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>When I received the Konad nail art pen in white, I immediately thought of food icing. That’s when the idea came to me – chocolate nails! Although my freehanding skills are not much and the job I’ve done is neither neat nor delicate, I still like those nails =) They make me hungry!
I used three colors for those nails – a dark brown, a medium brown and a nude/caramel. All of them are local brand polishes, and they are all cremes. I did 10 different designs, and my favorite is the left pinky. A chocolate Ruffian mani may follow soon =)
Left hand:

Right hand:


See below for my St. Patty’s nails!


  1. >Now I wanna go to the candy store and get a box of truffles. :p YOU are a bad influence. 😀

  2. >Yummy indeed!

  3. >Thank you beauties =))) Haha, who can say no to truffles?

  4. >I sooooo want something sweet now. :/Great idea! =)

  5. >Ay çok güzel olmuş Deniz, bayıldım 🙂 kahve ojenin hangisi olduğunu sorabilir miyim?

  6. >Thank you Sasha =) I can eat sweets 24/7 =DMarjocum, hangi kahve? En koyu olan Alix Avien 170, daha acik olan Flormar 076, karamel rengi olan da Flormar Super Matte m110 =)

  7. >what a cute idea. Love this mani!

  8. >Yummy! I think I need to buy more brown nail polish (and a Hostess Cupcake) 🙂

  9. >Du hast dich ausgetobt?!:-D An der linker Hand gefallen mir alle sehr gut!

  10. >Yum! Very pretty and delectable. 😀 *wants chocolate*

  11. >not a fan of chocolate…but love these!!

  12. >Thank you, my friends =)))) Don't we all want some chocolate? =)

  13. >Ohh!!! This many looks so tasty!!!I love it!!!

  14. >Thank you, Liana =)

  15. >wow GNAM!!! I want CHOCOLATE… sigh… I'm on a diet! (doh)… I eat your nails with eyes!great idea e gorgeous mani!

  16. >Thank you, serena =) It could have turned out better, but still, they look chocolate-y =D

  17. >teşekkür ederim canım, en koyu olanı merak etmiştim 🙂 açık kahve flormarım var ona siyah karıştırıyordum ama alix avien kat kat daha güzelmiş 🙂

  18. >alix avien'in kalitesi de cok iyi canim =)))

  19. >Very cute!!!

  20. >thank you Gildedangel =)))

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