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>Hey guys =) I’m sorry for the lack of posting in the last days, I had a difficult time… But I’m feeling better now. On top of that, I broke both index nails, and therefore I shortened all my nails again. I’m out of topcoat, and I’m really broke for the rest of April, therefore my nails are bare. The lovely Golden Rose Quick Dry topcoat is out of stock, and they don’t know when they will have it back in stock again. Grr! I frankened myself a topcoat using some old, gloopy Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, a new, not-so-quick drying local brand topcoat, and some leftover Golden Rose. The result was not bad at all! At least it can hold until I get my hands on some decent topcoat =)
By the way, this week I got some kick-ass package from the States =) With the help of my dear friend, Elizabeth, I was able to get my first Zoya’s, Nubar and some other stuff I’ve been lemming for, plus some surprises! Yay! I’ll shut up now and let the pictures talk:

L-R: Sally Hansen Lickety-Split Lime (Yaaay, Shrek Green! Finally!), Nubar Indigo Illusion, Nubar Peacock Feathers, Sinful Daddy’s Girl

L-R: Zoya Envy, Ki, Adina, Zara, which I all ordered when there was a Buy 2 – Get 2 Free! sale going on.

L-R: Zoya Ivanka (Oh. My. God), Charla (*swooon*), Mimi (*thud*), and finally Alegra, which was a surprise from Liz! ❤

Finally, the extras! L-R: Claire’s Mood Polish in calm/wild, OPI Jade Is The New Black, OPI Suzi Says Feng-Shui, which is the tiniest polish I’ve ever seen; Sinful Gorgeous and Innocent (Yaaaay, another Shrek Green!!!)
I’m so happy for all those polishes, especially Zoya’s. The Sparkle collection is one of the best collections I’ve ever came across, unbelivably beautiful in the bottles and also on the nails. I’m so happy I’ve almost fulfilled all my wishes in the past months =D Thank you so much, Elizabeth, you rock my little polish world!
PS: Did you notice how almost all polishes are either green or purple? =D


  1. >Those Zoya's and nubar's are too die for!!! How lovely 🙂 I have to get some of those zoya's before the exchange ends!!

  2. >I agree about the Zoya's and Nubar, you should definitely get your hands on some Sparkle polishes!!! =DDD

  3. >Wow! renklere öl bit yaa nasıl renkler öyle dibim düştü resmen:D

  4. >parasal olarak zorlaniyorum ve kafamda limitli sayida en cok istedigim ojeleri dusunerek cok vakit harciyorum ama sonuc degiyor =)

  5. >Evet canım ya sendeki her oje ayrı bi güzellik zaten, küçük bi servet harcıyorsun (:Hepsi ayrı şahane oluyor ojelerin bende çok zorlanıyorum kozmetik seçimlerimde falan^^

  6. >Oh my goodness, massive polish haul!!! This makes me want to go place my Zoya order asap! Truly loving every single polish. I'm a HUGE HUGE fan of Zara – can't wait to see it on your nails 😀 Have an awesome day and enjoy your new polishes!!!

  7. >sagol canim =)))thank you so much, brooke, glad you liked the items! I recommend every single zoya I'm owning right now!!!

  8. >oh my, some amazing polishes there, Im so envious! I sympathise with your nail breakage, I seem to be accident prone with mine at present, over the last month or two I just keep breaking them, Im such a clumsy idiot lately! Your nails always look so amazing, I bet they look fab even though they are short.

  9. >Zoya adina and zara look stunning!! *-*xx

  10. >thank you BabyD and Aru =) my nails started to break these days, maybe it's seasonal? I'm sure it's not because you're a "clumsy idiot" =D

  11. >2 lime green and daddy's girl?? You lucky cat!!!!!!! ;)Now go and swatch all this: it's an order. :PI'm not in a super good moment either and don't post much. I'm glad you did. I'm sending you tons of good vibes. ❤

  12. >thank you my dear nathalie ❤ sending all the good vibes back! *hugs*not to mention, I've frankened myself a third lime today, similar to "fiercely fiona" =)

  13. >What a haul 😀 We want swatches. LOL

  14. >=))) thank you, nea! =D

  15. >Beautiful haul! 🙂

  16. >thank you shortandsweetnails! =DDD

  17. >sooo many pretties! i'm wearing daddy's girl at the moment, and it's gorgeous 🙂

  18. >OMG, that opi is sooo cute!!!

  19. >waouu quels magnifiques vernis !

  20. >Nice haul. Those Nubars are pretty, well they are all pretty but you know what I mean. I love the duochromes. Can't wait to see some manis.

  21. >Great haul! You have some really nice colors there!

  22. >thank you guys =)))

  23. >profilo golden rose da var birsürü :)) yeni aldım

  24. >profiloda golden rose nerede? =)))

  25. >I keep seeing your post in my google reader and marking it as new again and again because I just love looking at the colours. They're just gorgeous !

  26. >hahah, thanks Martian Delights! =DDD

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