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>Hello everyone! I want to thank you all who entered my giveaway, I had over 200 participants, worth of about 500 entries! Finally the counting is over and a winner was selected using I wanted to cut papers first, but then I thought of the poor trees and global warming, lol =D
Anyway, here is today’s manicure first. I applied 3 coats of this Milka purple polish, which I got this summer but somehow never used. This is the first time I regret not owning the cow pattern plate, because it would be awesome to stamp this with white cow spots! Instead, I used Collistar Viola Glitter and plate s09 to stamp some cherry blossoms on top. It’s not visible on the pictures, but the purple blossoms have such a pretty fuschia sparkle. Collistar Viola Glitter is a magnificent polish, I suggest you to get it if you can =)

Now, I’m going to announce the giveaway winner. Drumroll please:

The winner is….


Congratulations, my sweet friend! I’m going to send you an e-mail right away =)
Thank you for participating, I hope you had fun! See you in my next giveaway!


  1. >You need to get the cow spots plate! It surely would be so fun! But like that is just adorable too!Hey, congratulations to Evil Angel!!! ^__^

  2. >Congrats Evil Angel!

  3. >CONGRATULATIONS Andrea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. >Thank you Kanji! Cow spots is on my buy list now =))))

  5. >Congratulations Evil Angel! Can't wait to see what you do with all your cool new stuffs!

  6. >Pretty mani. And congrats Evil Angel! πŸ™‚

  7. >Wooohoooo! YAY! Thank You!

  8. >I just love how well these two polishes work together in this Konadicure! Where can you purchase Collistar Polishes? Congrats on winning, evil angel!

  9. >Congrats to Evil Angel!!

  10. >Dear Charis, I bought them here a year ago, but they're an Italian brand. Maybe a friend from Italy can help you to get your hands on it =)

  11. >oh congrats to EA πŸ˜€

  12. >yay for EA!! hey, thanks for ur reply about the claire's polish.. btw does gabrini polish u used in ur mani id gabrini 354? it seem i have a similar polish with this and i really love it.. have u seen the gabrini holo polishes?

  13. >It's exactly 354 =) Does gabrini also make holos? Never knew that! At least, we don't have them here… =)

  14. >Congrat Evil Angel! πŸ™‚

  15. >This is beautiful! Love it!Congrats to the winner!

  16. >thank you Kirsten ❀

  17. >I love this Grabrini nail polish! And congrats, Andrea!!!! =)))

  18. >Gabrini is manifactured in my country, and again, I have no idea where the retailers are. I found this in a clerance bin where my boyfriend lives >_>

  19. >Congrats to the winner and fantastic nails!!!!

  20. >Congrats rock!

  21. >Many warm congratulations to Andrea!Your manicure is lovely, Deniz. ❀

  22. >thank you, paintedladyfingers ❀

  23. >thank you so much, shortandswetnails! =)))

  24. >Congrats to Evil Angel! ^_^

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