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>Happy Earth Day, everyone =) I went with the sea theme today, because it’s also the meaning of my name =) I layered 2 coats of China Glaze Atlantis over a dark navy polish. Atlantis is such a pretty polish, and it’s my favorite from the 50 China Glaze speciality polishes =) Over navy, it looks wonderful, normally subtle with holographic glitter particles here and there, but really coming alive under strong light.

I might stamp on them later on, with plate m27, which is sea themed =D


  1. >Love, love, love this polish! It looks really good layered on a dark base. ^^

  2. >This looks so beautiful!

  3. >this is a great idea. I've already paired Atlantis over black but I will try over navy as well 🙂

  4. >Salaam Deniz I just noticed your Turkish, masha'allah Atlantis looks lovely on your nails layered! I really want Atlantis but Australia is soo late in getting China Glaze collections. Take care

  5. >This is gorgeous! I was debating whether to buy Atlantis or not but now I must own it!

  6. >ooh man, I need to order China Glaze specialty polishes, stat! Why have I not done this before? It looks _amazing_ on you. It looks amazing layered, too!

  7. >Thank you, my friends, for your lovely comments =))) this is my first time layering with Atlantis, and I can't wait to do this on other colors such as Shower Together =)

  8. >Skye, I ordered it from an US site =) You can do it aswell!

  9. >Absolutely gorgeous! Love how this looks. I so need to get my hands on Atlantis, been wanting it for a while and this NOTD makes me want it more!

  10. >Thank you, Kelly =) It was the only one really worth getting, from the ones I got of course. =)

  11. >This is a beautiful combo! I need Atlantis, I don't know why I haven't gotten it yet.

  12. >thank you, stephanie =)

  13. >Oh, it looks gorgeous! I found Atlantis on clearance a few weeks ago, and I've already used it twice since then. It's such a wonderful color! It looks really intense over navy, almost like China Glaze Meteor Shower. Love it!

  14. >Exactly, Lacquermuse, and it's even better than Meteor Shower because the glitter is holo and it's not the gloopy mess Meteor Shower is =) I loooove Atlantis, even the name! =D

  15. >beautiful color 🙂

  16. >isn't it? =)

  17. >Gorgeous!

  18. >thank you, April =)))

  19. >Oooh that is so pretty! And I'm not big on sparkle!

  20. >suuuper gorgeous! definitely my kind of color 🙂

  21. >All I can say is Wow!!

  22. >very nice! Is it gritty?

  23. >Thank you guys =) I prefer this kind of subtle holo, too =)Rebecca, it's not gritty at all. First I was afraid it would be, but only one coat of topcoat smoothed it out. But I put on 2 coats of tc =)

  24. >Beautiful!

  25. >j'adore ce vernis! il me le faut absolument !

  26. >I need "Atlantis" something fierce! Is it gritty or smooth after you added top coats?

  27. >J'adore ce vernis il est magnifique.

  28. >thank you and merci to all my friends =) jackie, it's pretty smooth after the first coat of tc, but I did 2 =)

  29. >Love the nail polish. It's amazingly beautiful!

  30. >thank you, greenmilktea

  31. >I've always liked this nail polish !

  32. >=)))

  33. >I keep visiting this page, I love this manicure so much. I nominated you for an award!

  34. >thank you Jackie, aww that's so sweet of you! ❤

  35. >Oh, Atlantis is so beautiful! I've wanted it for so long but have never been able to find it.

  36. >This nail polish is like a dream!

  37. >OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!i'm in love with this color<33333333333333333333 Ö_Ögreat blog,

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