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>Hi guys, sorry for the lack of posting, I was very busy. First of all I want to assure anyone that I’m unharmed by the earthquake in Turkey. It happened far from where I live, and my city is not affected, but sadly 50 people lost their lives in Elazig. My heart is with their families and loved ones.
Today’s polish is OPI Big Apple Red. I have been in the search of the perfect red polish for the longest time, and this is a very strong candidate. It’s almost opaque in one coat, no semi-sheer pinkish base, but a true red. It’s warm and bright, and has kind of a 50’s feel to it.

I absolutely love this polish, I’ve already worn it twice and I hope the bottle lasts me some time =)
By the way, I created a “Tags” page, and will be updating it with awards and nominations. You can check it from the menu above =)



  1. >gorgeous… looks very pretty… =)

  2. >I know that you live in Istanbul that's on the west and that the earthquake was on the east of your country…but still. When earthquake happened here in Slovenia, the whole country felt it. But we're small… I love this color of nails, but as I said so many times: OPI is a no-no for me. Chip-pitty chip. πŸ˜‰

  3. >Thank you, Mae =)

  4. >Thank you Sasha, you're very thoughtful… Turkey is about 2000 km wide, and we're about 1000 km away from Elazig… That's why we didn't feel it, but the surrounding cities surely felt it…I didn't know that you didn't like OPI! Just today I was thinking how easily it chipped on me. And the brush is a little too wide for my taste =)

  5. >Such a pretty color! So glad that your were unaffected by the earthquake. We will continue to send well wishes to the people of Turkey in hopes that they can rebuild from this travesty.

  6. >Thank you very much Tennsley, also for your well wishes =)

  7. >Glad the earthquake wasn't that serious. This is so scary! *shivers*This shade seems to be exactly the shade of a warm true red I was looking for, just without shimmer. So pretty!I find the polish lasts much longer without fast drying top coat. My mom wore OPI Suzi&Lifeguard for 2 weeks till her mani started to chip. I wouldn't wear the same shade for that long, so don't know. πŸ™‚ Overall, I like OPI nail polishes (I have only 5 though). Maybe the top coat is "guilty"?:)

  8. >Thank you HeavenNRJ, I've been looking for a red like this for the longest time =)It's funny that my topcoat lasts with other polishes for the longest time! However, it's not bff with OPI. Maybe they are not made for each other =)))OPI dries very well and actually doesn't need a topcoat to my opinion. But I just can't live without a topcoat anymore! =DDD

  9. >This is a great red for you, I'm with Nihrida on this though OPI has to be a really unusual and very special color to be added to my stash. I even have bad luck with the bottles. So glad you're ok…sad to hear of more lives lost…the ring of fire has been crazy busy this month.

  10. >I have never been much of a OPI fan, my heart is always for China Glaze =) I only have 6 OPI polishes! But I want Jade Is The New Black like crazy =DDD

  11. >Inanilmaz guzel durmus sende, bayildim resmen.. Bende boyle durmuyo bu renk, bi turlu anlasamadik kendisiyle πŸ˜€

  12. >Glad you're ok, but my heart cries for the people that are affected.I love this red, it's so edgy. πŸ˜€

  13. >yok ben zuzucum, isiktan oturu =))))) iyi bir isikta cektim ben =)aww, thank you laquermanic ❀

  14. >That is a gorgeous red, it was one of the first OPIs that I bought!

  15. >Thank you GA, it's a beautiful color indeed!

  16. >Trincess do you have keys to my karma from OPI? I ordered it.. I think it is a nice red too. (at least I hope so πŸ˜† )

  17. >Marjo, I was intending to get it but I got this one instead… They are very, very close, this one is just a tad lighter =)

  18. >I don't have many reds (not a nail colour I wear much), but I have OPI Thanks So Muchness (wearing like iron on my usually fastest-to-chip thumbnails), and OPI Comet Loves Cupid, and I really like them both. I'm relieved that you are unharmed πŸ™‚

  19. >thank you jenny, you're so sweet =) I really like OPI for the reds =)

  20. >Beautiful shade of red. I love the shape and length of your nails. Very pretty. I'm so glad your alright. Your the only person I know of from Turkey. I'm so sorry for the people of your country. What horrible devastation to happen to people. This is the third earthquake I'm hearing of. For some reason things always happen in threes. I'm glad you were unharmed.

  21. >Thank you very much Lucy…. You are so considerate =)

  22. Gorgeous! How do you get your nails so neat and pretty?

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