sending a manicure picture soon!

  45. >I follow on google connect! sweet8684girl

  46. >Hi! I'm a GFC follower, my email is

  47. >Hi! I follow you with Google Friend Connect and my ID is joanne.jTweet *for the contest part, I'll send an email later when I'm ready :)joanne.j at hotmail dot com

  48. >I'm a follower and blogged about your giveaway here:

  49. >Hello! I follow through google friend connect!nettysgirl at

  50. >Flavia CordeiroDelamort (google friend nickname)

  51. >Hi, My name is Li Lian and I would love to entered in your contest1. I am following you through my blog under google friend connect: li lianMy email is li_lian_c@hotmail.com2. I have posted about your contest in my blog here:

  52. >Enter me, pwetty please! ,I retweeted the giveaway , i put it in the sidebar under 'giveaways'

  53. > put your giveaway on my sidebar!Im a follower, and my email ischristinarhaugen at

  54. >I'm a follower!E-mail is:

  55. >i'm a follower via Google!i tweeted here

  56. >I'm a follower via google. Enter me please !

  57. >Hello!I'm already a followerMy name is Sara and my email is carvalho.c.sara@gmail.comYour giveaway is in my sidebar: tweeted:'s for the opportunity!xoxo

  58. >name: Quinnemail: rzrz (@) ymail (dot) comFollowing with the ID Quinnrz

  59. >Google Friend Name: SammersaurusEmail: sammytremlin(at)hotmail(dot)comBlog: (You're in the sidebar)I'm definitely gonna try and do a girly manicure for you :)x

  60. >Hello! I am a follower! And I tweeted about your giveaway!

  61. >Hello!Please enter me, i am follover!!My email is:

  62. >Heeeey!I am follover!Enter me, please!My email:

  63. >Hi,I'm a follower on google friend (username: origami dreamer). :)origami [dot] dreamer at gmail dot comI wish I had a blog/twitter/etc so I could get more entries. :DGreat blog!

  64. >I am a follower :)throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  65. >Aloha!I'm a follower =)lunatikitty at gmail dot com

  66. >I am your follower as Bunny.I posted about your giveaway here: will send you my manicure pics soon!Email:nyuszimuszim(at)yahoo(dot)com

  67. >Follower – google – Nikki (Warner)scyren@yahoo.comPut you in my giveaway here: an email with my pic

  68. >Hello Deniz,I'm a follower and would love to participate, dont I need to leave you my e-mail?natialmada (at) yahoo (dot) itYou have the loveliest hands i've seencheers!

  69. >Hi! I'd love to enter – I'm a new follower (vedra). My email: vedra(AT)gmx.atThank you for hosting this great giveaway! 🙂

  70. >Hi! Thanks so much for doing this giveaway!I'm following you as MoLo.I tweeted about this at: at yahoo dot com

  71. >Hi, I follow,tameriska at gmail dot com

  72. >hi, been a follower for some time now;

  73. >I'm following through google:cupcakequeen22email:

  74. >Hi!Thanks for the competition! I love the last plate :)Im tweeted and linked this url :)ill post this on my blog in a sec….bellamariposa.weebly.comThanks!nmhoskins@gmail.com

  75. >i just added your giveaway to my blog. you can check it out here email is girlluvbaby@yahoo.comthanks. this is awesome. can't wait to see the entries.

  76. >Hi. = )I'm a follower with GFC (User – Nós).TY.onossobazaar@gmail.comAndreia. xoxo

  77. >Hey!I'm a follower!

  78. >Eyvah, neredeyse unutuyormusum 🙂 Ben de izliyorum,

  79. >Seni zaten izliyorum ve yarışmaya daha önce katılmıştım 🙂 Bu da blogun linki +1 ekstra çekiliş hakkı için 😛 ;

  80. >Hi there 🙂 Im a follower through Google Connect by the name Iris.I dont have Twitter but have posted about your give-away on the right sidebar @ contestentry will be in your mailbox soon! 🙂

  81. >I blogged about your contest at GFC is KimberlyAnd the addy is KimberlyRPurcell(at)gmail(dot)comCome visit my blog

  82. >Hi there! please add me to your giveaway! I follow using GFC: ANSTAH, my email is nailstah@gmail(dot)com.Thanks in advance for hosting such a generous giveaway!!~Nailstah

  83. >Thanks for doing such a great giveaway! I'm a follower and my email is SoftballPixie08@gmail(dot)comThose are some fantastic Konad plates!

  84. >Hiii! Cool prize!I'm a new follower!:**This is the link to my post:*and my email: Kisses :X

  85. >I am a follower with the nickname Hind&

  86. >(Deleted and reposting my entry because I think I got my GFC name wrong, sorry!)Great giveaway!I'm following as April (or wund3rkind?) and my email address is wund3rkind[at]gmail[dot]com.Thanks!

  87. >i am a follower and my name is you nailed iti tweeted: your blog is on my sidebar also have a give away on my blog! everyone can enter! =Dxx

  88. >* I follow as Emma, and my email is dance_addict93@hotmail (dot) com* I tweeted here:* I blogged here:* my girliest nails ever (truely, as wearing pink is a huge step for me!)

  89. >I follow you as Lou and my mail is

  90. >Hi, thanks for this giveaways :)I am a follower : SaoriI blogged about this giveaway here :–3019179.htmlMy e-mail : cindy.vaillant@akeonet.comI made my mani for the contest but it's very ugly….. but I'll send it !bye

  91. >I am a follower : rzrz at ymail {dot} comPlease enter me :D

  92. >I'm actually follower 600 so I feel kinda cheeky entering haha!Follwer name is emybloom as this is – I will be trying to do some girly nails before the deadline, but we shall see if I have time >.< midgetgem at is my memailAwesome giveaway btw!

  93. >Hi :=)I'm follower via google my pseudo is Abso .My email is absoolu@gmail.comThat is an awesome giveaway thanks 🙂

  94. >Follower via GFC (Jen, email: on hitting 500 followers 🙂

  95. >Following through Google Friend Connect! (I'm thinking the nickname is just stephanie.)

  96. >Nice giveaway! Enter me please.I'm a follower through Google Friend Connect (elchy).elchysblog[at]gmail[dot]com

  97. >Hi!My tweet: have a link to this giveaway on my blog's sidebar. you!Patrícia Xará

  98. >Hi!I'm following your blog via google friends and I tweeted about your giveaway!

  99. >Congrats for the 500 followers! :DI`m a follower via Google Friend Connect.ladyvogue_cannaria-at-yahoo-dot-com

  100. >i follow on my google reader!

  101. >I'm following on google friend connect. darlingfemme(at)gmail(dot)com

  102. >I am a follower and my name on Google Friend Connect is KeikoMy email is

  103. >I also added your contest to my blog's sidebar:

  104. >*– Not an entry –*Hi!Just wanted to let you know that your giveaway was listed on my site.Here's the direct link: you happen to have any other internationally open giveaways, I'd love to hear about them!Thanks,Ronitinternationalgiveaways[at]gmail[dot]com

  105. >I follow via google friend connect as Luckyfinds emiliana.sison(at)gmail(dot)com

  106. >count me in deniz. i don't have time to do all the extra entries which i really wanna do 🙂 mail:

  107. >I'm following your blog via google

  108. >I follow you with GFC luvwendy87Tweeted Post am sending you an email for the Contest Part now :)luvwendy87 at hotmail dot com

  109. >I'm a BIG follower!!! ^^my email: serena_nuvola[@]yahoo[.]itI added your giveaway to the lefthand side of my blog http://serena-nuvola.blogspot.comI also sent you an email with photos.thank you!!!!!!

  110. >thanks for the giveaway, congrats on reaching 500 followers! ^_^I follow you as Grace Wong!I tweeted here: blogged here:🙂

  111. >Enter me please! What an amazing giveaway! Amanda

  112. >Hi, I'm a follower on GFC (Joanna Ordonez) ! Please enter me! (: annaojordonez at gmail dot com

  113. >Ohhh…I've got lots of competition!!I follow with GFC as KimberlyI posted about this great giveaway at: is libbyspinkvanity(at)gmail.comAnd I'm hosting a giveaway too. Come check it out and enter!

  114. >Great giveaway! I'm a follower, of courselacquermuse [at] gmail [dot] comThank you~!

  115. >i just became a follower .. i love the designs you've created :)email:

  116. >I am a follower :)Riafreeeedz(aT)

  117. >Follow via Google Friend ConnectLyudmila

  118. >tweet (at)

  119. >Blog follower!I tweeted too at gmail dot com

  120. >Hi! I follow you! your giveway is Waouh! *__*I take my chance I wish be lucky ^^La

  121. >hi! I follow you and I like your giveway!I'm bluwnini and my mail is bluwnini@hotmail.frbest regards

  122. >Woot Wooooooooooooot !!!! Konad Giveaway!!!! I'm in!!!!I'm following you on twitter!!!!! Thank you!!Prettymelane

  123. >Hiii!!! I'm a follower on Google under Brittni or, I'm not sure exactly what lol.I also retweeted your contest post from this morning under Michisaur on twitter. Thanks!

  124. >I'm a follower Polish & KonadEmail: polishandkonad (at) yahoo (dot) com

  125. >I'm a new follower. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  126. >Hi! I'd like to take part! :)My email isthif ane (at) g mail (dot) comand I linked your giveaway on my sidebar!

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