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>Happy St. Patrick’s Day, for those who celebrate =) We don’t have St. Patrick’s Day here, but there is no harm in celebrating with green and gold! =DDD I really like the Irish culture, and I wish I could visit Ireland someday to enjoy the beautiful scenery!
Here is my mani, which was done with the Claire’s polish I called “Shamrock” – which I’m also giving away – and a local metallic polish which falls between gold and light olive. I used plate m81 for the designs and also the Konad special polish in green. Although they strongly discourage using the special polish directly on the nails, I did a very thin french tip with it on the ring fingers to fill the gap. Nothing a coat of Insta-Dri couldn’t handle =)
I had to use 6 coats of Shamrock, so you better use it over either a green or nude base. Jellies are a PITA to get rid of the VNL!

I hope you enjoyed! =DDD Have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day!


  1. >Pretty! I love that jelly polish!

  2. >I adore it too despite the fact it's only opaque after the 6th coat =D

  3. >çok güzel olmuş herzamanki gibi çok yaratıcısın^^

  4. >haha tesekkur ederim =) blog ismine bittim =DDD

  5. >YOU! With the pretty nail art. ❤ I love it!

  6. >Very cute!

  7. >Great job as usual!

  8. >Adorable as always 🙂 Green base color is really lovely 🙂

  9. >Thank you Michelle, Tennsley and April =)))

  10. >Thanks, Marjo, my dear =)

  11. >cute!

  12. >thanks, krystle =)

  13. >I normally don't buy at Claire's but I had to admit this color is super cute!I love the design composition. 🙂

  14. >Sieht richtig frülinghaft aus!:-)

  15. >Thank you, Arie =) I thought about the design this time before doing it =)Vielen Dank, Russlaendisch! =D

  16. >So pretty! I have Emerald Sparkle on all my nails except my ring fingers, on which I have China Glaze Passion: I stamped the four leaf clover from plate M22 with Passion over ES then with Konad SP in green over Passion, it looks like a darker version of this! 🙂

  17. >cool!!! I really wish you had a blog… =/

  18. >That looks so pretty!!

  19. >Pretty manicure!

  20. >thank you, gals =)))

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