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>Alright, I went a bit ahead with today’s nails =) After a few hours I was already looking for a way to spice up my monochrome mani. (I know, I know…) I layered the whole mani with a transparent red polish, which is not even opaque in 4 coats. My suggestion: if you can’t get something opaque no matter what you do, layer it over something else to make use of it! =D I don’t only mean the sheer shimmers that change the color of a darker polish, I mean tinting an existing color with a creme/jelly type polish =) Anyway, when I saw the cool effect I achieved, I immediately thought of Jeanette‘s layered konadicures, and it came to me: Of course, another image on top! So I stamped the butterflies from plate m78 in silver on thumbs and rings =)


  1. >This is super gorgeous!

  2. >Thank you, Helena ❤

  3. >Wow, i like it 🙂

  4. >Thanks, Taninhah =DD

  5. >Beautiful! It adds a touch of whimsy!

  6. >Thank you Andreia =D Doesn't it? =DD

  7. >Love the way the konad swirls pop out in orange.You're awesome at experimenting! ^^

  8. >Thank you so much, Flavia =))) IRL the swirls look more like a true red. I love the little surprises that occur while exprerimenting =)))

  9. >*blushes* So so gorgeous Deniz! ❤ =)I love how the red jelly polish changed the look and the butterflies look so cute! You are the butterfly girl! =D

  10. >I prefer like this. MILLION TIMES. :DI love your blog Deniz.

  11. >I love this! looks so nice x

  12. >Jen, you are the queen of the layered konadicures =D I'm just a rookie! =)))Aww, thank you Nathalie =) Sometimes it takes time till something clicks & I turn my mani into something better =)Thank you, Sarbeauty =)))

  13. >Oh good idea! I like your konadicure much better red anyways! 🙂 Very pretty!

  14. >Thank you, PH =DDD I like it better this way, too =)))

  15. >WOW, that is gorgeous

  16. >I love the layered look!

  17. >That is absolutely gorgeous! It's genius!

  18. >Thank you Dollface, DistantDreamer, Rhea =) You guys rock!!!

  19. >very pretty!

  20. >thank you, Emma =)))

  21. >very pretty

  22. >This is so beautiful!!! I just love love love it!!!

  23. >That is soooo beautiful!!!Amazing!

  24. >Wow, very beautiful!btw, I gave you an award. check my blog 🙂

  25. >C'est vraiment super beau. Un grand bravo à toi. Bisous

  26. >c'est magnifique !et ce mélange de couleurs est sublime ! bravo

  27. >I'm not a big fan of nail art but this is stunning!

  28. >As if this wasn't gorgeous enough as monochrome you had to make it even better – wow! 🙂

  29. >Love it! That's really gorgeous. I really need to get that plate with the ribbon pattern, it looks so good layered!

  30. >This looks awesome. Love the design!

  31. >Thank you, everyone, for your nice words! I was away from the internet for the last two days, and it's so nice to return and find such great support =) I love you all!

  32. >This is probably my favorite Konad EVER!!!!!!!It's just amazing.

  33. >Aww, thank you =))) ❤


  35. >thank you, bunny =)))

  36. >it's so beautiful Deniz!!!!!!!!!

  37. >Aww, thanks Ophelie! =))

  38. >wow I love it!!

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