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>Hello my lovely friends =) Since mom and dad went on a trip, and that dad took his precious camera with him, I have to stick with my Nikon =) It’s a nice cam for bright sunlight & outdoor shoots, but the pictures come out too grainy and warm toned when I’m inside. I don’t like it very much for macro shots, but no other option till Saturday! =)
Today I applied a charcoal polish I got a while ago, which is a shimmer. It was pretty sheer on the first coat, but then the color built up and I was done in 3 coats. Then I stamped using plate m63 and a the silver chrome polish I use for stamping. Both polishes are by local brands, hence I don’t feel the need to give names or numbers =) (Not that they have names, anyway!)

By the way, I’m trying out this new topcoat. It’s a local find and thus far I’m impressed. It’s only $2, compared to Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, which is sold for about $16 in my country. I hate the stupid high price policy. A bottle of quick-dry topcoat only lasts about 3 weeks for me, and I can’t even use the half of the bottle! I thought of ordering 10 bottles of Seche from Trans Design, but the shipping prices are high and I’d rather use that money to get colors I can’t get here. But this topcoat is really great. It’s thin, but not runny, it completely dries in about a minute, doesn’t get thick or gloopy, I don’t have to be careful not to get too much product on a nail, and best of all, doesn’t squish the underlying polish when I stamp! The bristles are synthetic, but if I’m careful, it doesn’t even smear the konad! Yay! But I’m thinking about using it with a clean natural brush, because synthetic leaves some traces & has risk of smearing designs.


  1. >Very pretty 😀

  2. >Thanks, Tierney =D

  3. >This mani is so elegant!

  4. >Thank you Liana =) Looks a bit better in real life!

  5. >Nice!

  6. >Thanks! =)

  7. >çok güzelmiş 🙂

  8. >sagol marjo'cum =)

  9. >Hangi marka o top coat 🙂 Secheden nefret eder oldum ben, hem çok koyulaştı hem de o kadar belirgin bi şekilde küçültüyo ki ojeyi, çok ilginç gerçekten.Transdesign siparişini vermek için uygun musun bu arada? :)Başak

  10. >golden rose quick dry basakcim =) bir onceki postumda elimde tutuyorum hatta. transdesign hakkinda sana mail aticam…

  11. >I'm not sure Seche Vite is a good idea. I've bought one bottle because of all the praise and I don't like it. It's super thick and it chips on me (the polish doesn't chip the the top coat does). Also I had barely used 1/4 of the bottle that it was already thickening…I'm far more happy with a local brand I paid 3€. Plus in this local top coat, there is no toluene. If you find the one you currently use, save your money and keep on using it!I thikn tomorrow, I'll try to reproduce a mani of yours! It was planned long ago… I still haven't entered your giveaway. I thought I was too late already but visibly, I'm not. I'm so ectoplasmic at the moment. I have zero consistency inside my head! :DWhat is the camera of your father? I like the pictures it takes but you know, this one ain't bad either. 😉

  12. >Nathalie, you're so right, that's another reason I was staying away from Seche… I thought about getting it with Seche Restore, but I always skipped on it… I once used Sally Hansen Mega Shine, and it shrunk so badly, I gave up altogether on every topcoat that's said to be shrinking. I guess I'm going to be stocking this topcoat, in case they decide to discontinue =DAww, I can't wait to see your interpretation! It's not late, you have time till saturday evening =) <3My own cam is Nikon Coolpix s700, which dad got me from China for half the European price =D It was a couple of years ago. Dad's cam is a Pentax D100, with all the fancy lenses =DDD He even got me a bigger tripod, because mine was not supporting that huge thing. =DDD

  13. >I was sure your dad's camera was a reflex. It looked like: there is something in the images that is… I don't know, more precise, more real? Reflex cameras do so GREAT pictures. Downside is that you can't be very close to objects and subject like with little ones like your Nikon Coolpix (or my Sony Cybershot) and that they weight a ton. I don't have the money but someday I think I'll buy a reflex Nikon. :)Oh and I'm glad I'm not too late! I can't believe I've been so slow and away lately. 😉

  14. >Reflex cams surely rock =) I must tell you, a Pentax is cheaper than Nikon – and does a very good job. Dad is a Pentax fan! =DDD I don't like the weight, though… I am always afraid I might drop it when I lift it… I once accidentaly broke the uv filter of the lens – dad was not pleased. At all. =DDD Thankfully it was easy to replace!

  15. >cool design! i'd love to see a post about that topcoat…you've got me curious!

  16. >Alright Emma, as soon as possible =)

  17. >That is very pretty!

  18. >thank you, Camy =D

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