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>Hey guys =) This manicure started as an experiment on only one nail, but was quickly converted to a whole manicure =) It wasn’t as difficult as I expected, but I’m not very good at freehanding, so it didn’t turn out perfectly, either.

Since I’ve seen the promo pictures, I have been in love with the model’s nails. I finally decided to do my own version, but I used different colors. Now I wish I stayed true to original colors, though. Maybe I’ll make another version of this =)

I used an old, stark, gloopy white polish as a base, then drew the outline of the petals in regular black creme with a thin brush, filled in the petals and finally accented them using black again. From thumb to pinky I used China Glaze Peachy Keen, Lemon Fizz, Bahamian Escape mixed with yellow (an old franken), IV and Agent Lavender.
The last two pictures are kinda creepy because it didn’t dawn on me while I was painting that the design on the thumb should be on the other side to be visible… =)


  1. >That looks really cool!

  2. >i love this!

  3. >thank you gals! =D

  4. >OMGGG thats freakin gorjuz, ur ones actually look way better than the models!

  5. >no wai! =D *blush*

  6. >*pops out of lurk mode to comment*I love them! If you look at them just right, they look like featureless faces.*pops back into luck mode*

  7. >This is super coolio! Love the colors you used.

  8. >I love them, they look so fab! Very unusual too, nice to see something a bit different 🙂

  9. >Aww I have this great promo image looking at me too, I never had the courage to try it 😛 Yours look great, very well done 🙂

  10. >Gorgeous! I've done the same thing with thumb designs. I'll probably do it again too. I don't think I've learned that lesson yet.

  11. >Very awesome.. I might just have to save this to my inspiration folder (:

  12. >Guess what? I never noticed the model's nails. Ah ah! I'm lost when there's too much details. :PIt's really beautiful, Deniz. You're inspiration made woman, my lady.

  13. >So cute! Love the design!

  14. >That looks really neat! I'm really awful at freehanding. I can do my right just fine (I'm left-handed) but I can't possibly make them match! I can barely make the konad patterns like up properly on my opposite hand, haha. Thanks for sharing!

  15. >Thank you guys, your comments really cheered me up on this gloomy day in my life =)Please feel free to copy or get inspired, I always get inspired by something, anyway =DDD Nathalie, when I finally noticed her nails, I was in love! And I couldn't hold myself back any longer from getting "inspired" =DLacquerMuse, I'm also not good with freehanding with my recessive nail. I try to be slower and more careful, and most of the time I just take the picture of my nicer hand =D

  16. >I love it!!!

  17. >thanks, liana =)

  18. >c'est super original et le vernis blanc est superbe !

  19. >merci beaucoup, pascale =) j'adore le vernis blanc! =)

  20. >super duper as always…

  21. >=)))))))) yay! thanks, nihan!

  22. >I love it, this mani is very original I find, great !!

  23. >thank you, saori =)))

  24. >Oh so fun! Looks great! Haha, I had to google "Liberty of London" because I wasn't sure what the collection looked like…

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