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>Some time ago we arranged a little swap with Ophélie from Tartofraises. I sent her some Golden Rose polishes of her choice, and she sent me some nail art goodies in return. I always wanted to have some hexagon flakies, and she sent me two jars of them in red and clear =) Both red and clear have a green flash.
I tried a quick hexagon covered manicure, and I think it turned out quite decent. The base color is this blue Claire’s polish, and I put on the flakies while the topcoat was still wet. Then I covered the whole thing with another coat of topcoat. Although the pictures don’t do the real life version any justice, I finally decided for posting them here =D

And finally, the mattified version:

Both versions looked so great in real life! Every time I moved my fingers, they looked like as if covered in fish scales or like a weird disco ball =)


  1. >Great combination! Both versions look just wow!Have to try some nail art too as I bought essence nail art kits, with different shapes:)

  2. >Thank you =) I also ordered one of those wheels, I think they look beautiful =D

  3. >Olá, não desgosto, mas gosto delas mais discretas. Bjos doces

  4. >I like it :-)It reminds me of a manicure a fellow canadian blogger did once

  5. >Thank you for the feedback, Dudis =)Hey Charis, those nails are a masterpiece! She did a great job! But I'm afraid it would be so hard to use them & remove them =)

  6. >Oh, I adore the matte version, it's fantastic! Which mattifier did you use?

  7. >Thank you lostinaspotlessmind =D I used China Glaze Matte Magic =)

  8. >u always did an awesome mani!!

  9. >Love it! That is so cool!~Sylvia

  10. >Love your manicure, Deniz! ❤ 🙂

  11. >Love your blog! You captured absolutely amazingly all the colors of the flakies 🙂 Very beautiful!

  12. >OMG! That is so cute!! Love the hexagon flakes!

  13. >I love how this looks with the matte coat.

  14. >Love this!

  15. >Thank you all, my friends =) You make me blush! ❤

  16. >Very pretty 🙂 I've tried adding flakes like this before but I could never get the edges all the way flat. They were popping up on the corners and it just drove me nuts! I took it all off before the paint was even dry!

  17. >Yeah, I had the same problem, too =) I tried to push with a dotting tool to make them flat, but they stuck out a bit =) It didn't bother me too much, but I still removed it the same day =DDD

  18. >Nice combination.

  19. >I love the sequins! You can make your own Funky chunky or Marquis Moon now. :)btw, I tagged you.

  20. >It is great attractive. Bravo. Kisses

  21. >love that,very pretty, as always……I have given you the sunshine award, see details here 🙂

  22. >Very pretty!

  23. >thank you, my lovely friends =) also for the awards! =D

  24. >Oh my hexagons ^^ pretty manicure I like color that you choose !!

  25. >So pretty!

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