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>Hi everyone! Due to a breakage, I cut all my nails down. I hate nails this short on myself, but I’m gonna have to bear with them until they grow out to a decent length.
Today the new konad plates showed up. I’m so happy about them! When the pictures were first released, none of them really caught my eye, but in time, they grew on me =) In the package were all eight plates, two Konad nail art pen and one Konad glitter nail art liner:

Today’s nails are done with m77 and China Glaze Emotion over black:

Sorry for the short and boring post, breaking nails is really discouraging.


  1. >Deniz bayildimm cok guzel olmus gene 🙂 ayrica ben bu aralar kisa tirnak faniyim 🙂

  2. >ama bunlar da cok kisa be zuzu =) biraz ele avuca gelseydi bari =)))

  3. >Awesome! I don't think short nails look any bad on you, probably you are just not used to see them short? I loved pink over black, enjoy using your new disks 🙂 (güle güle kullanın İngilizce'si olmaması ne kötü 😛 )

  4. >thank you marjo =))) I think it's the absence of the free edge that makes me uncomfortable =/ "use it wisely" desek??? =DDD

  5. >Cheer up 🙂 they'll grow back stronger and more beautiful than before 😉 and anyway, shorter nails look very cute on you. I really like the black polish/metallic pink konad combo, wish I could pull off black nails at work…

  6. >You look great with short nails! This manicure is so freaking cute!

  7. >Thank you chocaddict =) I hope I'll have it a bit relaxed at work in the future =) if not, well, there are still weekends! =DThanks, gildedangel =DDD

  8. >Oh wow! That is short! =O They still look good though! And you've done a lovely konad. =)

  9. >-_- yes it is… They're pretty sad!Thank you for liking the konad =D

  10. >Woohoo, new plates! I want some of them too. I think your nails look great. Short or long.

  11. >I hate it when breakage happens. But that being said: Your short nails looks great. And very hot with Konad.

  12. >Congrats on new plates! And I love your mani!I know it's always a loss to cut down nails but some designs really look better on short nails than on long nails – so have fun with it 🙂

  13. >WOW, I love this. Great job. I love short nails. :)Susie

  14. >Aww thank you guys, you seriously cheered me up =) Nails are nails short or long, I think it's a matter of getting used to it =)

  15. >Your nails look FAB!!! This is a great length! Black and Pink? Classic – one of my favorite combos!:B~Tiffani

  16. >Thank you Tiffani =D Glad you like the length, well, they don't go any shorter anyway =DDD

  17. >wow, great haul… love the new konad plates and your nail looks nice.. =)

  18. >Thank you Art Of Nail =))) ❤

  19. >This mani is so pretty, I love pink/black combinations. I am lemming the new plates…not all but a few. Your nails are cute short, and they will grow back before you know it. I'm trying not to be sad about a broken nail, after all, they do grow back and change is good, no? Hope your tips aren't super sensitive!

  20. >Love this color on black…its awesome! oh and nails look really good short!

  21. >aww broken nails suck. If I break one of my nails, I still leave the rest of my nails as long as possible because they take forever to grow. hopefully yours will probably grow back fast (but your nails are cute as nubbins, anyhow!)

  22. >Now, this is a gorgeous mani!

  23. >Thank you Liz, at first I thought having short nails for a while is a good change, and after seeing Polish Hoarder Disorder's nails, I was actually considering cutting them down, but unfortunately the skin under my free edge was very sensitive the day I cut them down and it just started to heal…Polish & Konad thank you so much =)bee_mused, I'm always inbetween… But finally I decide to cut them down, because if one or all, they all grow out in the same amount of time =) Only if the already long ones gave all their power to the short one! =DThank you very much, poshnail =)

  24. >Breaking a nail is the WORSE… and my nails are short to begin with because of the amount of typing I have to do. It'd kill my speed and then I couldn't do my job but regardless, I digress. I totally love the look you did. Black with the metallic pink is completely adorable. They'll grow back in no time.Be blessed. -MariNail Addicts Anonymous

  25. >Thank you Mari for your nice words =))) ❤

  26. >it is beautiful

  27. >thank you pascale ;)))

  28. >LOVE! I adore this plate and this colour! <3and your short nails are nice too 😉

  29. >so pretty!

  30. >thank you serena_nuvola and emma =)

  31. >Çok harikalar 😦

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