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>Hey everyone =) Today I have a kinda tone-on-tone manicure, inspired by Gildedangel of Naive Nails. Lately she has done some beautiful tone-on-tone manicures, you gotta check out her blog!
This mani was done with a dusty dark purple base by Flormar, a local brand, which was opaque in one coat. They called this serie “Supermatte”, apperantly indicating that it will be “opaque” in one coat, because it’s definitely not matte, but glossy on its own.
Then I stamped the “bunch of star flowers” design from m05 using China Glaze Harmony, and the dragonfly image from the same plate using China Glaze Devotion, on ring fingers and thumbs:

I love dragonflies =)


  1. >Yusufçuk.. ba-yıl-dım..! (:

  2. >tesekkur ederim =)))

  3. >A very delicate look!

  4. >Thanks, Bunny =)))

  5. >I love the purple polish, it's so pretty!

  6. >Thank you, dear =)))

  7. >The discreet random tiny flowers over the purple are fantastic. Strangely, that's the idea I have of Konad: tiny flower details and I find that impossibly cute. I find the M5 plate interesting! Curiously it never caught my eyes. Do you have huge dragonfly in Turkey? I'm living in an area full of ponds and reeds. Tons of frogs but also huge blue or green dragonflies on here. They're so huge that they are freaky! They make such a noise when they fly, like little planes! 😀

  8. >Hey Nathalie, I'm not very good at randomizing them myself, so I try to go for the already randomly distributed images =)We have those moderately sized ones here =) Bugs actually freak me out, if I'd see a huge one, I'd probably run away as fast as I could! I'm extremely phobiac =)

  9. >That looks so awesome; I am glad that I could inspire you! 😀

  10. >Thank you, gildedangel! You always inspire me =)

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