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>Thank you, China Glaze, for creating this beauty queen. It’s a gorgeous green glitter in black jelly base. I used 3 coats here, but you can get away with 2 coats. This beauty inspired me to choose my blog name, and here it is, finally, in full glory:

Indirect sunlight:

Index & Ring: Good Emerald Sparkle; Middle & Pinky: Evil Emerald Sparkle =) Real ES is deeper & more vibrant, and the faux ES is flat & shimmery instead of glittery:

I stamped the middle & ring fingers using silver chrome polish and konad plate m76. My nails look kinda weird on the next picture:

Thank you, Elizabeth, for helping me get my hands on this baby =)


  1. >Ben tesadufen aldim onu ama bir oje de beklenen hersey onda :)Hic konadla kullanmak aklima gelmemisti, super olmus 🙂

  2. >dunyanin en sahane ojesi olabilecegini dusunuyorum =)))

  3. >Gorgeous! Colors like this suck me into the green trend and make me want to add more of them to my collection.

  4. >Thank you Polished Prude! This is the green. Everyone must have a bottle of ES =)

  5. >Gorgeous! I'd leave it without Konad. It's pretty enough by itself. =)

  6. >This is so gorgeous, that Konad kind of hide the beauty. 😀

  7. >I really need to get this! Its amazing.

  8. >thank you guys =) that's why I only konaded two nails of each hand =) I only hid the beauty partially =))

  9. >Isn't that one of the most beautiful polish ever?

  10. >I guess I'm going to name my child after it =DDD

  11. >This is seriously one of the best nail polishes that has ever been made. I remember in my first china glaze order, I bought this for my friend and I drooled all over it 😆 Real one is really nice, maybe I should buy backups for this polish.. It'd be my first n/p backup 😛

  12. >After a long time of drooling, my friend Liz sent me 2 bottles =DDD I also have the bad version, but it's a nice polish on its own =)

  13. >This is one of my fave ChG shades. It speaks for itself.

  14. >Gorgeous! I love the silver on that. Looks Great!

  15. >thank you guys =DDD

  16. >love this color !

  17. >Thank you Lily =)

  18. >I am SO HAPPY that it is the one you dreamed of! It is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous with your skin tone.

  19. >This is definitely one of my top ten ever nail polishes and I simply adore the silver butterfly stamping!

  20. >Thank you Liz, you made my dream come true =))) Look how flat the bad version is! I wish I didn't have to pay a fortune to that e-bay seller… I was a polish-rookie then =)Thank you Charis =) It's also on my top five!

  21. >j'adore ce vernis, il est magnifique et le nail art dessus aussi !

  22. >aww, thank you dear pascale =)

  23. >So pretty! I love green color polishes! You've got a amazing nail blog!

  24. >thank you Nails 4 Stars! =)))

  25. >This is just the perfect green sparkly polish. Love it and it looks fantastic on your nails. China Glaze really makes wonderful polishes.

  26. >Thank you Lucy =))) It's really a must have polish, for all seasons!

  27. >So pretty!!!! 😀

  28. >thank you gildedangel =D

  29. >the indirect pic, looks so awesomeNow i have to buy that…

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