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>I once mixed this polish and then forgot about it. It’s made of excess black and navy polishes, poured in white creme polish. It’s a pretty slate blue with very smooth application. Now that the slate blue polishes are big, I thought I’d post my own version:

I konaded some white feathers on it, as a tribute to Liberty of London collection, but I forgot to take pictures =)
Today’s post was ultra short, sorry about that!



  1. >Guess what? I was getting ready to franken a slate blue, I sat down at my desk to clean up some old polish bottles and then I saw your post! What a coincidence! This color is very similar to what I have in mind, but I think I will go for a hue lighter with more grey. And the star shaped bottle is so adorable!


  3. >Oh, really? =))) I also experience some coincidences like that! Be sure to make a blogpost of your franken, I'm very excited about what you'll come up with!

  4. >Lovely blue!!

  5. >Beautiful! Love this shade.

  6. >thank you sasha, liana and laquermanic ❤ =)))

  7. >I love this shade. The perfect dusty blue. Nice job!

  8. >Very pretty! It's such a soft blue. I'd definitely wear this. I love blues!

  9. >Whoa, this is amazing colour. Want one too 😀

  10. >thank you alisa, polish hoarder and biba =) thanks to everyone's lovely comments, I'm wearing this shade again! =DDD

  11. >This is gorgeous!! I also love that star shaped bottle!

  12. >thank you, rebecca =)))

  13. >love this colour looks so nice x

  14. >Oh man, I LOVE that. Beautiful!

  15. >Thank you Sarbeauty and PerryPie =))) Glad you guys liked it!

  16. >Çok güzel olmuş! Lacivert creme hangi markanın var? Bakınıyorum ama bulamadım. Ben de kendi Parlez-vous OPI'ımı yaptım gri ve morla 🙂 Transdesign listem baya değişti bu arada kendi yaptığım ojelerle. Bi mavi creme bulsam Suzi Says Feng Shui yapıcam onu da silcem listeden. Şimdi de Nubar ve Zoya almak istiyorum acayip

  17. >Thats a beaaaaaaaaautiful colour!

  18. >I love this blue.

  19. >Basak, lacivert krem daha dogrusu jel oje Alix Avien'de var, ama ben galiba biraz da sari katmistim simdi tam hatirlamiyorum 7-8 ay oldu =) transdesign fiyatlari o kadar yukselmis ki, ben once amerika'daki arkadasima, ondan sonra ondan bize yonlendirilsin derim, 20-30 dolar karda oluruz boylece.

  20. >Thank you Niki and ShortAndSweetNails =)))

  21. >Very nice! I still have to try frankening something, this is a great idea!!

  22. >Thank you smalty =) it's very easy, and once you start to do frankening, you can't stop! =D it feels like a wonderful world where every polish idea is possible =D (of course, after some time, you realize it's not true, so you stick with basic needs =)

  23. >You did a great job, this is a fab dusky blue and very like the MAC inspiration

  24. >thank you, Cali =) I did this 8 months earlier, haha! MAC copied me! =P

  25. >I really really love this color! if you sell it, i will buy the polish from you rather than MAC's. =Dand you have that cute star shaped bottle,love it ;)May I know where do you buy that bottle btw? Thanks a lot.

  26. >Thank you Sid =) Mine is a bit gloopy right now, I can give you an exact recipe later on if you want =DThe polish in star shaped bottle is "She" brand, which is sold in Turkey =)

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