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100th Post! Hooray!
By the way, HAPPY EASTER! =)

Hey everyone =) I didn’t feel like posting in the last few days, I was tired of struggling with the application, being clumsy and removing everything altogether. When this starts to happen, I usually take a break from polishing.
Anyway, here is today’s manicure: China Glaze High Hopes, Konad plate m76 and special polish in pink. High Hopes is a bright reddish coral and it’s actually very lovely on it’s own, but these days I feel the urge to stamp everything as long as it stays still for a few seconds, so this one also got a konad on top.

My new topcoat lasted a month, and it’s great for 12 ml(0.4 oz). I used almost 9-10 ml of it, before it started to get a bit gloopy. And it was still usable, but it’s not worth the trouble for 2$! Sally Hansen Insta-Dri btw, which costs 15$ in my country, is 13.3 ml(0.45 oz) and starts to get really gloopy just about halfway down, which takes about in 2.5-3 weeks for me. I’m definitely going to stock Golden Rose Quick Dry topcoat!


  1. >That is such a pretty and delicate looking mani – nicely done!!

  2. >AND congrats on the 100th post!!

  3. >Thank you, Delaynee =DDD

  4. >Very pretty, I love it!

  5. >thanks, tierney =)

  6. >I agree with Delaynee, pretty and delicate are perfect descriptions for this mani.Happy Easter to you Deniz! Do you ever try adding nail polish thinner to your top coats? I do it with my seche (just the Sally Beauty brand) and I've been able to use an entire bottle completely. Also, did you see this post? ?

  7. >Ha i know too well, what you're describing about the times application just seems impossible! Sucks doesn't it! Glad to see you posting again, wonderful mani and you have the prettiest hands!

  8. >Hey Liz =) I usually add thinner to my topcoats, but at the time I'm out of thinner stock & the thinner supply is on the other side of the town & I was being laaazy =D Instead, I poured all the excess gloopy topcoats in one bottle, and I'm going to thin them to get a whole bottle of topcoat =)Hey Michèle, hard to imagine you struggling with application, you're the best out there ❤ Thank you for the nicest words, aww you made me blush! ❤

  9. >Happy 100th post! You have such pretty hands, girl. You really have a doll skin. ❤ Nice little design by the way, I never noticed this one – it's funny how some Konad design are cute but not really popular. I take breaks too – sometimes I just want to spend a whole week without anything on my nails, it's normal to do so. Today I applied a polish (that I'll show tomorrow probably or later) and I tried to cleaned up with a brush. I thought of what you said about being relaxing for you. I drove me crazy in no time, ah ah. I'm afraid I'm not patient enough. I'm really not a patient and thorough/precise/refined person. 😉

  10. >Congrats on the 100th post!Very pretty mani!Happy Easter!~Sylvia

  11. >High Hopes ne kadar güzel bir renkmiş 🙂 tırnakların ne güzel uzamış, benimkiler de uzasa artık 🙂

  12. >Hey Nathalie =))) Thank you, you're the one with the real doll skin, actually =) <3My brush is very very flat, the tip is very thin. It makes it easy to clean up, but before, whenever I tried a brush, I went crazy, too! Look for a very flat paint brush, you will probably be happy with one =)Thank you so much, WOB =DSagol marjo'cum =) Tirnaklarim bu sefer hizli uzadi, ben de sasirdim hatta… Barielle Growth Activator ise mi yaradi acaba?

  13. >Love it! Simple and pretty!

  14. >Thank you so much, Niki =D

  15. >Congrats on 100 posts! :o)How does the Golden Rose t/c compare to Seche Vite fast dry or Poshe?

  16. >congrats…that's a lot of konad! i'm jealous you've found the perfect (and affordable) topcoat 😦

  17. >beautiful mani!

  18. >Your application is perfect. Love the konad on this too.

  19. >Congratulations to 100 posts!High Hopes looks awesome on your nails!

  20. >Thank you Andrea, Emma, Rhea, ShortAndSweetNails and Charis ❤ You guys rock!

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