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The giveaway is over. Thank you for participating =)

Hey guys! I’m finally done with preparing the giveaway stuff =) I hope you’ll like those items as much as I do! I didn’t really see a point in giving away stuff that you can already purchase in your own country, that’s why I tried to include items which you can only get in Turkey. Now on to the good stuff:

I’m giving away 8 Claire’s polishes, 2 Alix Avien and 2 Golden Rose. Other than that I’m including a Konad Plate Book, which can hold up to 80 image plates; 2 image plates and a cleanup brush =)

As polishes don’t have names here, I decided to make up my own names. I mean who can judge me? =) Polishes with names are always more interesting! From Left to Right:
Alix Avien: Outer Space (Glitter Jelly) and Cheshire Purple (Jelly)
Golden Rose: Sparkled Pea (Shimmer) and Soft Sunset (Shimmer)
Claire’s: Electric Eel (Jelly), Watersports (Jelly), Sea Cottage (Creme), Foams (Creme), Pom-Pom Pink (Neon Jelly), Banana Split (Jelly), Lime Juice (Creme) and Shamrock (Jelly)

Image Plates m27 (sea stuff!) and m40, Plate Holder Book and finally, a medium paintbrush I use for cleaning up the polish from my cuticles. The one you see on the pictures is my own, you’re getting a brand new one =)

Rules are simple:

  • You must be a follower. (Obligatory, 1 entry)
  • Tweet about this giveaway. (1 extra entry)
  • Mention this giveaway on your blog. You can write an extra entry, or keep it on the sidebar. (1 extra entry)
  • Add me to your blogroll. It doesn’t matter if it’s set to show the latest 10! (1 extra entry)
  • Do a remake of any of my manicures on this blog. Please do a new manicure if you’ve already done one =) (3 extra entries for effort! I added this option to make this giveaway a bit contest-like =)

Just leave a comment to this post including your name, e-mail and the links to the terms from the above list. (Like your twitter url, your blog entry about the giveaway, your blog address, and the blog entries/pictures of your remake.) The giveaway is open till March 27th, 11:59 pm (GMT)! The winner will be decided randomly. Good luck! =)



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