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>We have a cosmetics company called Sevil, which can be compared to Douglas or Sephora. Sevil means “be loved” in Turkish, and it’s also a girl’s name. Some time ago Sevil decided to come up with their own cosmetics brand, which they called “Sevilla”. (Pun intended.) They keep saying it’s a new Italian brand they’ve recently started importing, but I mean, am I blind? =D
Anyway, Sevilla has some nice polishes. And recently they started duping famous polishes and selling them for a lower price. I’m going to show one of those polishes very soon. But today I have their matte black for you, which is my first matte polish. I always prefer matte topcoats, because the possibilities are endless, but it was a nice change to try on a true matte polish once in a while.

Then I did this design using a dotting tool and a regular black polish:

I hope you guys enjoyed =)


  1. >So pretty, I love the design you did 🙂

  2. >Thank you, my dear =)))

  3. >Omg! Müthiş 🙂

  4. >Das sieht toll aus! Und deine Nageldesigs sind immer so geschmackvoll!

  5. >I love it, matte and shiny nail art is awesome!

  6. >Sagol asli =DVielen Dank, Russländisch =DThank you, Cucumpear! ❤

  7. >WOW! That matte is KICKASS! the best looking black matte i've seen :Dwish it wasn't a local brand. :(Can you recommend any dupes for this quality of matte? or a great matte top coat (that itsn't depressively short wearing?)

  8. >love it! simple, but cool 🙂

  9. >harikaaa ya bayıldım renge. sende hakkını vermişsin deniz şahane durmuş tırnaklarında:)

  10. >Love it! I've never seen a black matte before

  11. >wow! your application on matte polish is awesome! perfect! i'm so jealous. ;)))Applying matte nail polish is always a pain in the ass for me, the polish just never evens out ;(

  12. >I like it is a varnish simply magnificent. And your relief nail art is magnificent. StopdidineHttp: //

  13. >That looks awesome!

  14. >:D bunları ben de seviyorum, bordosu da çok güzel ama içlerinde formaldehit filan var :/ bir de tabii ki ben senin kadar güzel süremiyorum. senin oje sürüşüne bayılıyorum, çok muntazam, sadece yanları değil üstü de duruşu da 🙂

  15. >That matte black took my breath away! It almost doesn't look real! So gorgeous!

  16. >Omg!! This is gorgeous!!

  17. >Looks great and the design is so sophisticated. Do you know if Sevilla is B3F or not?

  18. >I really love this blog…so I gave you an award.:)

  19. >That is one beautiful manicure. I love it. Which I could find it here.Your cuticle, nails and polishing is perfect. :)Susie

  20. >Miss80Million, I don't remember any true matte black without shimmer =/ I would say Man Glaze Matte Is Murder, but it also has some shimmer, if that's what you're trying to avoid =/Marjo, sadece formaldehit degil, toluen ve pitalen de var ne yazik ki =( Surusu oldukca rahatti ama =)Ozlem, sadly Sevilla polishes contain all the Big 3 =DThank you everyone for your beautiful words and compliments! ❤ You always make my day! =DDD

  21. >I wish they really were Italian :-DThis matte is awesome! BTW the "matte" oval label on the cap reminds me OPI one…

  22. >they have copied it aswell =DDD

  23. >waou c'est magnifique ! sublime !

  24. >merci beaucoup =)))

  25. >You can't go wrong with a matte black and this one looks really fine. Don't you feel sexy with that polish on? Matte black is rad. 😀 (I have wanted to make a matte/glossy mani for ever but I'm late now, ahah!)

  26. >thank you nathalie =) you are the queen of matte black, I don't know anyone who can rock it as well as you do! matte black & ultra glossy black are the sexiest polishes ever for shorter nails like ours =Domg, please do it! I can't wait to see your version, puh-lease! =)))))))

  27. >Bravo pour l'application, pas une bavure ^^

  28. >WOWSuch a pretty colour!xxx

  29. >thank you so much! =D

  30. >thank you, saori & yni! =D

  31. >i love this nail polish!! do you know if i can get it on ebay? or maybe somewhere else? (i live in germany^^)

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