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>After cutting my nails down, I’ve decided to sum up the black theme, because I needed something more cheerful and bright on my nubbinz. Here is Del Sol Island Fever, 3 coats. This polish was sent to me by Elizabeth, thank you dear lady =) Del Sol polishes are supposed to change their color outdoors, but I didn’t experience any remarkable color change with this one. Maybe it’s because of the weather today, but I placed the bottle in a ray of sunlight and it stayed green and didn’t turn aqua. Maybe it will work better on a sunny day, I’m hopeful!
Anyway, I stamped the manicure with flowers from plate m80 and Konad special polish in red. Then I used my pink Konad nail art pen to place dots in the middle of the flowers:

Nails are out of focus here:

I took these pictures with dad’s camera. So far I like them more than the ones taken with my own cam. I guess I’ll experiment a bit more with it.



  1. >Love your title! 😀 <3Such a cute manicure! Even if I don't like spring I love your spring inspired manicure, Deniz. :)*big hugs for your nubbins* ❤

  2. >Hey Jen! Thank you =D Why don't you love spring? Doesn't seeing sun more make you happy? Or are you a 100% fall person? =)

  3. >I don't really like this mani – to much color. =) But your nails look adorable even when they're shorter.

  4. >Sasha, I was actually between taking pictures and removing it, but then I was too tired and my cuticles too dry, so I left it be =D Manicures with contrasting colors such as this one are not exactly my style either, but well, having cut the nails sort of stopped my mind =D

  5. >Usually I am a monochromatic manicure girl too but spring can be colorful. :)Yes I am a 100% fall and winter person. Spring and summer.. do not want. 😀

  6. >Aww =D I love every season, but especially summer =)

  7. >CHEERY! Can't wait for that pesky sun to warm us!!! :B~Tiffani

  8. >Suuuun! Come out!!! =DDD

  9. >Love the color, super cute mani!

  10. >Me I love it, it's beautiful. We need color and joy in this grey world. I especially love the red and pink work. I'm sure it'd be gorgeous over white or black. And your short nails are quite sexy too, you know! Don't even worry.(I am a Spring and overall a Summer person – I feel dead inside when it's fall and winter – I only feel fully alive when days are long and sunny – weird for a pale girl dressed in black and white, eh?)

  11. >So cute!

  12. >I promise you, in full sun, that polish changes to a bright and intense Aqua. I know, cuz I wore mine on a bright sunny day and it was FUN FUN FUN! So much so, I went and bought 5 more colors. :)So I do hope you get some bright sun while you're wearing this to fully enjoy it. I haven't worn any of the other colors because, while we're getting a lot of sunny days (gotta love the coastal desert of California) we are getting a lot of much needed rain too…so intermittent sun is no place for this polish…Just waiting til March/April and again in July then I'll wear it all the way through to January! I picked this one for you because the base color is green. 🙂

  13. >This mani is adorable, I might just copy you!

  14. >Thank you, Tennsley =)My dear Nathalie, I know you love short nails, that makes me happy and comfortable =D I should try this pattern on other colors… The new plates are amazing! =) Like you, I also enjoy sunny and long days =) I feel happy without a reason around May/June.Thanks, gildedangel =)Liz, I'm sure it does. I just waited for a drastic change in a tiny bit of sun, I guess =D Next time, I'm going to use this on my mint franken. It will look much better on a opaque base, I guess =) I'm so excited to see the change in full sun! I wouldn't be able to get this polish on my own, you rock! ❤ Oh and please copy me, I love to see interpretations =D

  15. >Awww, that's so pretty! I really like it.

  16. >Thank you so much, Michelle =)

  17. >Very pretty pictures – the camera seems to like your nails 😀

  18. >it looks adorable 🙂 I love the color combo!

  19. >I love this color and this manucure !

  20. >Das sieht voll süss aus!:-)

  21. >This is beyond cute and just what I need, now that spring said kthxbai again. 😉

  22. >Thank you lostinaspotlessmind, chocaddict, pascale =)Vielen Dank, Russländisch, du bist sehr nett =) Thank you CucumPear, we also have it like that… After a few days of sunshine, the rain returns =/

  23. >I am loving your designs I'll link you on my blog roll

  24. >thank you Krystle, I'm linking you back!

  25. >Love this mani!I tagged you for Best Blog Award…I tried to make sure you werent already tagged for this award.check it out here:

  26. >Hey P&K, thanks for the tag =) I'm going to update the tags page as soon as I can =)

  27. >You're welcome

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