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>Hello everyone =) Remember MAC’s Style Warrior Collection? It was an awesome collection, unfortunately I missed out on that one. The packaging was beautiful, leopard and zebra print and accented with gold and bronze. I’ve always been wanting to do a manicure inspired by that collection, but somehow I never got around doing it. But today, I finally brought that idea to life =)

I used China Glaze 2030 as a base on pinkies, middles and indexes, then used konad’s white nail art pen with a thin brush to draw and fill the triangles, where the zebra print would come on top. Then I stamped using a black polish and plate m78, finally I used a small brush to put dots of China Glaze Platinum Gold in the center of the spots.
I used China Glaze Platinum Gold on the rings and thumbs, stamped with China Glaze 2030 and konad plate s06.

I may sleep in peace, now this is out of the way =)


  1. >Wild! I love it!~April

  2. >Yay! =D Thank you, April =)

  3. >Awesome!

  4. >that is so awesome! i love the look!

  5. >Thank you gals! ❤

  6. >WOW! This is soooo pretty! Im really impressed.

  7. >Thank you, Zerin =) Glad you liked it!

  8. >love it!!!!

  9. >thank you =)))

  10. >Wow those nails are awesome! Great job!


  12. >That is fabulous!

  13. >That's so great!! I love the print combo!

  14. >thank you, dear friends =D you made me smile! =DD

  15. >Trincess I forgot to add that I sooooooo have to copy this design. Ordering plate S06 stat!

  16. >I'd love to see your version =)

  17. >Your version turned out I may say cooler than MAC's collection! Loves it!

  18. >This is SOOOOOOO AMAZE!!!I wish I had as much skill to get it this clean & nice.xo Nicole

  19. >HOLY CRAP….how did you do that? thats SUPER AMAZINGGGGGG

  20. >Wow!!! Coool!!!!

  21. >Wow!

  22. >Wow! So so awesome! *thuds* <3Love love love this manicure!

  23. >Oh, my, this is fantastic! I love the colour combinations – white mixed with gold and brown always makes me tick. This is definitely going on my list of manicures to be inspired by 🙂

  24. >WOW!! Are you serious? This is sooooo perfect!!

  25. >tout simplement magnifique, j'adore !

  26. >Aww thank you everyone! Your lovely comments made my day =) ❤ You guys rock!

  27. >Wow!! This is awesome!! It had to take so much time to do this!!

  28. >Looooooooove it! I've always liked the packaging of that collection but never got any of it (because I'm semi-OCD and all of my make-up containers have to be black)! This is very well planned(!): the circle design on a couple fingers, multi-colored multi-animal-print on the others! Seriously one of my favorite Konads EVER 🙂 Makes my use of this stamp seem elementary…

  29. >Thank you, Lucy =) The hard thing is waiting for the base to be completely dry! But it's worth the wait =)Hey PH, don't you love colored stuff? I like make-up packaging of every color! I can kinda understand you, but try not to restrain yourself, or maybe you'll miss out on beautiful things because of something so unimportant =)I actually got the idea from you, and you know that =) I just tried to copy the layout of the pattern, and to my surprise, it fit really well when I stamped, because the edges are not very defined =)

  30. >Too cool to be true! 😀 You're super creative, seriously. 🙂

  31. >awww <3<3<3

  32. >This is stunning! I love it!

  33. >Wowsers. 😉 That's beautiful! AND China glaze linked to you in their twitter today so congratulations on that! 🙂

  34. >thank you my friends =) it's an honor to be linked by China Glaze, since they're my fave brand! =DDD

  35. >I completely love this! I wish i had the patience to do something like this myself (:

  36. >Thank you, Desolation =) It's actually quite easy, the only patience you need is waiting for the base polish to be completely dry. Once everything is ready for stamping, you will be amazed how easy it is =)

  37. >Pure genius!

  38. >That is so cool!! You're a magician.

  39. >wow, thank you guys! *blush* *blush*

  40. >i love this mani !!! so cute !!! i'm your 480 followers !!!

  41. >thank you Lily nail! also for being my 480th follower =)

  42. >:-0 Wow this is stunning!!!

  43. >Really cool!

  44. >thank you, smalty and bunny =)))

  45. >This looks GORGEOUS!!! I love the multi colorness!! it looks great!!!

  46. >thank you, my dear ❤

  47. >Too gorgeous! I love your combo of cool base and warm bronze/gold – never would've thought these colors go together so well!

  48. >thank you so much, Doo =)

  49. >Absolutely fantastic !!!

  50. >thanks, saori =D

  51. >LOVE IT! Wow, you are so creative~

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